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Legislative Update  
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April 20, 2018  
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What is happening at the Capitol
The House and Senate  released their E-12 education finance bills.  The House combined their finance and policy previsions in one bill - HF4328 (Loon - Eden Prairie).  The Senate is keeping the finance bill - SF3928 (Nelson - Rochester) and policy bill - SF3086 (Pratt - Prior Lake) separate.  Her
Below is a quick look at selected new provisions in the education finance bills.

House Education Finance Bill
increase of $18/PU in Safe School Revenue - State Aid - Permanent
$16.6 million
Safe Schools Revenue Intermediates - One-time
$1.9 million
Permanent Safe Schools Revenue Co-ops - Permanent
$1.8 million
Safe Schools Equalization, Beginning in FY20
Permanent School-Linked Mental Health Grants - Permanent
5.0 million 
Physical Security Audit Grants
$2.0 million
One-time Special Ed: Monticello Fix
$1.6 million
St. Cloud ELL Summer Grant $420,000
School Resource Officer Training Grants $400,000
Jake's Law - Substance Misuse Prevention Grants $350,000
Student Threat Assessment Grants $300,000
Suicide Prevention Teacher Training Grants $273,000
Mounds View Early College Grant $250,000
Vocational Enrichment Grant $250,000
Mind Foundry Learning Foundation Grant $200,000
One-time OLA Report on School District Funding $200,000
Vocational PSEO Grant $150,000
Promise Neighborhood Central MN Grant $80,000
Grand Rapids Children's Museum Grant $50,000
School Bus Safety Campaign Grant $50,000
Permanent Nonpublic PSEO Option $10,000
Long-Term Facilities Maintenance Allowed for Physical School Safety Enhancements $0
Background Checks for All School Employees Every 5 Years- Employee Paid $0
$1 Million Annual Cut to MDE Base Funding $0

Senate Education Finance Bill
Increase of $17.25 per Pupil in Safe School Revenue - State Aid - One-time 
$19.8 million
Special Education: Monticello Fix - On-time  $800,000
Character Development Education Incentive Grants $750,000
Increase to Telecommunications Aid for Rural MN - On-going $440,000
Kognito Grant for Suicide Prevention Grants $273,000
Increase Sanneh Foundation Grant for Mentoring of At-risk Students $250,000
MacPhail Music Education Grant $125,000
Race 2 Reduce Water Conservation Grants $100,000
Grand Rapids Children's Discovery Museum Grant $47,000
Include Nonpublic 10th Grade Students in PSEO $10,000
Modifying Transportation Aid for PSEO Students $2,000
Academic Balance Policy $0
School District Bond Referendum Modifications $0
Pupil Transportation for Homeless Students $0
Grow Your Own Modifications $0
Requiring Mixed Delivery for VPK $0
Background Checks for All School Employees Every 3 Years - Employee Paid $0

As always, see  Brad's Blog  for more detailed information on what is happening at the Capitol.
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Deb Griffiths
Schools for Equity in Education
Director of Communications and Community Outreach