South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - January 2020
Educator Mental Health

The winter months are here and while we have our everyday stressors of home and work life this time of year seems to zap us of any remaining amount of energy we have. We have heard through internal SEEC member leadership meetings that not only do we need to be aware of and tend to student well being and mental health, but also that of our educators to make sure they are able to feel successful and empowering in the work they do each and every day for our students.

This article from Usable Knowledge (and reposted through MindShift) dives into the silence around teaching mental health noting "Teachers tell their students that mindset matters. Yet teachers do not always allow themselves space to receive those same messages of reflection and self-care."

---Teachers are attuned to the social-emotional wellbeing of our students and trained to monitor for signs such as trauma, anxiety, bullying, or microaggressions yet we are still just learning how to discuss a huge, lurking threat to our work: our own mental health.---

---Instead of the neighbor's grass being greener, it's the classroom next door that's always operating at a higher level than yours. We all loved each other and worked hard to support each other but intimidated each other to death. It drove us to wonderful growth and phenomenal outcomes for students. Also, at times, it burnt through our emotional resilience and destabilized our emotional constancy with one another and with students. It affected our mental health. ---

Let us all try to use this time of year to focus on our mental strength and take a moment or two to listen to and be able to lean on one another because we aren't alone and we're better together.

References from the article:
- Harvard EdCast - how leaders can better provide support
- Elena Aguilar - cultivating resilience in educators
- Eva Moskowitz - importance of therapists for teachers
- Brene Brown - walk through vulnerability to get to courage

Resource Considerations:
- Bounce Back Project (Buffalo, MN)
- Dr. Jennifer Clifden (past NDMTSS Conference speaker)  

Read full article here.
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- Engaging Students in High-Quality Learning

- Engaging Students in Academic Vocabulary

- Intro to ND State Content Standards Online Course

Quick updates:

NDMTSS Updates

Healthy Schools Summit

Save the Date!
Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) Boosters
MProviding ongoing Tier 3 support to increase knowledge and skills to implement the PTR process.

Data Review Day | Feb. 20, Jamestown
MTSS teams who attended the Oct. 24 Data day will build upon previous work with their reading and/or math academic pathways. Wayne Callendar will work with teams digging into benchmark data to determine overall effectiveness of their MTSS process.

Building Your System - Spring date
Looking to hold in April, but date and location will be determined by those interested. We want to come to where the need is. Reach out to if interested! 

10th Annual NDMTSS Conference 
Save the dates - June 8, 9, 10, 2020 - for the 10th annual NDMTSS Conference coming to the Fargo Holiday Inn. If you have suggestions on presenters and/or session topics, please let us know hereOddsStandards

Stay tuned for more information. If you want to receive direct Healthy Schools updates, please subscribe here!

Q uestions? Please reach out to Keely Ihry at or 701-446-3168.
Beat the Odds Training

Feb. 18 or 19 | West Fargo
Intro to ND 
State Content Standards
West Fargo is bringing in the Beat the Odds training focused on using rhythm and drumming to teach social emotinoal learning to elementary students.

They have offered to open it up to all school districts to attend!

Teachers completing this one-day training will be able to immediately implement in their school.
  • Great for classroom teachers, specialists, couselors
  • No music education is required 
  • Cost to attend is $30 and includes program manual (invoice will come from West Fargo Public Schools)
  • Lunch on your own
This course is intended for those who are ready to begin intensifying their work with the North Dakota State Standards but are either new to those standards or need deeper understanding of their usage. Participants will gain the background knowledge necessary to understand North Dakota standards and how they drive classroom instruction.


  • Understand the inception of the standards movement in ND
  • Understand the scope of the ND state standards in your content area (This course is designed to meet the needs of all content area teachers.)
  • Locate and navigate ND standards documents

Two Course Options

Student Engagement & Academic Vocabulary
New cohort kick offs in February 2020!

"The changes I made to my instruction are quite significant and have benefited my students and I think they've increased students' math vocabulary knowledge which in turn increases their understanding of the concepts and lessons. Thank you so much for the phenomenal instruction in vocabulary instruction."

""Thank you so much for such an amazing PD opportunity! We have done two of our own school-wide Learning Walks and are planning a third. Next year, our principal plans to have another group participate in the project. The Academic Literacy Project has been a career changing opportunity."

"To be a part of the this project has been a privilege and I am extremely thankful that my principal realized the impact this project will have on our school. I foresee some wonderful changes in our school--full of collaboration, engagement and student growth. Thank you to SEEC and Dr. Feldman for this wonderful opportunity!"

Participants this year included teachers from 
  • Carrington Elementary
  • Carrington High School
  • Ellendale Elementary
  • Jamestown Lincoln Elementary 
  • Jamestown Roosevelt Elementary 
  • Jamestown High School
  • Sargent Central Elementary
  • Sargent Central High School
  • Sheyenne High School (West Fargo)
  • West Fargo High School

Teachers must start with Engagement and can then move on to Vocabulary.

Afterschool Network Updates
ND Afterschool Map

ND Afterschool & Summer Learning Program Map
Newly revealed ND Database of Afterschool & Learning Programs is ready for your viewing. The database has a lot of growth ahead, but that is where you can come into play! Have your programs visit and submit their program information request and get them on the map!

Out of School Time Conference Save the Date
2020 ND Out-of-School-Time Conference
Save the date for July 28-29 at the Fargo Holiday Inn as the ND Afterschool Network hosts high-quality professional development days for afterschool professionals. Open to any teacher, program director/coordinator, leaders, and staff working in an our-of-school-time setting. 

SEEC Staff Reads to Inspire You!

Measuring Social and Emotional Learning - Center on Standards & Assessment Implementation

Hear for the Kids - Fargo Public Schools
  • Hear For The Kids is a podcast run by FPS Counselor Cassie Larson & Social Worker Carly Gaddie. It discusses and shares information and ideas about school, mental health, home life, and building relationships. Podcasts are done every two weeks and you can submit your questions or topics here!
SEEC Upcoming Events
Click an event title below to view more information and/or register.

Event Title, Location
Feb. 3, March 2 Foundations of Reading Instruction & Intervention - Minot
Feb. 18

Feb. 13, March 17
NDMTSS: Developing Pathways for Academics - Fargo, Bismarck
Feb. 19

Feb. 21
NDMTSS: Evaluating Your System - Fargo, Bismarck
Feb. 20
NDMTSS Data Review - Jamestown
Feb. 24 / 25 - online
March 11 Final session
Instructional Leadership Community of Practice: TEACHER EVALUATION
Part 1:
Feb. 24 - Jamestown (elem.)
Feb. 25 - Fargo (sec.)

Part 2:
March 16 - Jamestown (sec.)
March 26 - West Fargo (sec.)
March 31 - Ellendale (elem.)

Part 3: 
TBD (April 20-23) - Online
NEW COHORT - Engaging Students in Academic Vocabulary
Part 1:
Feb. 25 -  Fargo

Part 2:
April 7 - West Fargo (sec.)
April 15 - Richland (elem.)
April 21 - Jamestown (elem.)

Part 3: 
TBD (May 11-14) - Online
NEW COHORT - Engaging Students for High-Quality Learning
Cohort 1 (Year 3): 
March 4, April 22

Cohort 2 (Year 2):
March 3, April 23

Cohort 3 (Year 1):
March 5, April 21
Building Compassionate Schools - Fargo
March 9
NDMTSS: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations - Fargo
March 10
NDMTSS: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations - Devils Lake
Part 3: 
March 31 - Fargo (elem.)
April 1 - Jamestown
April 2 - Fargo (sec.)
Beginning Teacher Network
Can attend any session - No pre-requisite needed!
April 2-3 Prevent Teach Reinforce (PTR) Advanced Training - Minot
April 8
Healthy Schools Summit - Fargo 
June 3-4 ND/SD Colony & Multi-Grade Conference - Watertown, SD

Outside Opportunities

Dakota Strike Careers Expo 2020April 8, Fargodome
  • High School Students 9-12
  • Agriculture to energy, unmanned aerial systems, and more
  • Vocational/technical; computer science/cyber security; military
  • High School Scholarships / Internships
Regional Education Association Offerings
  • North Dakota 1st Annual Educator Super Conference
    • All ND School leaders, teachers, instructional staff
    • Oct. 22-23, 2020 (no school days)
ND United 
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Interested in using rhythm and drumming to teach social-emotional learning to elementary students? West Fargo is holding a one-day Beat the Odds Training (Feb. 18 or 19) to provide teachers with the training needed to implement this program in their school or after school program!
 Scholarship Basics and Tips
Hear for the Kids - State of the Schools: Fargo Public Schools Multi Tiered System of Support for Behavior 5 year plan. Hear an overview of compassionate schools, restorative practices, and social emotional learning!
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