South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - November 2019
Student Engagement & Academic Literacy
One of our most important roles as educators is to create an environment where ALL students can learn and be successful. Implementing strategies to engage students for high-quality learning can be difficult and it can be hard to visualize how this might look in your classroom with your students. 

We also know the importance of increasing student use of academic vocabulary, but we don't always have a clear picture of how to exactly assist students with connecting and using prioritized academic vocabulary.

Knowing this, we worked alongside Dr. Kevin Feldman to create two AMAZING learning series to help you:
  1. Understand the rationale for and research behind student engagement
  2. Evaluate practical, reasonable, and doable strategies for student engagement AND explicit instruction of academic vocabulary
  3. Create and evaluate a plan for implementing strategies for student engagement AND explicit instruction of academic vocabulary
  4. Analyze implementation of various strategies observed (learning walks in public practitioners' classrooms)
  5. Apply strategies for providing meaningful feedback in writing and in speech to improve teaching & learning (virtual learning walks held in 2 hour sessions online)
If you have interest in increasing the level of student engagement and the use of academic vocabulary in your classroom, school, and/or district, then PLEASE take moment to consider joining us in these learning series starting in early January.
Engaging Students for High-Quality Learning is a prerequisite to Engaging Students in Academic Vocabulary. Any educator who has taken the Engagement course during the Spring of 2019 or Fall of 2019 is eligible to start the Vocabulary course. The third strand in the series titled "Engaging Students in Critical Thinking and Comprehension Skills will be available in the Fall of 2020 (Engagement and Vocabulary are prerequisites for the final course)

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 - SEEDS of Early Literacy

STEM2D Kits & Funding available for your classroom! 
Grant runs through December 2019 - Act Now!

FIVE kits still available ( Click here to see activities included):
FUNDING also available
Receive $2,400 in funding that can cover the cost of materials, staffing, transportation, snacks, etc. Any activities need to be carried out & data reported by Dec. 10, 2019. Funding is on a first come, first served basis & sent upon completion of activities, data collection, and invoice.

Contact Kristin Knorr,, with questions or to reserve your kit/funding!

Engaging Students in High-Quality Learning & Academic Vocabulary
Cohorts kick off January 2020

Each 3-part learning series takes you through 
  1. Learning strategies for the connect topic area (student engagement or academic vocabulary)
  2. Evaluating practical, reasonable, and doable strategies
  3. Creating a plan for implementation
  4. Analyze implementation of various strategies via Learning Walks in Public Practitioners' classrooms
  5. Apply strategies for providing meaningful feedback in writing and speech to improve teaching and learning
  6. Create a plan for improving personal practice.

SEEDS of Early Literacy Train the Trainer 
Trainer Certification for educators of 3-5 year olds

This educational framework that focuses on quality interactions between children and adults. When children engage in SEEDS quality interactions, they are more likely to enjoy learning and continue on the road toward language and literacy.

Completing this certification would allow you to deliver each of the 8, two-hour modules in ND:
  1. SEEDS of Learning
  2. SEEDS Quality Interactions
  3. Social-Emotional Learning
  4. Vocabulary & Oral Language
  5. Book & Print Concepts
  6. Phonological Awareness
  7. Visual Discrimination
  8. Written Expression
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Beginning Teacher Network 
Open to ALL 1st year teachers at NO COST!

Grab onto this opportunity for support and collaboration to enhance classroom practices as a beginning teacher in your first year. We know it's a lot to take in, so we've broken down the year and developed sessions that get to you JUST IN TIME! Take what you learn, collaborate with others in the same boat as you, and implement in your classroom.

Session 2 will cover:
  1. Using Clear learning targets to focus instruction & assessment
  2. Designing formative assessments to match the intended learning
  3. Using formative assessments to engage students in their own learning
  4. Giving feedback that moves students forward in their learning

Dec. 10 - Fargo elementary focus

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Quick updates:

Community of Practice: Teacher Evaluation
Math Corps 
Planning Grant
SEEC volunteers for United Way Day of Caring
Open to ALL Principals & Superintendents.

Workshop series is a focused study and deliberate practice of high-quality teacher evaluation components. Focuses on implementation of strategies & outcomes in relation to best practices surrounding teacher evaluation.

2 credits available!


Informational meetings set for

Join us if you're interested in the possibility of offering Math Corps in ND to provide 90 minutes of weekly tutoring with interventions geared to grades 4-8.



On Oct. 10, SEEC staff took time to volunteer in the community for United Way's Annual Day of Caring. Always a great time with staff helping others in need.

Stay up to date with SEEC whereabouts on Facebook!

NDMTSS: What's coming up next?
Big numbers + more to come!

Just this week NDMTSS trainings will reach nearly 250 educators in the state!  It is amazing to watch the NDMTSS work continue to touch more and more schools and districts. We love meeting the teams and working with them to create a system that fits their school.
  • Building Your System (Nov. 18-19, Jamestown)
    • 13 teams from across the state with approximately 100 individuals!
  • Barrier Busting - Implementation Structured Support Day (Nov. 20, Jamestown)
    • 7 districts, 16 schools and 70 individuals
  • Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations (Nov. 22 kick off, Devils Lake)
    • 84 registered to attend from 10 districts and 20 buildings
But wait, there's more! Yes, we still have trainings coming up later this month through February. There is still time to get registered to attend.

3-part Train the Trainer
  • Nov. 25 Virtual Preview Webinar (1.5hrs)
  • Dec. 2 Modeling Session (Minot all day)
  • Dec. 10 Virtual Debrief Webinar (1.5hrs)
For classroom teachers & instructional coaches who understand the need to match instruction to student need and are willing to review their instructional approach to ensure it happens.

3-part Learning Series in BISMARCK
  • Jan. 9 - Reading Foundations
  • Feb. 3 - Assessment
  • March 2 - Intervention
Designed to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to address a variety of students' needs in reading. 

Audience: classroom teachers, Title teachers, special education teachers, interventionists, coaches, and administrators


  • Minot - Jan. 13
  • Bismarck - Jan. 15
    • 8:30 - 11:30am TATE/FBA
    • 1-4pm BIP

Technical Adequacy Tool for Evaluation (TATE) Developed to measure the technical adequacy (quality) of completed FBA/BIP and can provide scores and patterns that help identify specific areas needing improvement. 

-- educators who are responsible for implementing FBA/BIP or who are supervising educators who implement them.


Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Behavior Intervention Planning Processes (BIP)

-- educators who are responsible for implementing FBA/BIPS, lead teachers, special educators, and educators who provide behavioral consultation to teachers.



  • Jamestown - Feb. 20

Intended for MTSS teams who've established their reading and/or math academic pathways, and are implementing the MTSS processes at the district/school level.


Wayne Callender assists teams as they look closely at their most current benchmark data to determine the overall effectiveness of their MTSS process. Teams come away with an enhanced understanding of how to use their data to guide and strengthen their MTSS process to ensure all students succeed.



Register here.

SEEC Staff Reads to Share
Good reads to inspire you!

  1. How NOT to get Overwhelmed by Data: Teacher Reports to use Throughout the Year - NWEA
  2. Common Sticking Points for New Teachers (and How to Get Past Them) - ASCD
  3. Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. - James Clear excerpt from Atomic Habits, his New York Times bestselling book
  4. Short Films About Chemistry - Big Picture Education Consulting (FREE series of short films that explores the many and sometimes surprising ways that chemistry is transforming our understanding of what is possible.)
  5. Does It Make a Difference? Evaluating Professional Development - Granite School District
SEEC Upcoming Events
Click an event title below to view more information and/or register.

Event Title, Location
Nov. 22 - Fargo
Nov. 25 - Online
Math Corps Overview & Informational Meeting
Nov. 22, Jan. 17, March 10 NDMTSS: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations - Devils Lake
Nov. 25 - Virtual Preview
Dec. 2 - Minot
Dec. 10 - Virtual Debrief
Intensifying Instruction Train the Trainer
Nov. 25 Kick-off session
Dec. 10 / 11 - online
Jan. 10 / 14 - online
Feb. 24 / 25 - online
March 11 Final session
Instructional Leadership Community of Practice: TEACHER EVALUATION
Part 2:
Nov. 25 - Jamestown 
Nov. 26 - West Fargo

Part 3:
TBD - Online
Engaging Students for High-Quality Learning 
(cohort that began in September) 
Part 3:
Dec. 2 - Online
Engaging Students in Academic Vocabulary
(cohort that began in September)
Dec. 9-11 SEEDS of Relationship-Based Infant-Toddler Caregiving - Fargo
Part 2: 
Dec. 10 - Fargo (elem.)
Dec. 11 - Fargo (sec.)

Part 3: 
March 31 - Fargo (elem.)
April 1 - Jamestown
April 2 - Fargo (sec.)
Beginning Teacher Network
Can attend any session - No pre-requisite needed!
Dec. 16, March 9
NDMTSS: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations - Fargo
Dec. 12, Feb. 18

Dec. 13, Feb. 13, March 17
NDMTSS: Developing Pathways for Academics - Fargo, Bismarck
Part 1:
Jan. 7 - Jamestown (elem.)
Jan. 8 - Fargo (sec.)

Part 2:
Feb. 24 - Jamestown (sec.)
Feb. 25 - Fargo (sec.)
Feb. 27 - Ellendale (elem.)

Part 3: 
TBD - Online
NEW COHORT - Engaging Students in Academic Vocabulary
Part 1:
Jan. 8 - Fargo

Part 2:
Feb. 13 - Jamestown (elem.)
Feb. 18 - Richland (elem.)

Part 3: 
TBD - Online
NEW COHORT - Engaging Students for High-Quality Learning
Jan. 1, Feb. 3, March 2 Foundations of Reading Instruction & Intervention - Bismarck
Cohort 1 (Year 3): 
Jan. 9, March 4, April 22

Cohort 2 (Year 2):
Jan. 8, March 3, April 23

Cohort 3 (Year 1):
Jan. 7, March 5, April 21
Jan. 13 - Minot
Jan. 15 - Bismarck
Technical Adequacy Tool for Evaluation
Functional Behavior Assessment
Behavior Intervention Planning Processes
Jan. 14 Prevent Teach Reinforce (PTR) Master Coach Orientation - Minot
Jan. 14, Feb. 19

Jan. 16, Feb. 21
NDMTSS: Evaluating Your System - Fargo, Bismarck
Feb. 20
NDMTSS Data Review - Jamestown
April 2-3 Prevent Teach Reinforce (PTR) Advanced Training - Minot

Outside Opportunities
Conferences, REA statewide opportunities, and more

2019 BioTechnology / AP Prep - Workshop 1 - Dec. 7 (9am-5pm), Bismarck via UND

EduTech - 
ND United 
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They're finally here! We know you've been waiting & we are so excited to share a BUNCH of new resources with you... completed assessments, Teacher Scales, Student-Friendly Scales, Sample units of Instruction, Sample annual plans, AND video testimonials!
 ND SEL Network is still accepting applications through Nov. 13! This network provides an opportunity for collaboration and information sharing between ND School Districts. 3 levels of involvement: summits, SEL recommendations, targeted assistance and MORE!
Today teams gathered in Jamestown to work through the #NDMTSS Trauma-Informed Practices for Schools (TIPS) Needs Assessment. The TIPS Needs Assessment serves as a framework to conduct a system-wide gap analysis between a school's current state and the desired state of a trauma-informed school. The 5 identified Trauma-Informed Practices for Schools include: - Enhancing Psychological Safety - Promoting Social-Emotional Learning - Implementing and Maintaining Restorative Discipline Practices - Engaging Families - Collaborating with Community Partners
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NDMTSS: Building Your Systems (Nov. 18-19) Empower your school/district team to determine desired state of providing high-quality instruction/interventions matched to student need while monitoring progress... action plans, resources, supports to SUCCEED!
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