South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - February 2020
Building & Supporting Positive Behavior in Wahpeton

As SEEC staff visit schools over the course of the year whether it be for specific training needs, district liaison visits, ND Reading Corps Master/Internal coach meetings, Afterschool programming check-ins, etc. we see and hear from educators in different capacities. Knowing there are things worth sharing and highlighting in our schools, we want to make sure we do our part in this. Please read below and going forward we'll continue to sharing these stories of the great work you're doing.

Recently a couple SEEC staff were in Wahpeton and came back excitedly sharing the tiered approach to behaviors and flexibility based on student need that is happening at Wahpeton Elementary.

We decided to reach out and find out a bit more the specifics of how Wahpeton has built this tiered approach and the teams' process for student success in this area. We found it all stems from Janet Neumann, Wahpeton Elementary's Learning Center Teacher.

In 2008 Janet was hired as the Wahpeton Middle School Learning Center teacher. Students struggling with academics, behaviors, home, etc. found their way to the Learning Center and to Janet.

"It didn't take me long to realize that there was a need for behavior plans to help encourage some of these students to show appropriate behavior. This is where I started to create behavior plans."

In 2013 Janet accepted the position in the Learning Center in the elementary school, "same needs, same types of kiddos, just younger!" explains Janet.

Janet soon learned that when searching to find the best way to support these students in their journey to finding success it all started with trust. Unless the students felt that she was an advocate for them and had an established relationship with them nothing beyond that was possible.

"Relationships had to be established, trust had to be earned, boundaries and expectations had to be made. Consistency and follow through were a must if the behavior plans were going to work."

Read full article here.SELNetwork
In this issue:TopPage

- Behavioral Health Listening Tour

- LAST CHANCE: Student Engagement & Academic Vocabulary

- Healthy Schools Update: Summit, Culinary Skills, Family Fun Night

- English Learner Update: EL Handbook Workshop recap, ND/SD Multi-grade/Colony Conference, EL Norms

- Comprehensive Literacy Grant Writing Support

ND SEL Network launches with impact towards over 18,500 students: 
On Jan. 23, the ND Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Network officially launched with its inaugural summit at the ND Heritage Center in Bismarck. 

The purpose of the Network is to
  • Establish a community of practice for the purpose of sharing successes and perceived failures related to systemic implementation of SEL;
  • Review and Revise CASEL, ND-generated and local resources; and
  • Generate guidance and resources designed to assist ND schools with systemic implementation of SEL. 
In its first year, the Network consists of 52 educational leaders representing 8 school districts and 2 universities equaling 54 schools, 3,403 staff, 18,571 students and 589 pre-service educators!

Network members include the following school districts: Garrison, Grand Forks, New Town, Kulm, Hazen, Valley City, Minot, and Wilton, PLUS NDSU School of Education and University of Mary. A majority of the teams (7 of 10) chose level two involvement which includes the level 1 semi-annual summits and commitment to provide information for the development of an interactive map, but also provides them recommendations for NDMTSS SEL implementation, collaborative resource review, targeted technical assistance and coaching.

Next steps for the Network include reviewing CASEL and North Dakota SEL resources followed by group check-ins to discuss resources, how/if they're being used, what's working well, and provide ideas/suggestions/modifications/additions to research and/or develop. After multiple check-ins and worktime, the full group will come face-to-face again in June on the third day of NDMTSS Conference in Fargo.

Healthy Schools Update
Healthy Schools Summit - Register today!
  • Scott Meyer, Ozbun Executive Director of Entrepreneurship
    • Strategies for executing innovative solutions that address wellness issues/needs & how to grow an idea into a movement.
  • Rob Bisceglie, Action for Healthy Kids CEO
    • Ensuring all kids are supported with three foundations of lifelong health - help produce healthy, resilient children who are ready to face life's challenges within high school and beyond.
      • Ensuring kids are supported with sound/appropriate nutrition paired with physical education and activity
      • Safe and supportive environments where they can play and grow
      • Stable and nurturing relationships with adults
  • Heather Simonich, PATH ND Operations Director
    • Teacher Self-care - Join for a brave conversation about managing the emotional toll of working with students and families who experience tremendous adversity. 
Other upcoming events:
  • Culinary Skills Training: Avoiding Menu Fatigue

English Learners Update

Recommended Article by SEEC EL Specialist Kerri Whipple
  • How do you fairly assess what your English learners know?
  • How do you grade students who are not yet proficient enough in English to reach grade level expectations on all assignments?
  • Click here to read!

EL Handbook Workshop Recap
On Jan. 23, 20 educators from 11 districts (6 SEEC member districts, 5 districts from other REAs) came together to take advantage of a one day, face-to-face workshop addressing the guidelines for EL Lau Plans or EL Program Handbooks which every district serving EL students is required to have. Educators (administrators, teachers and EL coordinators) made good use of their time asking questions, reviewing sample document, and developing or updating their local EL programs handbook, documents and paperwork.

Feedback was very positive with 95% of attendees completing the survey. 88% of respondents stating the workshop provided them with a strong understanding regarding each of the elements within an EL Handbook and 94% said it provided them with a clear understanding of the specific things needed to change to be compliant. Overwhelming, 100% recommended this workshop to other educators in their position/role.

"It's always nice to get together with other EL teachers in the state and discuss the new things happening in our field."

"This was a very helpful day with a good balance of helpful information and time to work."

EL Norms Webinar Series
Assess your school practices against the 7 factors for d eveloping a culturally and linguistically responsive approach to serving English Learners (ELs) in a Multi- Tier System of Supports (MTSS). 
Participants will:
  • Be able to find the appropriate quintile range for their EL student based on the ACCESS level and a MAP or STAR national percentile rank.
  • Be able to draw conclusions about the academic performance of their student based on the EL Norms.
  • Chart ACCESS growth over time to determine if their EL student is on track to exit the program "on time" based on the ND ESSA Accountability requirements.
ND/SD Multi-Grade & Colony Conference
Quick updates:

Behavioral Health
Listening Tour
ND Comprehensive Literacy Grant Support
ND Dept. of Public Instruction Supt. Kirsten Baesler and Dept. of Human Services' Behavioral Health Executive Policy Director Pamela Sagness are working with REAs to coordinate a conversation with local school leaders regarding education and behavioral health in the state.  

There has been an increasing need for behavioral health services and supports in North Dakota.  The impact on students, families, schools, and communities is significant and deserves a significant and sustainable solution.  

During the 2019 legislative session all branches of government worked together to support a comprehensive behavioral health strategy.  Many of the policy or program changes will have direct impact on schools.  These meetings provide an opportunity to learn more about the efforts underway in the state and also provide feedback or ask questions so these strategies can be implemented collaboratively to best serve students and families.

SEEC will be hosting a Listening Tour Stop on March 17th in coordination with our Principal's meeting. We have invited all SEEC principals and superintendents with the offer to extend it to anyone else in their schools who believe it would be a good fit to attend.

SEEC staff coordinated and facilitated grant writing work tie for a handful of its member schools who reached out asking for support in writing for the ND Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant (CLSD).

During this work time SEEC Staff is helping districts self-assess their current state of implementation of literacy initiatives in six essential elements (leadership, instruction and intervention, standards, assessment and evaluation, professional development, and family and community engagement).

ND Dept. of Public Instruction believes the work through this grant can lead to measurable literacy improvements for ND's learners of all ages through a greater coordination and collaboration between early childhood programs and public school districts.

Grant applications are due March 1, 2020 followed by the approval and notice of selection on April 1, 2020.

If you have questions or would like any assistance, please feel free to reach out to Kerri Whipple at

Family Fun Night:
Get up, Get Out & Move!
April 16 | 4:30 - 7:30 pm
NDSU Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse
ND Out-of-School-Time 
Quality & Coaching
Does your family have SPRING FEVER?
Get up, Get out & MOVE with us!
Join this fun and FREE event - No Registration Required.

Get out of the house and enjoy healthy, active family fun. Learn about healthy community partners, enjoy games, activities, prizes, and more!

Plus Great door prizes and tons of activities!

Learn more via our Facebook Event "Schoolsalive! Family Fun Night" 

Created for afterschool professionals throughout North Dakota: teachers, program directors/coordinators, leaders and staff working in out-of-school time settings.  Sessions will focus on coaching, quality, student engagement, program & staff management, STEAM, social emotional learning, 21CCLC, and more.

More info here!


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NEW Student Engagement & Academic Vocabulary Cohorts begin soon!

If you have ANY interest in this at all, please reach out to Kerri Whipple at We want to make it work for you - please share any obstacles/barriers preventing you from getting this top-notch learning in your school/district. We are flexible and want to make it work for you!

"The changes I made to my instruction are quite significant and have
benefited my students and I think they've increased students' math vocabulary knowledge which in turn increases their understanding of the concepts and lessons. Thank you so much for the phenomenal instruction in vocabulary instruction."

""Thank you so much for such an amazing PD opportunity! We have done two of our own school-wide Learning Walks and are planning a third. Next year, our principal plans to have another group participate in the project. 
The Academic Literacy Project has been a career changing opportunity."

"To be a part of the this project has been a privilege and I am extremely thankful that my principal realized the impact this project will have on our school. I foresee some wonderful changes in our school--full of collaboration, engagement and student growth. Thank you to SEEC and Dr. Feldman for this wonderful opportunity!"

Current Participant List
  • Carrington Elementary
  • Carrington High School
  • Ellendale Elementary
  • Jamestown Lincoln Elementary 
  • Jamestown Roosevelt Elementary 
  • Jamestown High School
  • Sargent Central Elementary
  • Sargent Central High School
  • Sheyenne High School (West Fargo)
  • West Fargo High School
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SEEC Upcoming Events
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Event Title, Location
Feb. 18

March 17
NDMTSS: Developing Pathways for Academics - Fargo, Bismarck
Feb. 19

Feb. 21
NDMTSS: Evaluating Your System - Fargo, Bismarck
Feb. 20
NDMTSS Data Review - Jamestown
Feb. 24 / 25 - online
March 11 Final session
Instructional Leadership Community of Practice: TEACHER EVALUATION
Part 1:
Feb. 24 - Jamestown (elem.)
Feb. 25 - Fargo (sec.)

Part 2:
March 16 - Jamestown (sec.)
March 26 - West Fargo (sec.)
March 31 - Ellendale (elem.)

Part 3: 
TBD (April 20-23) - Online
NEW COHORT - Engaging Students in Academic Vocabulary
Part 1:
Feb. 25 -  Fargo

Part 2:
April 7 - West Fargo (sec.)
April 15 - Richland (elem.)
April 21 - Jamestown (elem.)

Part 3: 
TBD (May 11-14) - Online
NEW COHORT - Engaging Students for High-Quality Learning
Cohort 1 (Year 3): 
March 4, April 22

Cohort 2 (Year 2):
March 3, April 23

Cohort 3 (Year 1):
March 5, April 21
Building Compassionate Schools - Fargo
March 9
NDMTSS: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations - Fargo
March 10
NDMTSS: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations - Devils Lake
Part 3: 
March 31 - Fargo (elem.)
April 1 - Jamestown
April 2 - Fargo (sec.)
Beginning Teacher Network
Can attend any session - No pre-requisite needed!
April 2-3 Prevent Teach Reinforce (PTR) Advanced Training - Minot
April 8
Healthy Schools Summit - Fargo 
June 3-4 ND/SD Colony & Multi-Grade Conference - Watertown, SD

Outside Opportunities

Dakota Strike Careers Expo 2020April 8, Fargodome
  • High School Students 9-12
  • Agriculture to energy, unmanned aerial systems, and more
  • Vocational/technical; computer science/cyber security; military
  • High School Scholarships / Internships
Regional Education Association Offerings
    • Currently scheduling installations & teacher training for summer 2020.
ND United 
ND Council on the Arts - Arts in Education Newsletter
  • Grant Opportunities for FY21
  • Beating the Odds
  • Future You
  • Celebrate the West!
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SEEC's Kerri Whipple (EL Specialist) facilitates today's English Learner Handbook Workshop with 20 educators investing time to address the guidelines for EL Lau Plans (EL Program Handbooks) and reviewing/updating/writing their district handbook. These plans are required for every district serving EL students.
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