South East Education Cooperative Newsletter - October 2019
Tis the season...
for conferences that is! Fall is always packed full of any type of conference you could be searching for! 

SEEC staff have been out and about as well both attending and presenting at multiple conferences and events in and out of state. We make sure to hear and connect with those who know more than we do so we can learn, research and collaborate together to find and/or develop solutions that meet the needs of our schools, educators, and students.

Below is a list of where our staff has either attended or presented so far this fall:
  • WhyTry and Resilience for Youth Training (8/5-7)
  • ND Governors Summit on Innovative Education (8/14-15)
  • Eggs & Issues: K12 Education Update (9/10) 
  • SWIS Facilitator Training (9/10-12)
  • Afterschool Network Leads Meeting (9/22-26)
  • NDDPI & ND Small Organized Schools Rural School Summit (9/26)
  • Guidelines for Occupational and Physical Therapy in Educational Settings (9/26)
  • Area Preschool Advocates Early Childhood Conference (9/28)
  • Central Regional Education Association Fall Conference (9/30)
  • CASEL SEL Exchange Conference (10/2-4)
  • 4th Annual Minnesota School-Based OT/PT Institute (10/7-8)
  • ND DPI Fall Educators Conference (10/10-12)
  • AESA Regional Symposium (10/14-16)
  • ND Council of Educational Leaders Conference (10/16-18)
  • ND EdCamp (10/17)
  • COMING UP: ND School Board Association Conference (10/24-25)
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 -  NDMTSS open registrations: Tier 3 support, Trauma-Informed Practices, Building Your System

NEW Standards-Based Learning Resources! 
Get them FREE now at

Over the summer, a state workgroup came together to finish the incomplete assessments tied to the ELA & Math proficiency scales and they are now ready for you to use! They also went even further to develop teacher scales for all sections along with some student-friendly scales, units of instruction and sample annual plans! 

Hear how educators are using scales in the classroom
A big THANK YOU to those that offered to share, on camera, how they are using the prioritized standards and proficiency scales in their classrooms! If anyone else would like to contribute, we'd love to hear more stories from the field -  just contact!

ONLINE Standards-Based Teaching & Learning Series coming!
A continuum of courses from introducing standards, identifying priority standards, creating proficiency scales, and implementing in your classroom through the lens of assessment, feedback, instruction and planning! Learn more here.
Math Corps Research in ND! 
AmeriCorps planning grant provides opportunity to  investigate bringing MathCorps to ND

SEEC received an AmeriCorps planning grant this year to investigate the possibility of offering Math Corps in North Dakota. 

Math Corps is an evidence-based math tutoring program delivered by AmeriCorps Members that provides 90 minutes of weekly tutoring with interventions geared to 4th-8th grade students in pairs to improve foundational math skills required for algebra readiness.
Informational Meeting tentative for Nov. 19
ND SEL Network still open for applications! 
Submission deadline is Nov. 13

The North Dakota Social Emotional Learning Network is intended to provide an   opportunity for  collaboration and information sharing between ND School Districts!

With three levels of involvement to choose from you can find the support you need ranging from Summits, SEL recommendations, Targeted assistance, Workgroups, Resource creation, access to external experts and more!

Click here for a more in-depth flyer!
NDMTSS: Get registered today!
Building Your System
Trauma Informed Practices in Schools (TIPS)
Tier 3 Support (PTR - Prevent Teach Reinforce)

We've kicked off a handful of our multi-session NDMTSS cohorts for Tier 1 Schoolwide Behavior Expectations - Secondary Focus (73 registered); Academic Pathways (56 registered), and Evaluating Your System (23 registered).

We have more upcoming events that are still OPEN for registration!
  • PTR Foundations Learning Series (Series kicks off Nov. 5-6 in Fargo)
    • Developed as a standardized process for implementing functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention planning processes. This innovative model gives school-based teams a collaborative multi-step process to reduce serious challenging behaviors and increase desired behaviors of students needing individualized behavioral supports. This course is ideal for lead teachers, special education staff and also may serve as a reinforcement learning opportunity for educators who have previously been introduced to PTR. 
    • Register here!
  • PTR Master Coaching Series (Orientation Jan. 14 in Minot)
    • Developed to assist coaches mentoring peers to implement the PTR process. The orientation will provide scripts and manualized process necessary to implement high-quality coaching. Practice-based coaching including behavioral skills training will be used to enhance coaching skills. This course is ideal for educators who will serve as master coaches for the PTR processes within their systems.
    • Contact Lyndsi Engstrom at
  • TATE / FBA & BIP (Fargo - Nov. 4, Minot Jan. 13, Bismarck - Jan. 15)
    • Developed to measure the technical adequacy (quality) of completed FBA/BIPS. The TATE can provide scores and patterns that help identify specific FBA/BIP areas needing improvement. Essential components of adequate FBA/BIPs are presented along with the rationale for including each. This session is intended for educators who are responsible for implementing FBA/BIPs or who are supervising educators who implement FBA/BIPs.
    • Register here! 
  • Building Your System (Nov. 18-19 - Jamestown)
    • School or district lead teams work to determine their desired state of providing high-quality instruction and interventions matched to student need while monitoring progress frequently to make decisions about changes in instruction and/or goals. The training will empower teams to build an action plan to determine the resources and supports necessary to ensure every student is provided the opportunity to succeed.
    • Register here!
  • Trauma Informed Practices in Schools (TIPS) Needs Assessment (Nov. 12 - Jamestown)
    • Assists educators in completing the TIPS Needs Assessment which aids in the assessment of progress toward creating and maintaining trauma-informed learning environments. The TIPS Needs Assessment serves as a framework to enhance a school system's trauma-informed practices by, 1) Providing a course of action upon completion of the professional development curriculum Trauma Sensitive Schools: A new Perspective on Student Behavior and Learning; 2) Conducting a gap analysis between current state and the desired state of a trauma-informed school; 3) Supporting the guidance, planning and preparation for professional development in relation to implementation and maintenance of trauma-informed practices in schools.
    • Register here! 
ND Afterschool Network
Lights on Afterschool - TODAY Oct. 24

  • 19,865 North Dakota students are enrolled in an afterschool program. North Dakota parents strongly support afterschool programs with 86% supporting public funding for afterschool and 77% say that afterschool programs help them keep their jobs.
  •  The N.D. Afterschool Network promotes access to high-quality, safe, and affordable out-of-school time programming that supports positive academic and social outcomes for youth preK-12 across North Dakota.
  • By working in partnership with out-of-school time programs, schools, state and community based organizations, the N.D. Afterschool Network works to connect, support, and advocate at the local, state and national level to support funding afterschool programs and raise awareness of the benefits of afterschool for children, families and communities- N.D.'s current and future workforce.

    Lights on Afterschool (LOA) is the only nationwide celebration of everything afterschool programs can do for students, families, and communities across our state and nation.

ND Afterschool Database will help families, schools, communities and elected officials locate afterschool and summer learning programs and identify assets and gaps in out-of-school time in ND. REGISTER YOUR PROGRAM NOW.


English Learners 

National Geographic ELD Resource Training ONLINE
A trainer from National Geographic will offer a session to familiarize English Language (EL) teachers with the ELD curriculum resources Reach, Inside and Edge.
EL Bootcamp Recap
EL Bootcamp was held Oct. 3-4 and worked with a small group of educators! 
Overall, in regard to the specific content provided, 100%of participants indicated that each of the 16 topics highlighted over the 2 days were "very helpful".  

Additionally, 100%of participants indicated that what they learned:
  • would help them improve in the way they identify and screen potential EL students
  • increased their understanding regarding the civil rights of EL students
  • Increased their understanding of how the statewide EL program functions
  • Increased their understanding of Title III grants
  • Increased their understanding of EL program models
  • Would help them improve the way they monitor students who have exited the EL program
  • Increased their understanding regarding procedures for using various assessment tools with EL students
  • Increased their understanding regarding Lau Plans and EL Handbooks
  • Accessing the WIDA tools website increased their knowledge of EL standards and assessments
Hear from the participants themselves:

"Kerri is so knowledgeable and has a lot of great information.  She kept me engaged for two days!!  I enjoyed the training sessions very much!"  (Nicole Weiss - Fargo K-12 EL Program)

"This training was excellent! It was just in time for me in my new role...early enough that I can apply it right away while also not too soon for it to feel overwhelming.  I enjoyed the small group setting with the time to devote to conversation and questions about each topic.  Kerri is fantastic! :)"  (Casey Collins - West Fargo Public Schools EL Coordinator)

"Thank you so much for presenting this important information in such an organized fashion. Because it was well laid out, I will be able to process and digest the information over time much more efficiently."

"Glad I took the time to dedicate to our program - learned a ton!"

"It was very helpful and eye opening!!"

Health & Wellness 

Culinary Skills Recap
CUlinary Skills - Back to Basics was held in Fargo on Sept. 24 and received great feedback!  

They're great to use with your kiddos at home, too!

Overall, 100% of respondents felt the content presented was "valuable" or "very valuable" to their position/role - with 55.6% indicating it was "very valuable."   

Additional feedback is below:
  • 85.7% indicated at least a "moderate" increase in their knowledge
  • 100% reported at least a "moderate" increase in their skills
  • 100% indicated that they would be able to apply what they learned into their practice to at least "a small extent", with 87.5% indicating to at least "a moderate extent."  
  • 88.9% of respondents stated that what they learned would have at least a "moderate" impact on those they serve
Hear from the participants themselves:

"Loved the recipes and informal approach.  Very doable recipes to try with students and family!" (FACS Teacher - Fargo - Carl Ben Eielson Middle School)

"Thanks for adding on recipes and showing how to access!  Always fun to try new recipes and will use in FCCLA and class"  (FACS Teacher - West Fargo - Liberty Middle School)

"They'll never know when I put pumpkin in spaghetti sauce.  Thanks for printed recipes."

SEEC Staff Reads to Share
SEEC staff sharing good reads to inspire you!

  1. School Engagement is More Than Just Talk - Gallup
  2. Strategies for Classroom Physical Activity in Schools - Springboard to Active Schools (Shameless plug as SEEC contributed to Strategies 1, 3, and 8!)
  3. To Boost Learning Just Add Movement - Cult of Pedagogy (Shared with us by Dr. Kevin Feldman who leads our student engagement and academic vocabulary learning series)
  4. Virtual field trips bring students face-to-face with fragile ecosystems - The Hechinger Report
  5. Video series by teachers taking the listener from standard prioritization process to classroom implementation - Granite School District
  6. As Good as Gold? Why We Focus on the Wrong Drivers in Education - Corwin
SEEC Upcoming Events
Click an event title below to view more information and/or register.

Event Title, Location
Oct. 24
Oct. 24 or Feb. 20
Nov. 4
  TATE / FBA & BIP - Fargo (registration opening soon)
Nov. 5-6 Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) Foundations - Fargo (registration opening soon)
Nov. 7 SEEC Principals Meeting - Valley City
Nov. 7 or 8 National Geographic ELD Resource Training ONLINE
- Nov. 7: Elementary Training
- Nov. 8: Secondary Training
Nov. 12
Trauma Informed Practices in Schools (TIPS) Needs Assessment - Jamestown (registration opening soon)
Nov. 13 SEEC Regional Administrators Meetings - Kindred & Jamestown
Nov. 18-19 NDMTSS: Building Your System - Jamestown
Nov. 20
Nov. 22, Jan. 17, March 10 NDMTSS: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations - Devils Lake
Dec. 9-11 SEEDS of Relationship-Based Infant-Toddler Caregiving - Fargo
Dec. 16, March 9
NDMTSS: Developing School-wide Behavior Expectations - Fargo
Oct. 30 | Nov. 6, 13, 20
Afterschool Coaching Book Study - ONLINE
Dec. 12, Feb. 18

Dec. 13, Feb. 13, March 17
NDMTSS: Developing Pathways for Academics - Fargo, Bismarck
Cohort 1 (Year 3): 
Jan. 9, March 4, April 22

Cohort 2 (Year 2):
Jan. 8, March 3, April 23

Cohort 3 (Year 1):
Jan. 7, March 5, April 21
Jan. 14, Feb. 19

Jan. 16, Feb. 21
NDMTSS: Evaluating Your System - Fargo, Bismarck

Outside Opportunities
Conferences, REA statewide opportunities, and more

Assessment Essential Webinar Series - illuminate education
  • Oct. 30 - Part 1: Comprehensive Assessment Systems 101
  • Nov. 7 - Part 2: Formative Assessment Essentials
  • Nov. 14 - Part 3: Progress Monitoring Essentials
CREA (Central Regional Education Association)
  • Sources of Strength Peer Leader Networking Event Save the Date - Nov. 25th

EduTech - 
ND United 
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Dr. Kevin Feldman and SEEC Professional Learning Coordinator Kerri Whipple kick off this fall's student engagement and academic vocabulary series in Fargo!
 Thank you to the Jamestown Kiwanis Club for their donations to the afterschool programs at Lincoln, Washington and Roosevelt! Your support is so appreciated!
NEW North Dakota SEL Network! Apply today! SEL Network is intended to provide an opportunity for collaboration and information sharing between ND School Districts. With three levels of involvement you can find the support you need!
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