Volume 8 | Issue 4
September 2020
The Latest News and Updates from the SED

Dear Colleagues:

We are moving into the Fall of 2020 and we now know that the AMA Interim meeting will be a virtual meeting. Internal discussions are underway to make sure all goes smoothly with the SED. The SED Candidate Selection Committee will interview our prospective AMA election candidates as usual, but by Zoom this year. Full details and schedules will be in our routine pre-Convention eNewsletter in October.  Your SED Board will be holding upcoming meetings.

In this issue we continue our September tradition of highlighting SED members who work for us in/on AMA offices, Boards, Councils and Committees. Please thank them for their service.

We continue the links to the AMA COVID-19 resource center for physicians

We include a special article from Dr Clay Hays, President of the Mississippi State Medical Association about the change of state flags in Mississippi. 

Rarely our members are honored by other AMA Delegations; and so, we include a link to the Massachusetts Medical Society making an award to Dr Coombs of Virginia. We include a “Beyond the Stethoscope” article on the history of Christopher Columbus.

We offer congratulations to Dr Bensema of Kentucky who has stepped up to help as the Infectious Disease Branch Manager for Kentucky, working under Dr Stack.

During this time of COVID and relative isolation, it is important we continue to support our AMA, as their work is never done, and now more important than ever, as our voices in DC are diminished by travel restrictions. Please make sure YOU and your States are promoting AMA memberships and renewals; see https://member.ama-assn.org/join-renew/member-search.

Enjoy and see you, one way or another, soon.

Claudette Dalton, MD, Chair
John Poole, MD, Chair-elect
Bill Clark, MD, Immediate Past Chair
Clay Hays, MD, Vice Chair
Stephen Imbeau, MD, SED Newsletter Editor

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Dr. Alice Coombs is honored by Massachusetts Medical Society with its
Woman Physician Leadership Award 

Dr. Alice A. Tolbert Coombs, past president of the Massachusetts Medical Society, longtime physician at South Shore Hospital and a professor of medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, has been honored by the Massachusetts Medical Society as the 2020 recipient of the Woman Physician Leadership Award, an honor recognizing outstanding leadership and contributions to patients and the medical profession by a woman physician. 

It's Time
J. Clay Hays, Jr., MD
Vice Chair, SED

Reprinted with permission of The Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association; first published July 2020 edition

Growing up as a kid in Jackson, Mississippi, I used to love to go to Ole Miss football games to watch my beloved Rebels play. Witnessing players like Archie Manning, Norris Weese, John Fourcade, and Buford Magee running all over the field was exciting. I can vividly remember the crowd cheering and waving their confederate flags when my childhood heroes would make a great play or score a touchdown. The whole spectacle of the event including listening to the band, watching the crowds wave their flags, and the team playing was exhilarating, uplifting, and contagious. Those great memories of fun, friends, family and football are something I will treasure and never forget! It was just a game to me. 

Beyond the Stethoscope

Take a deep breath and study the real Christopher Columbus

Stephen A. Imbeau, MD
Editor, SED Newsletter

Reprinted with permission of SCNOW.com

Christopher Columbus would be dismayed, confused, embarrassed and angry watching Americans, particularly the young, turn against him for reasons that would make no sense to him.

Columbus viewed himself as the discoverer of a New World who suffered years of ridicule seeking to finance a watery path westward to Japan and China. He saw himself as sailor, explorer, merchant, and missionary — to him, all noble pursuits and honorable attributes. But not only today, he also suffered defeat in his own time. He had no political skill and even his own young priest, wanting his governor’s job, turned against him, forcing the admiral’s return to Spain in chains in 1500. Despite his sailing also to South America and Central America, the new continents were named for another Italian, Amerigo Vespucci, not Columbus.

Southeastern Delegation to the AMA
Karen A. Foy, Executive Director
317 Marshside Drive N
St. Augustine, FL 32080