Suspended Frames

When it comes to creating an environment to immerse your fans in, you’ve got floor space, wall space, but don’t forget to look up. You’ve got prime real estate hanging over your head. Take those boring ceilings and bring them to life with suspended SEG frames.

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SEG Systems is Committed to Sustainability

We're committed to consciously reducing and reusing our resources. We can all contribute to improving our planet by recycling and using responsibly! Learn more about SEG Systems' commitment to sustainable practices.

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SEG Systems was honored to create a new look for the New Orleans Saints team Pro Shop in the Caesars Superdome. The entrance was highlighted by LED towers programmed to be dimmable – depending on the mood or time of an event. From ordinary, outdated walls, SEG Systems incorporated a display wall with floating footballs, millwork letters, and printed gold ACM panels to reinvigorate the space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of an SEG frame?

The top 8 benefits of SEG frames are:

  • Seamless Art
  • Minimal Wall Prep
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost-Saving
  • Lightweight Frames
  • No Glare
  • Reusable
  • Environmentally Stable
  • Read more…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We gathered with our SEG family for a Thanksgiving luncheon to express gratitude for all that we have. Let us give thanks for the food on our tables, the people in our lives, and the many blessings we enjoy. May your holiday be filled with joy, love, and plenty of pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving from our SEG family to yours!

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Direct to Consumer Retail

Direct to consumer retail brands are leveraging pop-up shops and shop-in-shop experiences, like this Majestic Home Plate Shop, as a tool to better understand their target audience. Temporary locations allow retailers to test new markets, observe customer behavior, and develop a marketing strategy based on their findings.

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Veterans Day

To all veterans, thank you for your service and sacrifice on Veterans Day and every day. Today, we celebrate you and honor the courage and commitment it took for you to serve our nation. We thank you and wish you a safe and happy Veterans Day!

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Meet the founders of SEG Systems!

SEG Systems is an in-house manufacturer that designs, engineers, and builds integrated merchandising displays, lightboxes, frames, and graphic solutions for some of the biggest brands in retail, sports, corporations, trade show exhibitors, and events. We have built our reputation on having a solution for any scale project while committing to investing in the latest technologies, specialized equipment, and growing our capabilities and services.

The greatest asset SEG has is our people. Every employee and dog are family, and we aim for our customers to feel the same sense of inclusion. SEG Systems is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. For more information, visit or contact us directly. 

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