Madison’s Story

One family’s journey adopting a child with Scoliosis

Since June is scoliosis awareness month, it seems only fitting to introduce you to Madison. Not because she has scoliosis, but because she is a person whose spirit shines despite scoliosis. Madison was adopted from China about 4 years ago. Her story is like so many others who have been fortunate enough to have Madison Adoption Associates involved in their adoption journeys.
Madison had been on the shared list as a young girl, but was taken off that list because she was seen as “unadoptable”. Not only was Madison’s scoliosis severe, but it was complicated by a muscular dystrophy that left her in a state where any mobility at all was severely limited. Fast forward many years and Madison Adoption arrives to advocate for hard-to-place children. Our Madison was not on the list of kids to be interviewed, but the team saw her in the periphery, were drawn to her smile, and inquired about her. They took a personal interest in her and convinced the staff that she was indeed adoptable and they would find her a family.
In honor of June being Scoliosis Awareness Month,  Madison Adoption Associates  is pleased to offer a $1,000 grant to any qualified family who commits to adopt a child with Scoliosis during the month of June. Please complete our  Prospective Adoptive Parent form  today to learn more about our adoption programs and the children who wait, like Quaid and Legend pictured below!
Promoting Attachment During Trying Times

The COVID 19 business has got me in a tailspin!  Between juggling my kids and working from home, my schedule is WAY off!  I didn’t brush my teeth until 2 pm yesterday… YES, 2 PM! In fact, most of the day went by before I even knew what day of the week it was. But as much as I am “off,” it is nothing compared to how my adopted kiddos have been affected. All of my stress, in addition to the irregularities, lack of consistency, predictability, and routine really take a toll on our children. 

Over the past several weeks I have counseled many adoptive families who have found themselves somewhat in crisis, many after years of doing well! The quarantine is affecting us in more ways that we can count. While difficult, it is possible to use this time as a springboard into attachment. Shower your kids with attention and time, get outside in the fresh air together, play together, cook together, eat every meal together, just simply ‘be' together. Need some ideas? These Theraplay activities promote attachment:
-       Blow bubbles to each other and pinch them with your fingers
-       Put a doll on your head, let it fall forward and have the other person catch it
-       Wrap each other in toilet paper and bust out of it! (Actually maybe this one is not the best idea right now!)

Have a teen or older child? Try these:
-       Give each other a hand massage with your favorite smelling lotion or oil
-       Have a cotton ball fight
-       Use straws and play “tennis” by blowing a feather across a surface

Remember, any fun activity where your child has your time and attention will build attachment. It’s bonus points when engaging in activities that promote laughter, making sustained eye contact, touch, and getting on a child’s level.

And remember, our current times are stressful, for us AND even more so for our kids. Make sure to give your child and yourself grace. If something doesn’t work the first time, try again later. Or try something different.  And if you feel lost, know that you are not alone. Use your time to fill your brain with new ideas! Here are some great courses through our partners at Creating a Family* that focus on building attachment.

Every day is a new day with new opportunities!

And if you find yourself struggling, reach out for support. MAA is always here. Here are some ideas as well to help you overcome adversity.

Cherish the downtime with your child while it’s here as it will be gone before we know it! Above all, stay healthy, stay safe, and HAVE FUN! 

*If you are an MAA family and not already a part of the MAA/CAF partnership and would like to sign up for unlimited access to their trainings and courses, please contact
MAA is celebrating all the graduates in our extended MAA family!
Are you a current, matched MAA family? 

Please consider applying for a Brittany’s Hope grant!! Brittany’s Hope is a phenomenal organization that we are privileged to partner with. They believe in the fundamental right of all children to have the security and love of a family. One way they achieve that goal is by providing grants to adoptive families. You can read more about the grant and the Brittany’s Hope organization on their website . And if you are interested in applying for a grant, please email Sarah Hansen .
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