South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - December 2019
Teen Stress... are you seeing increases?

This article from edutopia shares data from a recent PEW Research Poll stating that 70% of teens say anxiety and depression is a major problem. It continues on to ask, "What's to blame?" It takes into account rising pressures along with unique cultural and social dynamics. Below are a few excerpts, but pause for five minutes, read and ask yourself the question at the bottom of the page, "What's more important - for a child to understand an obscure concept in macroeconomics, or be gentle and kind with themselves when they fail so that they can recover and try again and persevere?"

---The academic pressures and stress faced by teens today start long before high school and seem to escalate every year. The pressure comes from parents and educators who worry-and make teenagers worry-that they won't get accepted into highly ranked universities with increasingly prohibitive tuition or be prepared for a competitive job market once they graduate.

Even with these overloaded schedules, students have no guarantee of getting into colleges-even state institutions-where admission rates keep dropping.---

---The stressors feel even worse [for teens], which leads to behavioral issues, hair-trigger responses, acting out, and an inability to keep things in perspective-or, alternatively, becoming more isolated.

Students react more intensely when their world feels less stable than they expect-and less likely to reward their efforts and hopes with desired outcomes. For teens in particular, these pressures can be especially challenging to navigate, given their stage of brain development: They simply can't manage the stress like adults.

American Psychological Association's 2018 Stress in America survey, which found that 75 percent of participants between the ages of 15 and 21 reported worrying about mass shootings, compared with 62 percent of adults overall. With every issue-whether immigration policy, sexual harassment, climate change, or suicide itself-Generation Z members reported experiencing the most stress of any age group.---

Read full article here.
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- Newly Released - ND State Content Standards & Standards-Based Instruction Online Independent Courses

- English Learner PD: Handbook Workshop, Colony/Multi-Grade Conference & Book Study

Student Engagement & Academic Vocabulary
New cohort kick offs moved to February 2020

Due to weather-related scheduling issues, we are now preparing to start the new cohorts of Engagement and Vocabulary at the end of February (NOT in January as previously advertised). 

This Engagement and Vocabulary project with Dr. Feldman has been a highly sought after learning series that we've been offering, modifying, and improving upon since 2014! 

The learning series we offer today continues to work with Dr. Feldman as he leads Day 1 for each topic (Engagement or Vocabulary) but, with built capacity within SEEC staff, we now are able to facilitate the learning walk experiences for Day 2 on our own. Part 3 of each topic provides a virtual learning walk experience - we use Swivl technology (which has been great!) allowing teachers to give us specific time stamps that they want feedback about -  we really pack a huge amount of teaching and feedback into a 6-7 minute video observation! 

Participants this year included teachers from 
  • Carrington Elementary
  • Carrington High School
  • Ellendale Elementary
  • Jamestown Lincoln Elementary 
  • Jamestown Roosevelt Elementary 
  • Jamestown High School
  • Sargent Central Elementary
  • Sargent Central High School
  • Sheyenne High School (West Fargo)
  • West Fargo High School

All teachers start with the Engagement topic and once completed, can register for the Vocabulary topic. Look for the third topic in this series (Critical Thinking & Comprehension) next fall!

Intro to ND State Content Standards & Standards-Based Instruction ONLINE courses
Professional Learning through online, independent study

Newly released are TWO fantastic online courses around the ND State Content Standards whether you are new to them, need better understanding of their usage, looking at prioritizing standards, using proficiency scales, or developing and using classroom goals and assessment items. These all have an intended purpose to improve instruction and assessment.

ONLINE Standards-Based Teaching & Learning Series
ONLINE Standards-Based Teaching & Learning Series


This course is intended for those who are ready to begin intensifying their work with the North Dakota State Standards but are either new to those standards or need deeper understanding of their usage. Participants will gain the background knowledge necessary to understand North Dakota standards and how they drive classroom instruction.
  • This course is a primer for the Standards Based Instruction course BUT NOT a Pre-Requisite! 
  • Course Objectives:
    • Understand the inception of the standards movement in ND
    • Understand the scope of the ND state standards in your content area (This course is designed to meet the needs of all content area teachers.)
    • Locate and navigate ND standards documents
  • Two Course Options


This course engages educators in the study of North Dakota standards through: prioritization and use of standards, development and use of proficiency scales, development and use of classroom goals, and development and use of assessment items for the purpose of improving instruction and assessment. Educators can expect in-depth practice and are encouraged to have a partner or PLC in mind in order to complete many of the course tasks.
  • Course Objectives:
    • Understand the how, what, and why of a guaranteed and viable curriculum 
    • Utilize the standard-prioritization process
    • Deconstruct standards into individual skills and learning targets
    • Create learning progressions from content standards by identifying proficiency, prerequisite knowledge, and enrichment
    • Understand and utilize the components of quality classroom assessment
  • Course Dates:
Development of these courses was made possible through a collaborative Standards Professional Learning Grant from the ND Department of Public Instruction, including the South East Education Cooperative, the Northeast Education Services Cooperative, and the Central Regional Education Association.
Quick updates:

SEEC Course for Credit
Cafeteria Credit 
ND Reading Corps & 
Match Corps Host Site 
Applications OPEN!
SEEC Course for Credit
For SEEC Professional Learning that is 15 hours+ (2 days or more) SEEC staff write a syllabus and offer an optional credit through VCSU with SEEC Staff as Instructor of Record.

Cafeteria Credit
SEEC offers the Cafeteria Plan Credit for district-approved professional development.

Process & info on the SEEC Website including:
  • registration and recording deadlines for fall, winter and spring semesters
  • Step-by-step directions for the teachers to follow
  • Links to the registration and workshop verification forms
In 2018-19, the SEEC had 671 total
enrollments which resulted in 978 total credits awarded to SEEC teachers and administrators through VCSU (this includes both courses we offer and cafeteria credit)!

Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program but provides us insight on the needs around the state. We can only grant the programs that we know will have resources and supports available to make the program succeed - this includes helping find tutors to serve the children!
Reading Corps Guide
Math Corps Guide

Within these guides you'll find:
  1. Fact Sheet
  2. "Is Reading Corps/Math Corps a Good Fit for Your Site?"
  3. Supporting Roles
  4. Tutor and Internal Coach descriptions
  5. Site Expectations
  6. Costs
  7. Program Timeline
  8. **Math Corps only - "Evidence-Based Math Program" & "Math Corps and Instruction in the General Ed Classroom"**
All training for tutors and
coaches is provided!
Q uestions? Please reach out to Jolene Garty at 701-446-3173 or .
ND SEL Network
Launches Jan. 23
Happy Holidays from
SEEC Staff to You!

NDMTSS has partnered with CASEL and the Bush Foundation to launch North Dakota's Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Network that will:  
  • provide an opportunity for collaboration, information sharing, and resource generation; 
  • serve as a sandbox for schools to develop or enhance strategic, thoughtful, SEL implementation and innovation plans customized to each school's unique context and aligned with best practices; and
  • use school needs to drive the ongoing design of the sandbox.
Participants will:
  • research an evidence-based SEL framework and approaches;
  • apply the NDMTSS SEL recommendations;
  • create a SEL implementation or innovation plan; and
  • develop resources and tools for ND school.
SEEC staff work in many different ways for our schools and students keeping us busy and crossing paths more frequently than all being in one place at one time. 

Staff meetings are a time for us to come together and share accomplishments, revisit goals and values, and see what's on the horizon - plus we enjoy showing our holiday spirit - Happy Holidays everyone!

Back (l-r): Heather Eken, Taryn Nims, Brooke Tayer, Brittney Waloch, Kristin Krile, Melissa Heley, Hunter Diegel, Kelly Laux, Kerri Whipple, Sheila Kriewald, Cheryl Hoggarth, Keely Ihry, and Briana Miller

Front (l-r): Brenna Janke, Jennifer Glasheen, Kyle Davison, Jolene Garty, Alison Zima ... and Chris Thompson

Not pictured: Erica Kindem , Courtney Seiler, Lori Vesel
English Learner Opportunities 
Handbook Workshop | Conference | Book Study

EL Handbook Workshop
Jan. 23 - Fargo
EVERY district serving EL students is required to have a Lau Plan 
(aka EL Program Handbook)

ND/SD Colony & Multi-Grade Conference & Book Study
Book Study begins Feb. 10 (Registration closes Jan. 23)
Conference - June 3-4 | Watertown, SD

NDMTSS in the New Year
Register NOW to get your spot!

We have a few opportunities beginning in January that are still open for registration, but don't wait! We need to make some decisions based on registration numbers, so please get signed up today or reach out to us with any questions/concerns you have about committing.

Reading Instruction & Intervention Series 
Jan. 9, Feb. 3, March 2 - Minot
  • Three part learning series designed to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to address a variety of students' needs in reading. When reading instruction is delivered by teachers with extensive knowledge and skills, more students are successful!
  • WHO: classroom teachers, Title teacher, special education teachers, interventionists, coaches, and administrators that wish to improve outcomes for all students in the area of reading
  • Grab a flyer here.
  • Click here to get registered today!
Tier 3 Support -  TATE/FBA & BIP 
Jan. 13 - Minot | Jan. 15 - Bismarck
  • TATE: Technical Adequacy Tool for EvaluationMeasure the technical adequacy (quality) of completed FBA/BIPs. TATE provides scores and patterns that help identify specific FBA/BIP areas needing improvement. Essential components of adequate FBA/BIPs are presented along with the rationale for including each.
  • FBA: Functional Behavior Assessment & BIPs: Behavior Intervention Planning Processes
    Improving FBA/BIP practice in districts requires systems level thinking and supports. This includes learning about other areas of need that enhance success of individualized supports such as the Good Behavior Game and increasing opportunities to respond.
  • Grab a flyer here.
  • Click here to get registered today!
Tier 3 Support - PTR Boosters 
(PTR Foundations is a pre-requisite)
Jan. 8, Jan. 29, Feb. 11 - Virtual
Pre-requisite: Completion of PTR Foundations
Data Review Day
Feb. 20 - Jamestown
Pre-requisite: Completion of Developing Pathways for Academics & Evaluating Your Systems

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SEEC Staff Reads to Share
Good reads to inspire you!

  • Tell the Truth
  • Know Your Audience
  • Speak to Your Audience
  • Understand the Power of Emotion
  • .... read to find out the remaining 6! 
Hear for the Kids - Fargo Public Schools
  • Hear For The Kids is a podcast run by FPS Counselor Cassie Larson & Social Worker Carly Gaddie. It discusses and shares information and ideas about school, mental health, home life, and building relationships. Podcasts are done every two weeks and you can submit your questions or topics here!
SEEC Upcoming Events
Click an event title below to view more information and/or register.

Event Title, Location
Jan. 1, Feb. 3, March 2 Foundations of Reading Instruction & Intervention - Minot
Cohort 1 (Year 3): 
Jan. 9, March 4, April 22

Cohort 2 (Year 2):
Jan. 8, March 3, April 23

Cohort 3 (Year 1):
Jan. 7, March 5, April 21
Jan. 10 / 14 - online
Feb. 24 / 25 - online
March 11 Final session
Instructional Leadership Community of Practice: TEACHER EVALUATION
Jan. 13 - Minot
Jan. 15 - Bismarck
Technical Adequacy Tool for Evaluation
Functional Behavior Assessment
Behavior Intervention Planning Processes
Jan. 14 Prevent Teach Reinforce (PTR) Master Coach Orientation - Minot
Jan. 23 English Learner Handbook Workshop - Fargo
Jan. 14, Feb. 19

Jan. 16, Feb. 21
NDMTSS: Evaluating Your System - Fargo, Bismarck
Jan. 17, March 10
NDMTSS: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations - Devils Lake
Part 1:
Jan. 25 - Fargo

Part 2:
April 7 - West Fargo (sec.)
April 15 - Richland (elem.)
April 21 - Jamestown (elem.)

Part 3: 
TBD (May 11-14) - Online
NEW COHORT - Engaging Students for High-Quality Learning
Feb. 10 EL Book Study Begins
Feb. 18

Feb. 13, March 17
NDMTSS: Developing Pathways for Academics - Fargo, Bismarck
Feb. 20
NDMTSS Data Review - Jamestown
Part 1:
Feb. 24 - Jamestown (elem.)
Feb. 25 - Fargo (sec.)

Part 2:
March 16 - Jamestown (sec.)
March 26 - West Fargo (sec.)
March 31 - Ellendale (elem.)

Part 3: 
TBD (April 20-23) - Online
NEW COHORT - Engaging Students in Academic Vocabulary
March 9
NDMTSS: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations - Fargo
Part 3: 
March 31 - Fargo (elem.)
April 1 - Jamestown
April 2 - Fargo (sec.)
Beginning Teacher Network
Can attend any session - No pre-requisite needed!
April 2-3 Prevent Teach Reinforce (PTR) Advanced Training - Minot
June 3-4 ND/SD Colony & Multi-Grade Conference - Watertown, SD

Outside Opportunities

Central Regional Education Association (CREA)
  • Online Courses
    • Fostering Resilient Learners
    • Relationships, Responsibility and Regulation
ND United 
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 Do you have an out-of-school-time program? Have you registered it with the newly launched ND Afterschool Database!? Its goal is to help families, school, communities, and elected officials locate & identify assets and gaps throughout North Dakota.
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