MARCH 2019
Mehran Pourzanjani,SE

Inspiring the Next Generation

In February SEAOSC hosted the annual scholarship and career fair night. It was an opportunity for us to meet and recognize the next generation of earthquake engineers, and reward those who have achieved scholastic excellence with scholarships. It is important that students strive for excellence as they embark onto their careers. The candidates for scholarships are selected and recommended by the SEAOSC Younger Member Committee, co-chaired by Michael Daciolas and Cheng Song.  The scholarships are awarded by SEAOSC foundation, chaired by-Past President Kevin O’ Connell and the funding is by firms and individuals. This year the SEAOSC Foundation had a significant donation by CSI Inc. Nine $1,500 scholarships and one $2,000 David and Margaret Narver Memorial Scholarship were awarded to 10 students. The students represented various universities in Southern California. Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients! 

Nominees for 2019-2020 Board Announced by Nomination Committee

The SEAOSC Nomination Committee, chaired by Past President Jeff Ellis, S.E. has announced the following slate of nominations for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors:

Treasurer: Kelsey Parolini, S.E., SSG Structural Engineers, LLP.
  • Henry Burton, Ph.D., S.E., University of California, Los Angeles
  • Kim Caravalho, S.E., Brandow & Johnston, Inc.
  • Victor Cuevas, P.E., Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety
  • Tom Harris, S.E., California Code Check

All the board nominees bios and photos will be posted to our website at by March 1 st . Officers for 2019-2020, according to the succession procedure, will be President Ken O’Dell, S.E., President-Elect Matt Barnard, S.E., and Kelsey Parolini, S.E. Mehran Pourzanjani, S.E. will continue to serve on the Board of Directors as the Immediate Past President. Also, continuing on the Board of Directors will be Wayne Chang, S.E., Annie Kao, P.E., Garrett Mills, S.E., and Bryan Seamer, S.E.

Additional nominations for the office of President-Elect, Treasurer or Director may be submitted by the membership to the Nominations Committee Chair, Jeff Ellis, S.E., [email protected] , by the March 6 th meeting in accordance with procedures outlined in the SEAOSC Bylaws Article VI, Section 2. To allow sufficient time, the deadline for submitting additional nominees is extended to March 29, 2019. The committee's nominees and any nominees additional will be presented to the membership at the April 3, 2019 dinner meeting. The electronic ballot will be emailed to the membership in early May. Election results will be announced at the June 5, 2019 SEAOSC end of the fiscal year Annual Awards & President’s Dinner. The newly elected directors will take office July 1, 2019 for a two-year term. Thank you to the following members of the Nominations Committee who selected nominees in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Bylaws, Article VI, Section 1 .

2019 Nominating Committee:
Jeff Ellis, S.E., Simpson Strong-Tie; Chair
Matt Barnard, S.E., Degenkolb Engineers
Sandra Biddulph, S.E., DCI Engineers
Jeff Crosier, S.E., Miyamoto International, Inc.
Alan Hanson, Retired
Maria Mohammed, P.E., Structural Focus
Ken O’Dell, S.E., MHP, Inc. Structural Engineers
Bob Lyons, S.E., Risha Engineering Group, Inc.; Alternate/Observer
2019 SEAOC/SEAOSC Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards

Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Location: The Biltmore Hotel
506 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Each year, the four SEAOC Member Organizations (MOs), through their respective Excellence in Structural Engineering (EiSE) Awards programs, give recognition to their members and firms for demonstrating outstanding achievement and excellence in structural engineering practice, project and research work. At the state level, the SEAOC EiSE Awards bring together projects, recognized by their local MOs, to celebrate the “Best of the Best”, serving as models of excellence in structural engineering representing California structural engineers.

To truly celebrate outstanding achievement and significant contribution to the profession, and recognize The Best of the Best , the SEAOSC and SEAOC Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards are now integrated into a single, two-tiered program. Your entry fee includes both the Regional and State EiSE Awards Programs. In order to participate in the State Awards program, you MUST first enter one of the Regional (SEAONC, SEAOSC, SEAOCC, SEAOSD) Awards programs. If your project receives an award in the Regional program, it will be entered into the SEAOC Awards program automatically with no additional fee.

To this end, SEAOC and its Member Organizations are announcing this Call for Entries and encourage eligible members to submit their projects for consideration in the 2018 EiSE Award Program. Entrants will submit projects through their local MO; SEAONC, SEAOSC, SEAOCC or SEAOSD. The SEAOSC 2019 Awards will be recognized as a part of the June 5, 2019 SEAOSC monthly meeting and awards ceremony. Entries receiving an Award of Excellence recognition at the regional level will be automatically elevated and entered into the State Awards program, with winners honored at the SEAOC 2019 Annual Convention.

Entry Information:
The rules and regulations for the annual awards program can be obtained by downloading the file listed below. The awards program announcement letter and entry package files are updated annually in February, therefore, entries will not be accepted prior to the files being updated for that year's awards program. Award entries shall be submitted by a designated Award Entrant who represents the Firm responsible for the project; and/or the Engineer of Record, the Engineer in Responsible Charge, or Principal Investigator. 

Entry date submission deadline: 5:00 pm, Friday April 5, 2019

Delivered to:
SEAOSC/SEAOC 2019 Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards
c/o Bob Lyons, SE
Risha Engineering
401 E. Cypress Avenue
Burbank, CA 91501
SEAOSC Foundation Awards Scholarships

By Kevin O'Connell, S.E.,
SEAOSC Foundation Chairperson
The SEAOSC Foundation is proud to be able to support structural engineering students throughout southern California with the awarding of our 2019 SEAOSC Foundation Scholarships on 6 February 2019 in Los Angeles California. It is through generous funding by engineering firms, industry supporters, and individuals, that the Foundation was able to award $15500 in scholarships at the 2019 SEAOSC Student Night. Those who have generously contributed this year include: Computers and Structures, Inc., the SEAOSC Association, the David and Margaret Narver Family, Englekirk Structural Engineers, KPFF, Saiful-Bouquet, Simpson Strong-Tie, and many others. Thank you to Mr. Michael Daciolas-Semon, and the entire SEAOSC Young Member’s Committee, for all of their efforts.

The SEAOSC Foundation would like to congratulate the 2019 awardees:

Ben Chan - CSU Fullerton
Bryce Gagner - Cal Poly SLO
Carmelo Avila - CSU LA
Jawad Fayaz - UC Irvine
Jennifer Villacis - USC - Narver Memorial Scholarship
Kiana Sarad - Cal Poly Pomona
Kien Nguyen - Cal Tech
Markus Rocca - LMU
Russel Vernon - CSU Long Beach
Saman Abdullah – UCLA

As many of you know, the SEAOSC Foundation’s purpose is to advance the study of the scientific principles of structural engineering. We do this by sponsoring scientific research intended to aid in the advancement of structural engineering, providing tuition scholarships for students in engineering programs with a structural engineering specialization, and publishing the results of studies, papers, and other reports of special importance and significance to structural engineers.

The Foundation Board includes Ms. Michelle Kam-Biron, S.E., Mr. Jeff Crosier, S.E., Mr. Doug Thompson, S.E., and Mr. Mehran Pourzanjani, S.E., with Kevin O’Connell, S.E. serving as Chairman of the Board. Dianne Ochoa is Foundation’s executive director.

The SEAOSC Foundation is supported financially by individuals and firms throughout the region. The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. If you would like to support the Foundation, you can make a donation at any time by visiting our website at:
Committee Updates

 Membership Committee
The membership committee is one of the non-technical committees within the Seaosc committee structure. While we are not figuring out new code or creating technical documentation, we like to think we are just as important as those that do. Our focus is retaining our current members, encouraging involvement from new members and creating opportunity to reach those that are not members. Overall we aim to make our local member organization better by bring value to membership.  
In the next year, the committee plans to implement a "bring a friend day" where a discounted dinner ticket will be provided to a first time visitor. Please think of a coworker or friend you can bring, we might even give you a free drink ticket for it. Another recruitment strategy we are deploying is a meet and greet team who offers new members a free drink ticket and conversation at one of their first meetings. The aim is to make new members feel welcome and hopefully also get them plugged into a committee or another activity or meeting. If you would like to be on this team, let us know, we might even give you a free drink ticket for it. 
The committee wants to highlight the importance each of us has in getting more people to participate in the organization. Something we hear a lot is "I am a member and still involved because I had a co-worker and/or boss that encouraged me to go to meetings". Don't forget each of us can be a champion for Seoasc at each of our offices. Sometimes all that is needed is just a little push to get someone to show up to a meeting. In recognizing this, the committee is interested in supporting an ongoing membership drive where we spotlight firms and individuals who are bringing new members to meetings. Again this could involve drink tickets.
To show appreciation to our current members the committee plans a membership appreciation event each spring. Last year we bought a block of tickets at a Dodger game and offered them at a deep discount to the members. It was wildly popular and we had one of the best turnouts in several years. We are a few weeks out from formally announcing our event for this year, but we have chosen the activity. We are going to do a guided food tour at a handful of culturally significant food establishments in the downtown area. We are still deciding on the theme and the dates. But watch your email and expect the announcement soon.
If you have an interest in getting to know new people in the organization or helping to grow the organization, please reach out to us, we could use the support of new members in our committee.  
Membership Committee
 Notes from the Building Codes & Standards Committee – 2019 Building Standards Code Change Summary Available On-Line

The Division of the State Architect's (DSA’s) 2018 Triennial code proposals for Parts 3, 4, 5 and 11 of the 2019 California Building Standards code (Title 24) were reviewed and adopted by the California Building Standards Commission (BSC) at the meeting held January 15-16, 2019. DSA's code proposals for Parts 1, 2, 10 and 12 were reviewed and adopted by the BSC at the meeting held December 4-5, 2018. These approved standards will be included in the 2019 California Building Standards Code (California Code Regulations., Title 24), which is scheduled for publication on or before July 1, 2019.
All approved standards have an effective date of January 1, 2020, with the exception of revisions to the California Administrative Code (California Code Regulations, Title 24, Part 1) which became effective January 8, 2019.

The final accepted express terms files for Parts 3, 4, 5 and 11 can be found on BSC's website at: Approved Standards January 2019, . The final accepted express terms files for Parts 1, 2, 10 and 12 can be found on BSC's website at: Approved Standards December 2018, .

A summary of significant changes to the various codes as amended by DSA can be downloaded: Summary of 2019 California Building Standards Code Changes (PDF), .

For further clarification of the California State Code development process, please contact the SEAOSC Building Codes and Standards Committee by email to Michael Ciortea ( [email protected] ) or Colin Kumabe ( [email protected] ).
Member Spotlights
Name: Hooman Nastarin, P.E.    
Job title: President
Company:   NAST Enterprises Corp.
Member since: 2003 (on and off)      

Favorite Movie: Sar Wars, Matrix 

Proudest Accomplishment: Designing Pterodactyl, Vespertine and Beehive in culver City

Childhood Ambition: To design and build Building, Towers and Roller Coasters.

First Job: Co-op Student work-study, Iranian Oil Company, 1985 

Current SEAOSC Role: General Participation in Steel and Membership committees  

Why Join SEAOSC?: To find likeminded friends and increase mutual opportunities with in the Engineering community. 
Name:  Timothy Saenz, National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies and E.I.T.    
Job title: Director of Technical Sales   
Company:   Cemex
Member since: 2 017      
Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams 

Proudest Accomplishment: Our 5 children 

Childhood Ambition: Professional Baseball Player     

First Job: Paper boy

Current SEAOSC Role: Membership, Building Codes and Standards 

Why Join SEAOSC?: The significance of joining SEAOSC as far as career growth and professional developments are concerned cannot be overemphasized. SEAOSC enhances your professional network, for anyone aspiring in building professional relationships. It enables you to connect with peers and facilitate ideas as well the important and immeasurable role of Structural Engineers. 
Welcome New Members
Member SE
Paymon Eskandanian, Laguna Consulting Engineers

Jesse Plasmyer, John A. Martin & Assoc., Inc. Kevin Yang Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger, Rachel Goossens KPFF Consulting Engineers
Xiaomi Mitsuhashi, Degenkolb Engineers

Christopher Hilson, Degenkolb
Shahriar Haghdoust, KNA Structural Engineers

Young Associate
Abhinav Bindal Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill LLP
Andrea Casalboni, Nous Engineering
Behnaz Zaribaf, BASF
Kai Hayashida, Englekirk
Kori Krichko, Structural Focus
Michael Falcone, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc.
Rishabh Singhvi, Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers
Yanhong Liu, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

Alexander Rodriguez, Bay Cities Construction - Retrofit Pros
Allen Manalansan, LADBS
Gaetano Bologna, Structural Technologies
In Memorium: Robert James La Brie

Dear Friends,

My father, Robert James La Brie, passed away on February 18, only three weeks short of his 90th birthday.

Near the end of December he suffered an aortic aneurysm with a dissection and was told he only had days to live. He lived for fifty-one days after that and died peacefully at his home in Sierra Madre with his wife of sixty-two years, Linda, by his side. His wife, two daughters and their husbands, two sons and their wives, eleven grandchildren, and twenty two great grandchildren will all miss him. Bob was dearly loved and respected for his kind spirit, dedication to family, and extraordinary character. 

Bob La Brie was a dedicated Structural Engineer for his entire career and was part of a special generation of engineers that understood the importance of making an intuitive connection to the engineering process. He worked at California’s Office of the State Architect before joining with Tom Wilson and Jim Thompson in the 70s. He retired from Thompson and La Brie in 1993 to pursue his lifelong passions of golf and family more intensely. Although agnostic for most of his life, he embraced the christian faith in his final year.

My dad introduced both me and my brother, Richard, to the profession and to the Structural Engineers Association of California. My dad was a member of the SEAOSC group for his entire working career and had a profound respect for the people he knew within the association.

There will be a private memorial for family only.

In loving memory,
Joe La Brie