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June 2019
From the Hill

The Nexus of Equity Market Structure and Investor Relations: Remarks at the 2019 Annual Conference of the National Investor Relations Institute

"..the Division of Trading and Markets is intensely reviewing a series of important questions and policy initiatives that I believe should be of great interest to issuers and their investors as they participate in the U.S. equity markets." - Brett Redfearn, Director Division of Trading & Markets
Ms. Allison Lee, Confirmation
On Thursday, June 20th, The U.S. Senate by voice vote, confirmed Allison Lee  to serve as a Securities and Exchange commissioner, bringing the markets regulator back to full strength.
SEC Commissioner Peirce on Crypto & Grill
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce discusses the role and responsibilities of the SEC, and how that impacts the crypto landscape with Crypto & Grill.
STA files letter on proliferation of strikes in options markets
STA feels it imperative to relay its view that the proliferation of series of options for quoting and trading (“strikes” or “strike prices”) has overly complicated the options markets and necessitated excessive (and thus inefficient) consummations of technology. If left unabated, this condition may degrade market quality as measured by spreads; liquidity - both displayed and total available per strike.
STA Women in Finance
Check out photos from the 2019 Evening of Recognition & Education!
2019 Evening of Recognition & Education
by Kate McAllister
STA WIF Co-Chair

The key metric that STA WIF and the entire STA Board of Governors focus on is the percentage of women panelists and speakers at STA events. Getting women on the stage participating as panelists and speakers is paramount for the success of the overall initiative.
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Banquet Table on Market Structure; Issuers Pull Up a Chair
by Jim Toes , STA

As issuers step into the public domain to voice their opinions and defend their interests, they could benefit from understanding the buyside’s experiences as they transitioned from being spectators on market structure debates to being true influencers.
Upcoming Events
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STA Affiliate Summer Events!
Summer Golf Outings are a great way to network
with industry colleagues in an out-of-the-office setting. STA Affiliates have several outings taking place at great courses this summer,
some with a charitable component.

We hope you're able to participate in an outing near you!
So tie your laces up tight and hit 'em straight!
86th Annual Market Structure Conference:
Realizing Opportunity

We witnessed record registration in 2018, with more than 700 attendees across 259 firms, and our 2019 event will be organized under the same guiding principles:    best content, best networking and best value
JR Overcome Show Podcasts

Best of luck to long-time STA supporter
Jason Redman
on his "word of the day" podcasts

Taya Kyle
Author & Military Veteran's Family Activist
The JR Overcome Show by two Navy SEALs: Jason “Overcome” Redman, Author of The Trident , Motivational Speaker and Founder of the Overcome Academy, and Ray “Cash” Care, Co-Star from the hit television show The Selection, Fitness Expert and Motivational Speaker.
STA in the News
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STA offers complimentary DC conference registration packages
The Security Traders Association is going the extra mile to help displaced workers. In recognition of the changing trading workplace and extended time that securities workers might be out of work, Jim Toes and the STA are offering up to ten Complimentary Conference Registration Packages for its Annual Market Structure Conference, Oct. 2-4, 2019 at the JW Marriott Washington DC. According to the STA, the new initiative is geared towards individuals who are in between jobs and actively pursuing a new opportunity within the securities industry.
STA Student in Finance Membership

STA has created a new membership classification for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students called  Student in Finance, or “STA SIF . STA SIF Membership is FREE and is ideal for students who want to be informed on topics and issues within the financial services industry and to connect with securities industry professionals.

If you have or know a student who wants to take their first step towards the financial services industry, have them apply today!
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