Aug 2019
SEDAC Solar Feasibility Services
The state of Illinois has a mandate to acquire 25% of its energy from renewable sources by 2025, and there is growing interest in solar development across Illinois. One challenge is that solar requires much more space to produce energy, compared to other energy sources. Where should solar be developed? Farmland? Facilities? Parking lots? Brownfields? 

SEDAC is addressing this challenge by assessing lands and facilities for solar development. 

SEDAC recently won a research funding award from the Illinois Center for Transportation to complete a feasibility study for solar development on Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) facilities and lands, and SEDAC has been conducting similar work for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). SEDAC will assess the administrative, technical, and economic aspects of installing and procuring photovoltaic solar systems on IDOT-owned buildings and right of ways. 

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Attend SEDAC's webinar, "Top 10 Requirements You Should Know: 2018 IECC Residential Provisions." Does energy code compliance sometimes feel overwhelming? Attend our webinar for a focused discussion of the residential requirements you need to know--and how to achieve compliance for these requirements. 

When: September 11, 2019 at 12 pm. Register here.  

National Energy Codes Conference
SEDAC recently had the opportunity to share the success of our Energy Code Training and Support Program at the 2019 National Energy Codes Conference in May. View a pdf of our conference poster: "Building a Successful Energy Code Training & Support Program: Lessons Learned." 

A big thank you to the hundreds of code officials and building professionals who have participated in our training program and been part of our success! We look forward to continuing to serve you this program year. 
Top 10 Energy Savings Tips

Check out SEDAC's top 10 recommendations to find out how your facility can save energy and money. These recommendations have been developed based on energy assessments provided to over 2,700 facilities in Illinois. 

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Notes from the Field 

Locating heat rejection equipment

What happens when you place three air conditioning condensing units next to each other? 

Simple answer: you get to spend more money because the efficiency of each unit has been compromised. 

During operation, each one of these units is trying to reject heat to the environment. This task becomes much more difficult if another compressor that is trying to do the exact same thing is sitting directly next to it. The consequence is that each compressor now has to work harder to accomplish its task and equipment life is shortened. 

SEDAC Smart Tip: Provide proper clearances around heat rejection equipment to help it function efficiently. / 800.214.7954 /
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