Costume payments for our Spring Dance Concerts are due November 1st. Costumes charges have been posted to your account and you may view them on our Parent Portal through our website! We will be measuring all dancers.  Remember, the price includes your tights, all accessories and a personalized garment bag. After the 15th if not paid, it will be drafted from your account we have on file. 


  • Check your mailbox when you come in the studio. This is how we get important information to you. 
  • Please check lost and found for any items your child may have lost.
  • Oleander Parking Lot- Please DO NOT park in the brick building's parking lot next door. That is not ours. Ours is the gravel parking lot behind the building. Access it from Mulberry Street. If you stay during your child's class, please park behind the building. There are plenty of marked spaces. This makes it easier for the parents that are picking up and dropping off. Thank You. 
Make up Classes!! 
Have you missed a class due to sickness, vacation or other obligations? You can join us for a make up class. Check your online account for your attendance record. Our Schedule is on our website so that you can find the appropriate class that best suites your dancer.
Work on that Perfect Attendance Now! 

Bring A Friend Special

We run this Special Year Round! For every Friend you Refer that Registers, you get 1/2 off your Next Month's Dance Tuition.  

"All That Glistens"
We will be having our Holiday Concerts on 
Saturday, December 11th at Scottish Rite Temple. More details to come to come!
November Birthdays
Emilia McKenna
Lyla Floyd
Emmaline Holman
Kaylee Hanlon
Samira Cubas
Merrit Clark
Lily Samson
Avery McNeil
Aria Zucker
Scarlett Zucker
Katie Chambless
Hope Tifft
Gabriella Irrera
Paige Baskin
Evelyne Foxworthy
Robin Roehrig
Autumn Peterson
Linden Jones
Shane Jones
Zipporah Tunnage
Coraline Meadows
Adelaide Bradstreet

Mrs. Kristi
Mrs. Sherry

Service Society Information:
Through a points system, SEDA rewards dancers for being involved and contributing to the betterment of our community. Here is how it works: Under the mailboxes in the studio lobby, you will find plastic bins. These bins are used to collect items for a specific cause or project that is being hosted. The projects change often as we have so many students that want to help within their communities, so be sure to check the bin labels to know what is being collected. Remember- helping out a cause and providing items to be collected do NOT have to be purchased! Many items being collected are often household items that we no longer use, or have in excess; some common items are toiletry supplies (extra toothbrushes and floss from dentist visits), canned foods, children and adult clothing, coats, etc.

What if I contribute items, but I haven’t yet hosted a project—do I receive anything for helping out? Of course- any and all help is greatly appreciated! Each time you contribute, stop in the office and get a “society slip.” Each time you bring an item to be placed in a bin you receive 2 points. If you attend a service function outside of the studio you will receive 5 points. At various times, extra points can be earned for certain projects; check the board for details. Please fill out the slip; the office receives one copy and you keep the other copy for your records. If a slip is not filled out, we cannot give you credit- so be sure to have one filled out and signed by a staff member. Before you know it, the points will add up!

Interested in hosting a project?

1. Type up a sheet to include: your name, explanation of the project, name of the group benefiting from the project, and the duration for collecting items.
2. Bring the sheet to the office; you will receive 20 points for hosting the project.
3. You MUST get office approval for any project before a bin can be placed under the mailboxes for collection.
4. Fill out a “Society Slip;” one copy stays with the office, and you keep the other copy for your records.
5. Put a copy/notice of your project on the community service board in the lobby.
6. The office will supply you bins to collect items for your project (these are the only bins that can be used). DO NOT take bins out of the studio.
7. Label the bins with the items desired for collection and place the UNDER the mailboxes in the lobby.
8. Check the bins for any donated items each time you come to the studio. This ensures that all items get to you and keep the bin from overflowing.
9. Once your project is over, return the bins to the office.

Service Society November Project:
Lions Recycle for Sight
By Sophie and Peyton Johnson

Sophie and Peyton will be collecting
  • Eyeglasses
  • Hearing Aids
  • Printer Cartridges
  • Cellphones

There will be a box located in the lobby to place your donations

They will also be selling Lions Club Brooms for the Wilmington Lions club. The proceeds of the sales will help support the blind and visually impaired of North Carolina.

Please have your donations in by the end of November.

Please see the sign up sheet on our bulletin board to schedule your service society project. See the office for any questions.

Have your Birthday Party here at SEDA! Includes two hours of dance instruction and a craft. We supply the paper products and decorations.
  • $200 for up to 12 children
  • Siblings included in head count, the birthday child is free.
  • $8.00 for each additional child
Themes include Ballerina, Princess, Diva Rock Stars, and More! See the office for more details. 

SEDA Photo Drop

Please Share your SEDA photos in our SEDA photo drop link for our end of year slideshow!