SEDAC is Back
SEDAC is back in business
After being on hold for just over a year, 
SEDAC services  are once  again available to public sector facilities.  Since SEDAC started in 2005, over 1,650 full projects were completed; $19 million annual energy  cost savings were achieved; potential annual savings of more than $60 million were identified.  SEDAC is offered through the Illinois Energy Now program run by the Office of Energy & Recycling.  Contact us at 800.214.7954

The Illinois Energy Now Program is back. Be among the first to find out the 
most accurate information about the energy efficiency incentives  available 
to  the  public sector and affordable, low income housing markets. Funding is
available  for energy efficiency projects to save natural gas  and electricity! Don't miss this window of opportunity.

Meet the energy efficiency professionals who can help you plan and execute your project  from start to finish and even help you fill out incentive applications.  Register and more information

If you want more information on how SEDAC can help you save energy, take a look at some of our case studies in our Spotlight on Savings series.  Read more...