A new product will be available to Arkansas state employees this open enrollment and beyond. ARSEBA has worked with Identity Guard to bring an award-winning identity theft and protection service to state employees. Two plan options will be available, with individual coverage as low as $6/month. As an added benefit, employees that enroll in Identity Guard's Total Protection package will receive their ASEA membership at no charge while they participate in the plan. If they decide to discontinue the plan at a later date, membership dues will resume. Employees that are not ASEA members will be able to join ASEA and have their membership fee waived while enrolled in the Total Protection package as well. 
Over the coming months, ARSEBA and SEBCO will work to expand benefits available to ASEA members. We're looking to find new benefits and discounts that will benefit all members, but also want to focus on benefits for our retired members. We're currently working on something that will greatly benefit our retired members that we hope to have ready in the next month or so.

We appreciate your patience during our transition. Our new venture will allow for new opportunities that would not have been available otherwise. 

We look forward to serving you for many years to come!
Prepping Your Teen for Auto What-Ifs
A message from Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Learning to drive can be an exciting time for teenagers. While they're experiencing new freedom and responsibilities, your focus may be more on making sure they're prepared for whatever they encounter down the road. While driver's ed can teach them about road signs and speed limits, you can help teach them what to do when things don't go as planned.
For even more protection for your teens when they're on the road, it helps to have a trusted ally that has their back. SEBCO customers - contact Gary Haynes, your Liberty Mutual agent, to find out how he can protect your home and car. For a free quote, call: (918) 299-7593 x59416 or  click here
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