Volume 9 | Issue 2
April 2021
The Latest News and Updates from the SED

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to our traditional April issue “Washington Update." DC has been a busy place this year: a new administration, new executive orders, a basically split Congress between the two parties, and unfortunately for the House of Medicine, rancor between the two parties.

We have been well served by our columnists over the last ten years or so, and we continue with them this issue, too.

We also include a special message from our Chair, Claudette Dalton, MD and an old column on the changing culture in the doctors office, sort of a “lite touch.”

"See" you soon,

Claudette Dalton, MD, Chair (VA)
John Poole, MD, Chair-elect (NJ)
Bill Clark, MD, Immediate Past Chair (GA)
Clay Hays, MD, Vice Chair (MS)
Stephen Imbeau, MD, SED Newsletter Editor (SC)

A Message from SED Chair, Claudette Dalton, MD
Dear SED colleagues,

A month ago, I sent a message out asking for all of us to take a step back from partisanship and reflex decisions and give us all the space and time to consider our next steps—particularly in the realm of advocacy. 

As many of you know, there were strident calls for “defunding” any legislator—particularly members of Congress—who voted against certifying the recent election. Threats to stop contributions to AMPAC were often made. I want to take a minute here to offer a different strategy.


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Immigration Issues
Despite recent claims by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that there is no crisis at our southern border, there is a major crisis brewing due to the misguided policies of the Biden Administration. I know from my first-hand experience traveling to Texas and Arizona over the past two months and speaking with those whose job it is to protect our border.

Congressman Tom Rice (SC-07)

Despite Political Games in Congress, South Carolina Continues on a Path of Pro-Business Recovery from COVID-19

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives. One year later, we are collectively attempting to grasp how to come to terms with the changes it demands in how we interact with others, go to work and school, and keep ourselves healthy.

Todd Askew, AMA Senior Vice President, Advocacy

A new Administration brings many changes to Washington and consequently to federal health care policies that touch the lives of millions upon millions of Americans. With the arrival of the Biden administration, perhaps no health care policy change will be as significant than fundamental reordering of federal priorities related to health care coverage and the Affordable Care Act.

Beyond the Stethoscope

A Clash of Cultures
(first published May 11, 2016, by Stephen Imbeau reproduced here with permission of the Florence Morning News and SC Now)

Stephen A. Imbeau, MD
Editor, SED Newsletter

For several years now, I have watched the building of a Clash of Cultures between the young and the old that has now also spilled into the doctor’s office and medical examining room.

I was recently bruised myself in this clash, I suppose, prompting this essay.
Partly the Clash is a creature of modern technology, but deeper than that is the impact of technology on our younger generation, which we call the Millennial. They seem to expect instant gratification and a serene life. Even Amazon advertises on TV to expect your delivery by truck the next day or by drone that afternoon, after just one click on what you want.

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Southeastern Delegation to the AMA
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