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March, 2015
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Message from your SECSNMMI


Robert J. McDonald, MD

 Nuke Me Consulting

Since its inception in 1956 the Society of Nuclear Medicine (& Molecular Imaging) has represented the interests of the Nuclear Medicine community; physicians, scientists, pharmacologists, technologists, industry, students, etc. Never before has this role been so regulations, reimbursement, competition, qualifications, job market, name a few. It is frankly, quite intimidating. An organization, such as the SNMMI, strength is a measure of the individuals comprising it, and although there continues to be outstanding individuals within our organization, there is a dwindling involvement by many of those that continue to make a living in Nuclear Medicine. We have seen a long-term trend of declining membership and participation, the perpetuation of which threatens us as a specialty. Just since 2010 there was a national decline in SNMMI full members of 11%, and technologists of 7%. Although not staggering, a mathematician is not required to see where this will lead. Meeting attendance has also declined considerably over this duration. Annual SEC meetings just a few years ago regularly drew over 300 attendees, while only 172 attended our 2014 meeting in Orlando. 


...So what can be done. Firstly, we cannot just talk about this amongst ourselves. We must appeal to the sense of obligation and fellowship in those who are the non-participants or the non-members who make their living in  Nuclear Medicine. Everyone must understand that "our" small speciality cannot flourish or potentially even survive long-term in the absence of broad involvement. What can we as individuals do? We can make it a personal goal to identify and recruit new members, with a goal of recruiting at least one new person to join SNMMI, or one new attendee to our annual meeting. When applying your sales pitch, consider what the SNMMI and Nuclear Medicine has meant to you and what it has done for you in your career. The fact that the annual SEC meeting this year is to be held in charming and historic Charleston, S.C. in October should facilitate the task. Dr. Bennett Greenspan and the program committee has been working diligently to put together an exceptional meeting.


If so much is wrong, then what is right in our world? Fortunately many things. The Southeast chapter continues to be among the strongest of chapters in membership, contributions to national leadership and boasts a robust financial picture, thanks in large part to the work of past president Dr. Daniel Lee and Dr. Haydn Williams, chair of the finance committee. We have had an excellent run with our current executive leadership, Merle and Gen Hedland, of Bacon-Hedland Management, and they have been retained for the foreseeable future. The SNNMI national annual meeting this year is in Baltimore, MD, in June, near the famed Inner Harbor. The SNMMI is sponsoring a task force to bring together the FDA and CMS in their definitions of "efficacy" and "benefit", which has been an obstacle to reimbursement for new radiopharmaceutical agents or new indications for existing agents. The SNMMI has recognized the importance of and is addressing "Appropriate Use Criteria" for Nuclear Medicine procedures, which currently only exists for beta amyloid imaging, and is vital to new and continued reimbursement. The ACR & SNMMI have approved a joint credentialing statement for PET/MR of brain. The announcement for the forthcoming CED (Coverage with Evidence Determination) trial for beta amyloid imaging should have occurred by the time this is published. Of course, there are many more positive things occurring in Nuclear Medicine at this time, and I have only mentioned a few.


So please consider our future and we WILL look forward to seeing you (and a friend) at upcoming meetings.


Update from the Mississippi Society of Nuclear Medicine 


Casey Bridges, BS, R.T.(R)(N),CNMT

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

University of Mississippi Health Care


The Mississippi Society of Nuclear Medicine would like to report the 38th Annual meeting was a success.  Physicians, technologists, and other allied health care professionals were updated with recent nuclear medicine advancements and provided future forecasts in nuclear medicine diagnosis and treatment. Keynote speakers from Duke, Vanderbilt, Memorial Sloan Kettering and Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine gave outstanding presentations.  The 2015 meeting was held February 14th and 15th at Table 100 Conference Center in Flowood, MS. Member turnout was excellent with over 100 members registering, and vendor support was fantastic as well! The Mississippi Society offered 12 CME credits and 12 VOICE credits.  Our next year meeting is scheduled for Feb 20th and 21st, 2016. Anyone is invited to attend, and we look forward to welcoming everyone from Mississippi and beyond. If any one of you are interested in presenting next year, please let our president, Nikki Hutson, know at 601-984-2524.  Physicians and technologists interested in attending next year's meeting or vendors interested in sponsoring next year's event should contact Kay Watkins, 601-984-1300, Division of Continuing Health Professional Education, University of Mississippi Medical Center.

We would also like to note The Nuclear Medicine Technology program of School of Health Related Professions at the University of Mississippi Medical Center has received national recognition for the performance of recent graduates on national registry examinations.  The NMT Class of 2014 received the highest scores in the nation on the American Registry of Radiologic Sciences nuclear medicine registry examination (ARRT)(N).  The program had the fourth highest scores in the nation on the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) registry exam.   This extraordinary accomplishment focuses a positive spotlight on the excellent educational opportunities provided to allied health students at SHRP.   Member of the NMT Class of 2014 include:  O. Lee Brown, Jr., Chelsea Palmer Stevens, and Jennifer Cohen Tucker. The program, accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology recently completed a successful self-study process and was granted full seven-year reaccreditation status until 2020.  One class is admitted each summer and application to the program must be received by the preceding April 1 deadline.  The program director is Sherry J. West.  





Save the Date! 


2015 SECSNMMI Annual Meeting


Quality and Safety in Nuclear Medicine/ Molecular Imaging


October 2 - 4, 2015

Charleston Marriott

Charleston, SC


PDEF Seeks Donations for
HOT Trot 5K!

Exercise your body before you exercise your brain. Sign up for the the Inaugural "Hot Trot 5K" run/walk. Proceeds will benefit the advancement of molecular and nuclear medicine technologists via the SNMMI-TS Professional Development and Education Fund. A portion of the registration proceeds will support a local charity. Come out, have fun, and support your field. The run will take place on Saturday, June 6, 2015. 

Donations are currently being sought by individuals as well as groups.  


Click here for more information and to see the Recognition Benefits.


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North Carolina

South Carolina


University of Alabama at Birmingham


Program Director and Assistant Professor

UAB NMT Program


The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) NMT Program currently has 13 students in the senior class which graduate on April 25th, 2015 and 17 students in the junior class which will graduate on April 23rd, 2016. We are slated to begin our MSNMT entry level master's program in August of this year pending final board of trustee approval for this move from the current baccalaureate entry level degree. We anticipate getting approval in April of this year.


Class of 2015







Class of 2016



Adventist University of Health Sciences

Nuclear Medicine Technology Program Update 


The ADU program will graduate their second Bachelor's Degree class in April. All eight senior students attended the Southeast Chapter SNMMI meeting in Orlando last October. In addition to attending many of the talks and speaking to various industry representatives, each one submitted a poster that was displayed during the meeting. Sanela Durgutovic won first place for her poster on alternatives to cholecystokinin for hepatobiliary imaging. The seniors are currently finishing their education requirements and studying hard for their board exams!


The junior class began their professional program courses and clinical education in the fall of 2014. These four students are working hard in both the classroom and at their clinical sites as they look towards their 2016 graduation. 


    Bluegrass Community & Technical College, Lexington KY

Charles H. Coulston
Program Director

For the first time in several years, the 2014 graduates had jobs to apply to at the time of their graduation rather than having to hunt for weeks or months.  After successfully completing the NMTCB and before the end of the summer, all 3 of them were employed in PRN positions in Kentucky.  This is some of the good news in Kentucky.


Class of 2013-15

As of the 2nd week of February, the 5 continuing students are headed into the last 10-week clinical assignment before graduation.  They have prepared posters with case studies to display at the Spring 2015 KY Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologists meeting that will be held in Bowling Green KY with thanks to Nancy Bunton Uhls, the program chair.  Fall 2015 will be in Owensboro KY at the new Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, Jennifer Preston, program chair.  The students have received their applications for the NMTCB, and before the end of the semester, they will also complete the application for a temporary license from the KY Board of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy.  A job will complete the process.


After a disappointing 1 applicant by July 2014, the Vice President of Academics decided to give the program a 1-year rest while the 2nd-year students continued.  In November, he gave the go-ahead to begin to recruit a new class for August 2015.  Presently, there are enough applicants completing the pre-requisite courses to fill a class of 8 and to begin an alternate list.  Let's hope for a little persistence.  So there is optimism for the continuation of the program as a new class begins its education.


Message from
your SECSNMMI-TS President


Amy Brady, M.A.Ed, CNMT


It was a complete honor representing the technologist section of the Southeastern Chapter at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Mid-Winter Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.  During the meeting, I attended the National Council of Representatives (NCOR), Committee on Chapters, Executive Council, House of Delegates, and the SECSNMMI planning meeting. 


One of the main topics addressed during the Mid-Winter Meeting was The Joint Commission (TJC) released Proposed Revisions to Diagnostic Imaging Services Standards 19 and 21.  These revisions would change the standards that are essential to nuclear medicine, and if approved, would most likely have a detrimental effect to the nuclear medicine field. 


The SNMMI-TS leadership announced a new multi-year Quality Campaign Initiative.  This initiative seeks to ensure technologists are prepared for the many challenges they may face in the clinical setting.  An important survey will be coming your way to launch this initiative.


The SNMMI-TS also announced a new ARRT/SNMMI-TS Professional Development Grant which serves to support nuclear medicine technologists wishing to pursue additional educational opportunities in an effort to advance their professional career.  Thirteen, $500.00 awards, will be offered.  If you are interested in applying, please contact Stephanie McGowan.


The SNMMI's Annual Meeting will be held June 6-10, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.  The meeting will kick-off with a new "Hot Trot 5K" Run/Walk on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at 7:30am.  Proceeds will benefit the SNMMI-TS Professional Development and Education Fund.


Planning for the SECSNMMI's 2015 Annual Meeting is underway.  The meeting is scheduled for October 2-4, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina.  Our program chairs, Dr. Bennett Greenspan and Deborah Gibbs have been diligently working on creating a great program.  We are excited about this year's theme, "Quality and Safety in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging."  Be on the lookout for more information regarding this meeting on the chapter's website at


As a technologist, I urge you to become involved in the society.  Whether you are interested in an elected position, being on a committee, presenting or moderating during meeting; our chapter needs your help.  If you are interested, please contact me.  I also encourage student technologists to become active and involved in the society. 


Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to serve as your President of the technologist section.  I look forward to the coming year!


Chattanooga State Community College

Nuclear Medicine Technology Program


Leesa Ross, MA, CNMT, PET, RT(N)(CT)

Chattanooga State Community College's Nuclear Medicine Technology Program currently has 8 students scheduled to graduate August 5, 2015.  The students are located in Atlanta, Rome, GA, Chattanooga, Columbia, Cookeville, and Nashville, TN.  The students have been very active this year within the profession, while also taking the time to participate in community service activities.  They performed fund raising by selling t-shirts in order for them to attend the Nuclear Medicine Technologist of Tennessee (NMTT) meeting and Student Registry Review Workshop March 27-30, 2015 in Franklin, TN. 

Each year the NMTT accepts

Erica Baxter, Second Place Poster Award Winner at NMTT Annual Meeting in March 2014

abstract submissions from each of the schools in Tennessee.  Students are then selected from the submissions to present his/her abstract at the NMTT annual meeting.  This year, Jerry "Shane" Presley, Amy Nash, and Kyle Bandy were all selected to present at the meeting.  In addition to presenting at the NMTT meeting, Shane was also selected as one of three students nationwide to attend the SNMMI Leadership Academy in San Antonio, TX in January 2015.  At Chattanooga State, we are VERY proud of our student's accomplishments!

For more information regarding the program, please contact Leesa Ross at (423) 697-3331 or Dusty York at (423) 697-3335.


Every year the students have a t-shirt printed to raise funds to attend the annual NMTT meeting.  This was this year's t-shirt.  They sold over 100 shirts this year.

Midlands Technical College

The Midlands Technical College Nuclear Medicine program is the only JRCNMT accredited school in South Carolina. Currently we have 7 students scheduled to graduate August 6, 2015. Our students attended the South Carolina Society of Nuclear Medicine (SCSNM) Fall President's October 2014. They will also attend the SCSNM Spring Meeting held April 18, 2015 at Midlands Technical College. Each student will either develop an exhibit or a presentation on the Nuclear Medicine topic of their choice. Last year, seven of eight students won prizes from the SCSNM committee for their presentations.

Our current students toured our local PET facility, PETNET Solutions.  Students were able to view the cyclotron, learn about the dose synthesis process, and discuss quality control of PET pharmaceuticals. Students were given the opportunity to manipulate the robotic arms used to draw doses in the pharmacy area to get an understanding of what is included in a pharmacist's daily tasks.

We are proud to announce our nuclear medicine graduates and MTC's radiology graduates have the opportunity to apply for our new Certificate in Computed Tomography program. Our program is a hybrid program with clinical times and courses available in the evening to allow the graduates to pursue employment while continuing in school. We also have pathways developed for experienced technologists who may not require additional clinical training before taking the ARRT or NMTCB CT exam.

If you are interested in our program, please contact Mauren Kreiner, NMT and CT Program Director

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