August 2017 Newsletter


Quick advice and assistance
Applications for the Public Sector Retro-commissioning program are being accepted through September 1st, 2017 on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Eligibility is limited to public sector entities that have electric service  delivered by ComEd. To reserve your space now or to learn more about retro-commissioning services please call 800-401-0360, email, or visit our website at

Check out our case studies for retro-commissioning success stories. Harper College is estimated to save almost $90,000 a year due to building retro-commissioning projects, a 13% energy cost savings.

SEDAC Services
SEDAC offers the following services. Apply at .  
  • Benchmarking
  • Energy Assessments
  • Energy Incentive Guidance
  • Implementation Assistance
  • New Construction Program
  • Retro-commissioning Program
  • HVAC optimization
SEDAC utility programs for public sector clients are funded by Ameren Illinois, ComEd, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas in compliance with Illinois Law. Availability of services varies by utility service provider.  
Operations and maintenance: the secret to RCx success

Buildings participating in Retro-commissioning (RCx) can expect annual energy savings on average of 16%. In addition, retro-commissioning projects take a year, on average, to pay back. What's the key to RCx success? RCx focuses on operations and maintenance improvements, often requiring less capital investment to achieve significant savings. 

Here are a few typical operations and maintenance recommendations identified in the RCx process. Even if you are not retro-commissioning your building, these measures can save you substantial energy and money. 
  1. HVAC setpoints and controls. Calibrate the indoor and outdoor building sensors. Calibration of room thermostats, duct thermostats, humidistats, as well as pressure and temperature sensors should be in accordance with original design specifications. Adjust building controls and setpoints to meet building needs. Equipment schedules should reflect occupancy, which may change over time.
  2. Lighting controls and maintenance. Make sure lighting controls and sensors are functioning according to design specifications, and that light level is appropriate. Follow a strategic lighting maintenance plan of scheduled relamping and fixture cleaning.
  3. Equipment tune-up and maintenance. Conduct a boiler tune-up and steam trap maintenance. Maintain cooling towers, clean air cooled condenser coils, and replace refrigerant filters as needed. 
  4. Envelope maintenance. Reduce heating and cooling loss by locating and sealing all air leaks in the windows, doors, walls, and roofs, and ensuring insulation levels are maintained according to design specifications. 

Read more in our  Retro-commissioning and Operations and Maintenance Tech Notes. 
Utilities Updates

Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas
Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas have launched two new webpages for customers. For information regarding Public Sector updates, along with Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas applications, please visit either or You can also call 855-849-8928 for more information.

Ameren Illinois
The Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program has recently increased many natural gas incentives to help offset a larger portion of project costs.  In addition, public sector customers are eligible for a 15% incentive bonus on projects submitted by November 30, 2017. For more information on these increased incentives and the public sector bonus, please visit  or call 866-800-0747.

SEDAC is an applied research center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,  
providing technical assistance and performing research to reduce energy consumption. SEDAC also provides energy efficiency services to Illinois public sector agencies through the utility energy efficiency programs. / 800-214-7954 /
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