SEEDS March 8, 2023

If you look very carefully, you will find Erik and Kelly deep in the middle of this New Zealand jungle. From all reports, this portion of the sabbatical is going extremely well. We are grateful that they have this time of rejuvenation and renewal.

Meanwhile, back in Sheffield, our stalwart members came out after a blustery snowstorm on Saturday to celebrate The Road Behind and explore The Road Ahead in A Sabbath Gratitude immersion. This extraordinary experience was made possible through a Lilly Endowment and was beautifully and capably led by Rev. Canon Michael Ambler of Maine. Although the snowstorm prevented a few of us from attending, it was such a powerful gathering, that this kind of event may well happen again.

A Sabbath Gratitude, March 4, 2023


Appalachian Trail ministry

our invitation to all

Cycling Hospitality Station

Berkstock – response by larger community

Ellen Elizabeth’s funeral

curiosity and mischievousness behavior

Broadway Cabaret

former Good Friday Stations of the Cross in Sheffield

Lutheran Episcopal conjoining

Spirit of this church

support for harebrained schemes

Vestry Council, love, gratitude, honesty, silent engine of the church: all meetings end with prayers of gratitude

quiet help to neighbors

Rainbow Adirondack Chairs

Erik and Kelly: we grateful to both and proud of how happy they are

Feeding Friends - pointing out there was hunger; inviting others to participate as cooks or delivering meals to homes; helping local restaurants survive the pandemic

Hot Dog Church

Beer & Hymns

soft boundaries; fluid space

If you think about it, this list tells so much about who we are.

Christ Trinity Church Retreat:

A Sabbath Gratitude,

March 4, 2023

facilitated by Rev. Canon Michael Ambler


The prayer Karen helped us compose after a day of listening to stories of our experiences at Christ Trinity Church follows. The prayer will be read aloud again at this Sunday's service, and there will be an insert in the bulletin for you to take home:



Loving and gracious God, whose glory resonates in our barrel-vaulted nave, we are grateful your Spirit has brought us together.


We confess that we can’t do our work in the community without you,

And sometimes we worry it is not sustainable.


Help us to trust in your faithfulness.


We thank you for the diverse talents and leadership in this congregation, which you lift into completion and wholeness.


Help us to be patient as we reach out to the rest of

Your world, so that your grace infuses our community.


In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


On Sunday morning after the retreat, the clergy and choirmaster gathered in front of the choir. From the left, The Rev. Peter Feltman-Mahan, The Rev. Canon Rich Simpson, The Rev. Canon Michael Ambler, and our choirmaster, John-Arthur Miller. This was a reunion of sorts between the two canons, who have been dear friends for many years. Click on the link to the live-streamed worship service below to see and hear the rest of the story.

March 5, 2023 worship

On March 5th we welcomed a new live-stream digital technician, Molly Welch. We are grateful to have Molly as part of our team. Read more about them below.

During the weekend retreat, we learned about our leader, Michael Ambler's important initiative in Laos. Several folks have asked how they can help this critical work in Southeast Asia. Here is a link with more about Restoration Laos

Restoration Laos was started in 2022 by Michael and Darreby Ambler. The Amblers first visited Laos as tourists a dozen years ago. Since then, they have deepened their understanding and appreciation for the country, and learned of the daily danger posed by U.S. weapons still contaminating the land 50 years after the Vietnam War. Michael is a Canon to the Ordinary in the Episcopal Church and a beginning Lao language student. Darreby runs a discernment program called Wayfinders.

Save the date: BERKSTOCK 2023 JULY 15

Please put this important date on your calendar: July 15, 2023

BERKSTOCK, which premiered in 2022, is one of those churchwide outreaches that we are extremely grateful for.

Appalachian Trail Magic 2023

Every summer for eight weeks, our Appalachian Trail Magic tent is open to greet and serve hikers.  The tent is staffed by area volunteers and by visiting church groups from near and far.  Many hikers begin at the beginning in late February or March, at Springer Mountain, Georgia with the ambition to hike the full 2,190 miles to Mt. Katahdin in Maine. Along the way, they will pass through 14 states and wear out 4-5 pairs of shoes. On average the trip will take 165 days, roughly 5 ½ months. 

Hikers start passing through Sheffield in June and we are ready for them! Our Appalachian Trail Magic tent serves up a warm welcome along with fresh grilled burgers, chips, cookies (often homemade), water, rides to town, phone charging services, and—a favorite of hikers—seats with a back. Last summer we greeted over 700 hikers.  

There are many opportunities to volunteer at the site, but for now, as we plan ahead for supplies and equipment, we hope you will support this ‘corner of kindness’ by making a contribution.  

Help support our Appalachian Trail Ministry

Pride Planning on Sunday

Hi, friends! Next Sheffield Pride Meeting is 

Sunday, 3/12/23, 11:30 AM 

in the Parish Hall at Christ Trinity

Also on Zoom at

The annual Pride Celebration is on June 9th.

The Prodigal Son

Women’s Bible Study will meet next on Friday March 17 at 1pm in the Parish hall. We will look at the story of The Prodigal Son, found in the Gospel of Luke 15:11-32. It is the fourth in the series of Multiple Meanings of Scripture: Learning from other interpretations by author Mark Allen Powell.

All are welcome to come, just let Imelda Muller or the church office know. 

The Clark... a hoot

The OWLES are hooting again this month!

(Older, Wiser Lutherans and Episcopalians). Because The Clark is free till the end of March, we are organizing a trip to Willliamstown on Wednesday, March 22. After touring the museum, we will choose a restaurant in the vicinity for lunch. We will meet at the Price Chopper lot north of Great Barrington at 9:30 AM and car pool from there. If you would like to join us, or you are willing to be a driver, please contact Nancy King or Liz Wells.

Giving Easter Flowers

If you would like to have a loved one remembered at our Easter service, please fill out the bright green information sheet found at church or send us an email with Easter Flowers in the subject line, then information regarding who the gift is given by and who it is in memory of.

You may write a check payable to Christ Trinity Church or pay online by clicking the button below. No gift is too small. The information sheets are due by March 29th.

Donating Easter flowers

Tree of Knowledge


The EfM reading for this week was on evil. There is a branch of theology called 'theodicy,' which seeks to respond to the challenge that if God is all good, all powerful and all-knowing then why is there evil in the world?  Our conversation led us to undertake a reflection on the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. 


Merciful and wise God 

Who gives us the freedom to choose,

equip us to discern the conflict between good and evil,

so we may uphold your Truth and work to build a healthy world for all, through the love of Jesus.


Holy Week

Holy Week

We will join with Grace Episcopal and St. Paul’s Episcopal to share this single

service celebrated over three days.


Maundy Thursday Service, April 6th 7:00pm at St. Paul’s Church in Stockbridge


Good Friday Liturgy, April 7th 7:00pm at Grace Church at 67 State Road, GB


Easter Vigil, April 8th 7:00pm at Christ Trinity Church

Easter Sunday, April 9th All three of our churches have Easter Festival Services at 10:00am with music, spring flowers & Holy Communion.

Singer, choreographer, dancer, teacher, Molly Welch

Molly Welch (They/Them) moved to the Berkshires from NYC when COVID hit and hasn’t looked back. They are originally from Dallas where they had a career in Musical Theater with many years of training in dance and theater. They also come from a long line of singers and carry that legacy on with so much pride! 

They currently work at Pulse as a teacher and front desk staff. They also just finished choreographing Chicago at Lenox Memorial High School. 

They are happy to officially join the team at Christ Trinity Church as a digital technician, after having participated in a handful of events in the recent past, including Broadway Cabaret.

Sheffield 12 & 12

Alcoholics Anonymous weekly meetings are now being held at Christ Trinity Church on Wednesday evenings.

Free In-Person Training March 14

What I Know Now

On March 18th at 6:00, The Beekeepers: “What I Know Now” a play in development, at Dewey Hall, read by the author Julia Motyka.

“What I Know Now,” is about the things we inherit from our parents, both emotional and genealogical. As she awaits an answer to one of life’s big questions a woman explores the nature of faith and her own complicated family history. How do we contain our fear of the unknown? Does the answer lie in faith and prayer; probabilities and numbers; or is it something else entirely? 

This work in development will be read by the author and will be followed by a Beekeepers social gathering with music and community. Tickets will be available at the door for $15; wine and beer (and Beekeepers merchandise) will be available for purchase. We are proud to support the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Card to Culture program offering free admission to all WIC EBT and ConnectCare cardholders. All Beekeepers presentations have captions streamed live to audience members’ personal devices courtesy of Globetitles. 


Julia Motyka (she/her)- Is thrilled to be a part of the Beekeepers inaugural season! Over her twenty year varied career Julia has become an internationally recognized writer, performer, producer, and teacher. As a writer, she has a recent piece in DPA and one forthcoming in The Manifest Station and was one of the winner's of the Fish Anthology Prize for Short Memoir 2020. As an actress, she’s performed Off-Broadway and all over the US in some of the nation’s top theatres —winning awards in Denver, San Francisco, and LA for her work — and has voiced scores of audiobooks. What I Know Now received its first workshops this winter with NCTC and will be part of Bay Street Theater's Title Wave for new works in May of 2023. When she’s not in the theatre you can find her teaching yoga around town. Whether on the page, the stage, or in the studio, she is always seeking and telling stories of transformation that guide us home to ourselves. 

Tickets for “What I Know Now”, a play in development read by the author Julia Motyka, can be booked here:

Meditation begins here March 24

Friday Meditation Group

Insight Meditation Practice & Course in Miracles Study

Will be held at Christ Trinity Church March 24-May 5.

Fridays 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Free of Charge * All Are Welcome * No Experience Needed

* Mask Optional* Fragrance-Free *

For the health and safety of facilitators and participants, it is important that everyone come fragrance-free to this workshop.

Facilitation: Margo Davis, MSW, LICSW

For more information: or PH: 413-446-1777

Both disciplines support well-being through the awareness to discern love from fear within our thoughts and beliefs.


Berkshire South's Swim-A-Thon 2023 will raise money for adaptive swim programs. Our own Eric Schumann is one of the Ambassadors. Included below is a WSBS radio interview with the 3 ambassadors and the dynamic director of Berkshire South:

Berkshire South Swim-A-Thon

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