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 November 2018

Ethical Implication: Engineering as a Profession

Most engineers assume that their job, as an engineer, means that they are part of a profession - the profession of engineering. But how do others view us? Join us for a presentation that explores the definition of a profession, delves into what others think about the job of engineering, and discusses the related ethical implications. Attendees will be challenged to reflect on critical questions about our industry, including: How should we define the profession of engineering? Is licensure still necessary and relevant? What should our values as a profession be? And, what does the future hold for engineering as a profession? Be sure to join SEAOSC for an important and thought provoking discussion on what it means to be a professional engineer.
Norma Jean Mattei, PhD, PE 
Interim Dean of Engineering at the University of New Orleans and Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering  

Norma Jean Mattei, PhD, PE, currently is Interim Dean of Engineering at the University of New Orleans and Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She now serves as one of two civilian civil engineer Commissioners on the Mississippi River Commission (MRC), nominated by President Obama. She just completed her year as 2017 President of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and is currently serving as Past President on the society Board of Direction for ASCE. Locally she is still active on the Executive Committee of the ASCE New Orleans' Chapter of the Structural Engineering Institute. Norma Jean also has served in the past on several National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) committees and task forces, must recently serving as chair of the Board-level NCEES Education Committee and is an Emeritus Member of NCEES. She was named by the Governor of Louisiana to Louisiana's licensing board for professional engineers, LAPELS, serving as Chairman of the LAPELS Board in 2011-12. Her research areas of interest include engineering ethics, public policy and leadership, diversity in engineering and engineering education, management of large watersheds, mitigation of repetitively flooded structures in southeast Louisiana, experimental testing of large parts, residual stress measurement using laser interferometry, and materials testing (fatigue, shear, etc.).
Wednesday, November 7, 2018    

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SEAOSC 2018-2019 Board

President: Mehran Pourzanjani, SE

President-Elect: Kenneth O'Dell, SE

Treasurer: Matt Barnard, SE

Past-President: Robert "Bob" Lyons,SE

Annie Kao, PE

Bryan Seamer, SE

Donny Harris, SE

Garrett Mills, SE

Massoud Abolhoda, SE

Patti Harburg-Petrich, SE

Truong Huynh, PE

Wayne Chang, SE

Mehran Pourzanjani, SE
In the August newsletter I presented the Vision for SEAOSC;  an Association that is relevant, active, modern and embracing of change.  An Association that strongly advocates for our profession, serves the needs of our members and communities, and advances the science of Earthquake Design. I mentioned then that I would share how the different components of the vision align.  The core mission for SEAOSC has traditionally been advancement of Earthquake Engineering as well as, providing educational opportunities for our members.  However in recent years the mission of advocating for our profession has also taken a front and center role with the Association.  As a result the Communication-Image and the newly formed Legislative Committees have come to existence and we have brought on an outreach coordinator, Stratiscope, as a partner.  As you know, in recent years there has also been a growing interest on the part of our communities for more resilient structures and even a developing expectation of " Functional Recovery" - in essence an expectation of continued occupancy in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.  The legislative bill AB1857, is a manifestation of this expectation, it passed both the House of the Representatives and the Senate although ultimately was vetoed by Governor Brown.  I am confident that we have not seen the last of such a bill and will see a bill to this effect enacted in the near future.  A discussion of the expected performance of structures on the part of the communities is one that has been long overdue between us and the communities we serve.  We need to continue to collectively work with our communities to assist them in realizing their expectation in achieving the degree of residency they desire for buildings in an catastrophic event.  This forms another mission for the Association. 
On the surface these different missions seem to be scattered and unrelated, however there is much synergy between them.  I tend to view them as one synchronized overarching mission as follows;  we help our communities realize the desired performance objective for the structures in the event of a catastrophic earthquake, this will highlight our unique expertise as Earthquake Engineers, which speaks to our advocacy mission. In the process we will also advance the science of earthquake design by developing solutions to achieve the desired performance for the structures.  No matter what your interests are, whether technically oriented, communicational minded, or interested in advocacy and policy development there is a role for you in this overarching mission.  So please get involved and help your association and communities achieve their goals. 


Mehran Pourzanjani, SE

Member Spotlight

Name: Susan Dowty, P.E., S.E. 

Job title: Government Relations Regional Manager 

Company: International Code Council 

Member since: 1986 


Favorite Movie: Erin Brockovich

Proudest Accomplishment: Bringing the CodeMaster series to fruition; they "demystify" the code in an easy-to-understand format.

Childhood Ambition: Gymnast

First Job: Burger King Order Taker 

Current SEAOSC Role: Member of the following committees: SEAOSC Building Codes and Standards Committee, SEAOSC Women in SE (WISE), SEAOSC Disaster Emergency Services Committee, SEAOSC Communication Committee. 

Why Join SEAOSC?: It's the best way to connect with colleagues and stay up-to-date on what's happening in the profession, plus meet really cool people! 

Name:  Larry Brugger, SE, CBO

Job title: Retired

Company: None
Member Since: 1981
Email: Larrybrugger@Verizon.Net
Favorite Movie: Casablanca

Proudest Accomplishment: My daughter, son and three granddaughters.

Childhood Ambition: To be an engineer like my dad.

First Job: An engineer working for Jacob's Engineering in Pasadena

Current SEAOSC Role: Member of the Building Codes and Standards Committee.

Why Join SEAOSC: My father highly recommended that I join.  After joining, I enjoyed the fellowship and learning opportunities. 

SEAOSC NEWS | October Dinner Event - Drone Technology  
Our October Dinner event featured Drone Technology with an overview of drone usage within the industry, licensing requirements, rules and regulations, hardware and software, and a few profiles of WJE projects featuring drone usage.

View more photos on the SEAOSC Photo Gallery

Attention Principals, Project Managers & Engineering Executives 
SEAOSC wants to know how the Education Committee can help you develop the talent within your organization.  We've attached a survey that will help us identify key areas to provide valuable educational experiences to your newer design engineers and how we can further develop the organization that we have all benefitted from throughout our careers. 
Please take a few minutes to answer several multiple choice questions to help us create a brighter future for our profession and SEAOSC. 

Committee Updates / Building Codes & Standards 
Updates and reminders from the Building Codes and Standards Committee
Our members may recall a June article in this Newsletter, outlining the 2021 IBC development process. So where are we now? Well, just about now, in November, proposed changes to the non-structural provisions (mechanical, electrical & other volumes of IBC) go through the 'Online Governmental Consensus Vote', to be followed by validation, i.e. the changes will be final and published on the ICC website sometime in January 2019. While this closes the cycle for them, the ones we are interested in (mostly), the so-called 'Group B Codes', i.e. IBC-Structural, IEBC, IECC-C. IECC-R/IRC-E, IRC-B are open to receive the on-line change proposals up to January 7, 2019. There is still time, therefore, to submit proposals to structural provisions, and we at the BCS Committee are ready to receive them from any interested member, and discuss them in our meetings, and to make them part of the SEAOSC official position, if our committee has a favorable position on them.(email to or/and Following that, there will be several other steps, hearings, etc. (see June Newsletter) during 2019, with a final web posting of successful changes in January 2020.
We would also like to inform the readers that the period for public comments for changes to the CBC ended on October 29. The Commission meeting for adoption and approval will be upcoming December/January, and the adopted changes will be published as part of the CBC, July 2019, (to be enforced by DSA, OSHPD, etc. starting January 2020).

For information regarding the CBC code adoption timelines, errata and supplements in pdf format, see the website.
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SEAOSC has the professional distinction and influence it does today because of our past leaders, you and 1000 of our colleagues. Your membership strengthens our organization and helps to position it as the premier professional organization to which local structural engineers belong. SEAOSC represents you in the noble profession of structural engineering by fostering and promoting the contributions of structural engineers to society.
New to the 2018-2019 year , we are offering our members the option to register for eight (8) dinner meetings, in advance, at the member early bird rate.  The convenience of registering at one time, at a discounted rate, is one example of how we continue seek value for our members. Click Here to take advantage of this member only benefit that is only available through August 31st.
Your membership and participation helps increase the visibility of our profession and its value as well as increasing our influence and impact to make a greater positive difference together than we could individually.
Together, we can make an impact!  
Member Referral Program
SEAOSC Members can opt-in to the Referral Program for $100 annually during dues renewals, July 1- August 31. You may opt-in anytime by contacting the SEAOSC office at .  A listing will appear on 
which includes your name, license number, business address with corresponding Google map, and your selected categories.  
Professional Development Program
While California not does have mandatory continuing education for your license renewal, SEAOSC created this voluntary program to recognize and record members' seminar attendance.  You can enroll for $50 annually during dues renewals (July -Sept).  Credit is issued for your attendance at qualifying dinner meetings, seminars and educational events based on 1 credit for each contact hour of continuing education.  Click Here to learn more.
Did you Know? SEAOSC Membership Includes:

Provided in conjunction with the National Council of Structural Engineering Association (NCSEA) and the Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC).
  • Member discounts on SEAOC's renowned Annual Convention, which provides continuing technical education, networking and social events in resort settings-- plus a free copy of the Convention Proceedings.
  • Discounts on our numerous educational opportunities: seminars, webinars and educational meetings held in revolving locations in the Los Angeles Basin and in the Tri-Counties areas.
  • Representation on the national and state legislative scenes on issues vital to structural engineers..
  • And More..... Read About it Here

The Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC) offers a free Member Services Search service that is intended to assist the public in finding Structural Engineers (SE's) and Professional Engineers (PE's) claiming specialization in various areas of structural engineering. SEAOSC members pay a fee to advertise their "For Hire" design services on this service.   

SEAOSC has a helpful brochure to help you understand structural engineering and structural engineers entitled "What you need to know about Structural Engineering. It may be downloaded from our website at:

An important first step is to determine the size and scope of your project. You may wish to consult an architect or contractor first to discuss cost, feasibility and design coordination.   

To help compile a list of structural engineer prospects. 
  • Search the SEAOSC online Member Services Search for firms.
  • Ask your friends and contractors for recommendations.
  • Refer to your local telephone directory (check in the white pages, the "Yellow Pages," or in large metropolitan areas, the "Business Yellow Pages"), or
  • Contact professional engineering and professional land surveying societies, such as SEAOSC, SEAONC, SEAOSD, SEAOCC, and SEAOC.   

Confirm the engineer's State Registration.

Select two or more engineering firms and ask for references from previous jobs similar to yours. Verify their expertise in your type of project and their ability to complete projects on time and on budget.   


Request that an engineer visit the project site in order to submit a written proposal, including the objectives, anticipated time schedule and engineer's compensation. While some engineers do not charge for a preliminary visit, many do. 



SEAOSC | 437 S. Cataract Ave., #4-B, San Dimas, CA 91773 | (562) 908-6131 | |

SEAOSC NEWS | What's New in the Store

Want to help raise the visibility of our profession and support your Association? Order a SEAOSC Safer Cities shirt today! Help us work to increase awareness of the structural engineering profession, positively impact our industry, and strengthen our communities! 

SEAOSC Safer Cities Royal Blue Polo Shirt-$35.00 

Port Authority, 60% polyester and 40% cotton

SEAOSC SEAOSC Safer Cities Royal Blue T-Shirt-$15.00 

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The SEAOSC Foundation exists to advance the scientific principles of structural engineering through sponsoring of structural engineering research, publishing of studies, papers and reports of structural engineering significance, and funding of annual student scholarships.  

To further the development of structural engineering, the Foundation looks for partners, be it individuals, companies or corporations, who are interested in pursuing structural engineering innovation and research for use in the public domain.
In furtherance of its purposes, the SEAOSC Foundation may:
  • Sponsor scientific research, both fundamental and applied, intended to aid in the advancement of structural engineering.
  • Provide tuition scholarships for students intending to enroll or are currently enrolled in engineering programs with a structural engineering specialization leading to a degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Publish the results of studies, papers, and other reports of special importance and significance to structural engineers.
  • Solicit financial support from structural engineers, foundations, and the general public to support this corporation's activities.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, all donations made to the SEAOSC Foundation are tax deductible as a charitable donation, to the extent of the law, by the individual making the contribution.
We are currently seeking donations to advance this effort and hope that you will partner with us to advance structural engineering. Donations can be made by check, made payable to "SEAOSC Foundation" and mailed to the SEAOSC Office:
SEAOSC Foundation
Attention: Dianne Ochoa
437 S. Cataract Avenue, #4B
San Dimas, CA 91773
Phone: 562-908-6131 or 
SEA OSC provides opportunities throughout the year for our industry partners to reach their target audience.  There are three avenues available: advertising, exhibits and event sponsorship. Details and package discounts are available on the website. Click Here to purchase.
Advertising Opportunities
Newsletter Advertising
SEAOSC publishes an electronic newsletter, SEAOSC News, which is posted online at in a color.pdf format. 11 issues are published annually on a monthly basis, with the exception of a single, combined issue for July and August.  The newsletter is available on the public portion of the website.  
Job Wanted / Help Wanted Ads will be posted on the SEAOSC website for 30 days!
Website Advertising
Website banner ad with company website click-through for one month. Yearly and half-yearly banner ad packages also available. See more opportunities on the website.
Exhibit/Sponsor Opportunities
Exhibit Opportunities
SEAOSC invites our corporate colleagues to exhibit at our educational events and special programs as noted below.  Cost includes one 6 ft. draped table, meal for up to 2 exhibit staff, 2 complementary tickets for exhibitors to give to non-SEAOSC members who may be interested in attending.
  •  Winter Education Programs (January)
  •  Spring Education Programs (April/May)
  •  SEAOSC Educational events - 4 opportunities available annually
  •  SEAOSC Summit
Sponsorship Opportunities
SEAOSC has special opportunities for additional sponsorships, vendors, and exhibitors at additional events and seminars throughout the year. Please see the events below and check the SEAOSC Events Calendar for the most up-to-date information!
  •  Student Scholarships & Job Fair (February)
  •  Winder Education Programs (January)
  •  Spring Education Programs (April/May)
  •  Annual End-of-Year Awards & Past President's Dinner (June)
  •  Annual Golf Tournament (August)
  •  SEAOSC Summit (November)
  •  Monthly Dinner Meetings
MHP Structural Engineers-Structural Engineering Analyst & Design Project Engineer  
MHP Structural Engineers is a growing 36 person firm located in Long Beach, CA. We offer challenging and exciting projects in a relaxed, professional environment at our collaborative office near the Long Beach airport. Our work includes a variety of project types in education, hospital, and commercial sectors. Our core beliefs are strong communication, employee growth, and serving the community. We are currently seeking qualified individuals, as follows:
Structural Engineering Analyst: (3 years minimum experience) Challenging seismic evaluation and retrofit work of buildings. MS or PhD in Structural Engineering, Professional License, and expertise in SAP/ETABS non-linear analysis of buildings required, including non-linear pushover and time-history modeling using ASCE41-13.
Design Project Engineer: (3 to 10 years experience) You will be challenged with the responsibilities associated with all aspects of project design and construction, including direct client and contractor coordination. MS preferred. OSHPD, DSA, ETABS, SAP, RAM & ASCE41 experience a plus.
Forell/Elsesser Engineers - Entry Level And Senior Project Managers  
Are you looking to share your talents with a collaborative, fun group of structural engineers working in a dynamic downtown San Francisco office on some of the most challenging and exciting structural and seismic projects in California and around the world?  Do you want to be part of an exciting and thoughtful team in a work environment that actively encourages and supports individual professional growth through ongoing education, training, and mentoring?  If so, FORELL/ELSESSER ENGINEERS, INC. wants to hear from you! 
We are looking for both entry level and senior project managers to join our team. Find out more about us and this opportunity at  Interested candidates should forward their resumes and cover letter to 
  Miyamoto International - Structural Engineer-Associate Level - Los Angeles 
Miyamoto International is in business to make the world a better, safer place. We provide expert high-performance earthquake + structural engineering and disaster mitigation services, as well as response and reconstruction assistance to some of the world's most devastating disasters. Our work improves the environment and safety of pre- and post-disaster communities, schools, hospitals, historical monuments, international icons and more.
Miyamoto International is among the nation's fastest growing structural engineering companies with 18 locations across the globe. We are looking for a Structural Engineer - Associate Level with at least 8 years of structural and earthquake engineering design experience with SE license. A successful candidate shares our passion for helping others and strives to improve the quality of their work with each new challenge.
County of Ventura -Plan Check Engineer I/II/III
To apply on-line, please refer to our website: . Final  Filing Date: This is a continuous recruitment and may close at any time.  Approximate Salary Range: $75,796.28 - $117,777.24 Annually.  Location: Ventura or Simi Valley, and will be required to travel throughout Ventura County, CA
For Plan Check Engineer I and II: a Bachelor's degree in Civil OR Structural Engineering OR Architecture; OR certification in Fundamentals of Engineering (formerly known as Engineer-in-Training); AND the following:
Plan Check Engineer I : Two years professional engineering experience.
Plan Check Engineer II: Three years professional engineering experience.

Plan Check Engineer III: Same as Plan Check Engineer I plus a minimum of two additional years of professional engineering experience. Plan Check Engineer III will require registration as an engineer or architect in the State of California and the additional certification as Plan Check Engineer.
DCI Engineers - Senior Project Manager
DCI Engineers is a leading structural and civil engineering firm headquartered in Seattle, WA, with 13 offices throughout the West Coast, Texas, Alaska, Colorado, and Montana. We seek enthusiastic and talented individuals who know how to serve our clients with creativity and dedication and contribute to our vibrant and growing practice.
DCI is currently seeking a Senior Project Manager for our Irvine office who possess the following minimum requirements:  
* A civil or structural engineering degree, masters preferred, from an ABET accredited university
* California PE and SE licenses required
* 10+ years of structural engineering and project management experience
* Experience with p/t and CIP concrete, steel, and wood-framed structures of varying size and complexity
* A thorough understanding of seismic design, including performance-based design experience for concrete towers
* Proven people management, communication, and leadership skills
* The ability to develop and maintain client relationships and acquire significant work for the company
This position has enormous potential for personal and professional growth. To apply, go to:
Insight Structural Engineers - Design & Project Engineers & Project Managers
Insight Structural Engineers, Inc. is a team of dedicated professionals who:  
  • Value clear communication
  • Provide responsive service
  • Promote long-term client relationships
  • Deliver thorough, constructible drawings
  • Develop state-of-the-art designs
  • Identify innovative solutions
We have immediate career opportunities in Los Angeles for Design Engineers, Project Engineers and Project Managers with 2 to 15 years of experience.  We offer competitive salaries and benefits including p aid vacations, holidays and health care reimbursement,
401k retirement plan with company contribution (safe harbor), discretionary profit sharing and bonuses, collaborative, relaxed environment, paid engineering training, flexible work schedules, and the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects.  
Send your cover letter, resume, transcripts and references to . Insight Structural Engineers, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Visit us on the web at  
Cal State LA - Faculty Search in Structural Engineering
The Department of Civil Engineering at the California State University, Los Angeles, invites applications for a full-time tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Civil Engineering. The position is in Structural Engineering. Applicants must have an earned doctorate in Civil Engineering with a structural emphasis, or closely related field, from an accredited institution (or equivalent). However, applicants nearing completion of the doctorate (ABD) may be considered.  
Thornton Tomasetti (TT), an international engineering company, provides building engineering services to clients worldwide on projects of all sizes and complexity while also driving innovation in the AEC industry. We are currently looking for a talented individual to serve as a BIM Modeler on our project design team. This individual will create project deliverable 3D models and 2D drawings using Autodesk Revit as well as TT's suite of internally developed interoperability tools. The ideal candidate is knowledgeable and passionate about BIM and associated technologies, passionate about building structural systems and is able to work in an independent and self-directed manner.
To see responsibilities, requirements and apply, use the link.
Holmes Structures is a California structural engineering firm, with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We are part of the New Zealand based Holmes Group, with offices around the Pacific Rim.
We are seeking a Business Development Manager with our Los Angeles office.
Job Requirements:
  • Develop new project opportunities with new and existing clients.
  • Attend meetings, conference calls with clients.
  • Follow market trends and build company knowledge of project experience and client connections.
  • Identify new opportunities for securing new projects and / or client relationships.
  • Maintain and build relationships with peers at client companies.
  • Work closely with Principals, colleagues in Holmes and market industry leaders.
  • Identify opportunities related to client requirements; defining market, competitor's share, and competitor's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improve marketability and profitability by researching, identifying, and capitalizing on market opportunities.
  • Provide information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.
Send your resume to      
Are you looking for an opportunity to work with a collaborative, talented, passionate team where initiative is rewarded? Watry Design, Inc. is an Architectural, Structural Engineering and Planning firm that not only fits that bill, but offers far more.
We are seeking an Engineering Project Manager with 7-10 years of experience. This position works on diverse projects for the private sector, municipalities, transit agencies, universities, medical facilities and more.
Using a unique process developed over the firm's forty plus year design legacy, our architects, structural engineers and planners are empowered to provide their professional expertise in every aspect of our parking solutions.
Send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line "ENG PM SEAOSC."
The open position is for a mid level design structural engineer with a minimum of 3 years of California design experience. The position is full time (40 hours/week). There are open positions in our Temecula and Santa Rosa office locations.
Benefits : Competetive Salary, Vacation/Sick Time, Paid Holidays, 401k + Company Match, Annual Bonus.
Necessary Qualifications :
  • Bachelor Science Architectural, Civil or Structural Engineering
  • California Engineer in Training (EIT) Certified preferred
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Professional Engineer License (PE) not required
  • Design experience with Wood/Steel/Concrete & Masonry preferred in high seismic zones.
Additional Preferred Qualifications :
  • Experience with Autocad required
  • Experience with Revit prefered
  • Experience with RISA, Enercalc, MS Office
Please forward qualified resumes to:
  Lionakis - Staff Engineer - Newport Beach  
What we're looking for: Lionakis is currently seeking a Staff Engineer to join our Southern California Structural Engineering team. This position is based out of our Newport Beach office. The Staff Engineer is a registered Professional Engineer in California.  
The Staff Engineer will mentor less experienced staff and displays excellent communication skills in order to successfully coordinate with consultants and project team members to deliver client needs. The Staff Engineer takes a lead on the project management tools and review documents for accuracy.
What you'll need:
  • Bachelor's degree in Civil, Structural, or Architectural Engineering and 10 years structural design experience or 13 years related structural design experience
  • California Civil Engineering license, Structural license preferred
  • Intermediate skills in Revit and AutoCAD
  • Intermediate skills in MS Office programs
What now?  If you'd like to join us in designing a better future, apply here.
  Lionakis - Senior Engineer - Newport Beach  
What we're looking for:  Lionakis currently seeking a Senior Engineer to join our Southern California Structural Engineering team. This position is based out of our Newport office. The Senior Engineer is a registered Professional Engineer in California.
The Senior Engineer will mentor less experienced staff and displays excellent communication skills in order to successfully coordinate with consultants and project team members to deliver client needs. The Senior Engineer serves as project lead, provides key decision making and direction for project teams, and will run multiple, complex projects.
What you'll need:
  • Bachelor's degree in Civil, Structural, or Architectural Engineering and 10 years structural design experience or 13 years related structural design experience
  • California Civil Engineering license, Structural license preferred
  • Intermediate skills in Revit and AutoCAD
  • Intermediate skills in MS Office programs
What now?  If you'd like to join us in designing a better future, apply here .
Holmes Structures - Marketing Coordinator 
Holmes Structures is a California structural engineering firm, with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We are part of the New Zealand based Holmes Group, with offices around the Pacific Rim.    
We are seeking a Marketing Coordinator with our Los Angeles office.  Job Requirements:
  • Assist in the preparation and production of proposal, qualification packages, and other materials that include writing, editing, and coordination with in-house staff and outside consultants.
  • Assist with the organization, updating, and creation of marketing collateral including project profiles, project descriptions, staff resumes, and brochures.
  • Assist in the preparation, production, and distribution of presentations, direct mail programs, awards submission, and other PR-related materials, including writing, editing, and graphic design.
  • Work with the marketing team and senior staff.
  • Work closely with the administrative team to provide general support to the company.
Send your resume with cover letter to 
Interwest Consulting Group - Plan Check Engineer 
Interwest Consulting Group is seeking motivated individuals with a Bachelor's degree in Civil or Structural Engineering or Architecture to join our Building Safety Group. This is an exceptional opportunity to become a key member of our highly qualified, collaborative and motivated plans examination team.
Duties include review of construction documents for residential, commercial and industrial construction.  Certification in Fundamentals of Engineering (formerly known as Engineer-in-Training) is highly desirable.
*              Medical Insurance
*              Dental Insurance
*              Vision Insurance
*              Employer Paid Life Insurance
*              Long Term Disability
*              401(k) Retirement Plan
*              ESOP (Employer Stock Ownership Plan)
*              Paid Holidays
*              Generous Paid Time Off
Please submit a cover letter and resume to 
  Lionakis - Designer II - Newport Beach  
What we're looking for:  Lionakis is currently seeking a Designer II to join our Southern California Structural Engineering team. This position is based out of our Newport office. The Designer II is an entry-level designer working toward the ultimate goal of being a licensed Engineer. This individual provides structural analysis and develops drawings to support project teams within their studio. This person is expected to develop an understanding of general concepts, standards, and team dynamics as they relate to their assigned projects and studio.
The Designer II demonstrates time management and organizational skills and is detail-oriented and collaborative in order to complete assigned work accurately and meet deadlines. They typically have the opportunity to work on a variety of project types and teams and are exposed to all market sectors and material types.
What now?  If you'd like to join us in designing a better future, apply here .
SMR - Structural Engineers 
SMR, located in San Diego, has expanded to Orange County and has immediate openings for Structural Engineers. 

We are looking for highly motivated structural engineers who thrive in a collaborative working environment that promotes professional growth and development with a goal of becoming long-term team members.

* B.S. degree in Structural Engineering or related field.
* Master's degree in Structural Engineering (preferred).
* Registration as a P.E. (required).
* Minimum 3-5 years of structural design of buildings including seismic design of concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures.

* Minimum of 2-3 years of structural design of buildings including seismic design of concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures.
* California Registration as Engineer-In-Training ("EIT"). 
* Computer analysis software systems (RAM, RISA-3D, ENERCALC, ETABS).
* Computer software: AutoCAD, REVIT, and Microsoft Office.

* Competitive compensation                              
* Health insurance                                                 
* 401(k) + company match                                  
* Vacation/sick time
* Paid holidays
* Professional Society membership
Please email your cover letter and resume to

SEAOSC | 562-908-6131 | |
437 S. Cataract Avenue, #4B
San Dimas, CA 91773