JUNE 2019
Mehran Pourzanjani,SE

Culmination of Culture of Change: Relevancy of SEAOSC 

June marks the last month of the SEAOSC calendar. The year has sailed by faster than expected. It has been a privilege and honor to serve as SEAOSC‘s 90th President. I am particularly proud to be part of the association’s a rich heritage, history, and traditions. In these dynamic times communities and cultures are changing at an unprecedented increasing rate. To survive associations must remain relevant. This realization has driven our vision and activities over the past year. An association must continually be changing, adapting and modernizing at an ever faster pace to remain relevant.  This year our motto has been to question every tradition and way with SEAOSC in favor of a new refreshed approach. I am pleased to report that with the support of the Executive Committee, the board, and you the members, we have managed daring transformations in the Association which will continue to serve future generations of SEAOSC. In the process we have managed to instill a culture of change and adaptability in the Association.  It is only through our collective efforts, beliefs, and volunteerism that we can continue to transform and modernize. What follows is a recap of some of the major events and transformations we managed together over the course of last year.

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Incoming Board Members
Outgoing Board Members
Membership Appreciation Event – Downtown Food Tour
The procession was guided by Seaosc’s public relation consultant, John Bwarie. His insight into the largely unknown heroes and their often unseen tributes to the fabric of downtown produced inspiring stories and informative background. The lively walk, food, and great weather created the perfect opportunity for mingling in the multi-generational group. It definitely did not disappoint either the hunger or curiosity..
If you missed out, keep your ears open next spring for the announcement of next year’s event. It will be hard to beat the food tour, but the membership committee will certainly try.
Welcome New Members
Member SE
Patrick Noll, Arup
Lee Pursell, Buehler

Ann Jiras, Arup
Eduardo Zarate, EZ Studio Inc.
Alan Tonissen, KPFF Consulting Engineers
Sikandar Porter-Gill, Kurt Fischer Structural Engineering
Jackie Steiner, DuraFuse Frames
Amber Freund, RISA

Edward Salazar, TRC

Young Associate
Christine Pang, John A. Martin & Assoc.
Hai Ngo, The Raymond Group
Srikar Gunisetty, John Labib + Associates Structural Engineers
Mark Patterson, KNA Structural Engineers, Inc.

Ron Takiguchi, City of Burbank