All public school children must have equal access to a high quality education regardless of where they live in Minnesota.

Legislative Update  
A c ommunication for education advocates in SEE districts.
April 19, 2019  
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What is happening at the Capitol
Not much is happening at the Capitol as the legislators are on spring break so this will be a short update.  

I've updated the  SEE side-by-side comparison summary to include policy as well as the budget items in the education omnibus bills.  It contains 191 lines of different provisions proposed by the Governor, House or Senate.  If all three players or the House and Senate have the exact same provision, it will end up in the final bill.  If the Senate and the House have the same provision, it is most likely to end up in the final bill.  If these shared provisions are not exactly the same, the exact dollar amount or bill language will have to be worked out during the conference committee meetings and in the final negotiations between the Governor, Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker, but will likely be in the final bill.  All the rest where the GOP Senate differs from the DFL House and Governor, have less of a chance of making it into law.   
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Deb Griffiths
Schools for Equity in Education
Director of Communications and Community Outreach