First Quarter, 2018
2018 Auxiliary Leadership
Gary Gaines
Judy Brown
Pam Schulte
Susan Janzow
Margaret Needels
Julie Cook
During the annual January luncheon meeting of the SoutheastHEALTH Auxiliary, new officers were installed. Assuming his duties as the Auxiliary's first male President was Gary Gaines who had been serving as Vice President the past two years. Judy Brown, a past president of our Auxiliary, is now serving as Vice President. Though unable to attend the luncheon meeting, Auxilians Pam Schulte and Susan Janzow are beginning their duties as Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary, respectively. Pam previously has been serving as Corresponding Secretary. Continuing the second year of her term as Auxiliary Treasurer is Margaret Needels. Immediate Past President is Julie Cook .
President Gaines has appointed Robert Parsons, a Gift Shop Volunteer, to a one-year term as a new At Large member of the Auxiliary Board of Directors. Also joining the Board for the first time as the new Gift Shop Committee Chair is Mary Lou Estes, a Gift Shop Volunteer. She replaces Judy Brown whose term as Chair has expired, but Judy remains as the Volunteer Gift Shop Manager. 
The President has reinstated the Membership Committee to work closely with the new Volunteer Services Manager, and Dolly Jewel has been appointed to chair it since her term as Scholarship Committee Chair has expired. Nancy Bray, Auxiliary Newsletter Editor, will begin serving as Scholarship Chair. Immediate Past Auxiliary President Julie Cook has volunteered to chair the Fundraising Committee since Pat Robert's term as Chair has expired. 
At the January Board meeting, President Gaines expressed deep gratitude to Judy Brown, Dolly Jewel and Pat Robert for their years of devoted, capable service as Committee Chairs. According to the Auxiliary Bylaws, they have served the maximum number of consecutive years in those Committee positions. 
Auxiliary Board, Committee Chairs & At Large Members
Board of Directors 
 President, Gary Gaines
Vice-President, Judy Brown 
Recording Secretary, Pam Schulte 
Treasurer, Margaret Needels 
Corresponding Secretary, Susan Janzow 
Immediate Past President, Julie Cook
Committee Chairs
Gift Shop, Mary Lou Estes 
Scholarship Selection, Nancy Bray 
Scholarship Endowment, Mel Schmidt 
Budget, Margaret Needels 
Awards, Judy Brown 
Fundraising, Julie Cook 
Building Blocks, Iffat Khan 
Membership, Dolly Jewel 
Newsletter, Nancy Bray 
Nominating, Julie Cook 
At Large Members
Helen Farrar
Michael Farrar 
Robert Parsons
Southeast's Auxiliary to Host MAHA District VI Meeting 
Mark your calendar and save the date for Tuesday, April 10, when our Auxiliary will host a meeting of the 10 Auxiliaries in District VI of the Missouri Association of Hospital Auxiliaries(MAHA). We last hosted this annual meeting in 2011. Please make plans to attend the meeting to help welcome our guests and enjoy the program sessions which will be both educational and entertaining. The program will begin mid-morning and end early in the afternoon. 
Our District meeting will be held at the Career and Technology Center which has plenty of meeting room space and parking and staff to prepare a continental breakfast and lunch. Those on the agenda that day will include our Auxiliary President Gary Gaines , the MAHA State President Paula Pierce, several from the staff of Missouri Hospital Association and guest speakers from our hospital staff and the community. 
In early March, you will receive a copy of the agenda and registration information. If you would like to help with any of the preparations, please contact Auxiliary Vice President Judy Brown in the Gift Shop because she is chairing the Planning Committee. Serving on the Committee with her are Dolly Jewel, Nancy Bray and Pat Robert. 
Our Auxiliary, in the mid-1970s, became a founding member of the Missouri Association of Hospital Auxiliaries, and three of our past Auxiliary Presidents have served as MAHA Presidents: Sue Meyer, Ilena Aslin and Dolly Jewel .
What the Prez Sez
I’m very proud to be the new Auxiliary President. I know many of you and I hope to get to know more of you during the coming months.
I’ve been volunteering at SoutheastHEALTH for about six years, so I’m a newcomer compared to many of you. I look at the hours many of you have put in and I just shake my head. I can think of no greater legacy than one of volunteering to help others. And to be associated with such a group of people makes me very proud and happy.
As President, I’m lucky to have such great members on the Auxiliary Board of Directors, too. The Board is involved with raising funds, operating the Gift Shop, making donations to worthy causes, giving scholarships to deserving health care students, providing help to new mothers, and on and on. We welcome interest in board activities and invite any of you to attend our meetings. Check with the Volunteer office for meeting times.
As you know we have a new Manager of Volunteer Services, Tatianna Parham. Tatianna is a bright, articulate, and very friendly young lady. I feel sure she will serve us well. I urge each of you to stop in and say hello to Tatianna and welcome her and support her.
Please contact me if you have questions, comments, suggestions, gripes, etc. My home phone is 573-803-1443 and my e-mail address is

Gary Gaines, Auxiliary President
Auxiliary Provides Numerous Items for Moms in Building Blocks/Nurse-Family Partnership Program
Since 1999, the SoutheastHEALTH Auxiliary has supported the Building Blocks/Nurse-Family Partnership (BB/NFP) program, offered through Southeast HomeCare, to first-time, low income mothers in this part of Missouri.

Recently the BB/NFP staff received a grant from Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) which will allow them to engage in the NFP and Prevention Research Center's Multiparous (given birth to more than one child) pilot. This pilot allows BB/NFP to enroll moms from Scott, Stoddard, New Madrid and Mississippi counties who have had other children in the program. Last week BB/NFP got their first two referrals, and in January they enrolled their first client into the multiparous pilot. MFH funding is for three years and these families will participate through December 2020. Currently there are a total of 149 first time moms and one multiparous mom. Fifty of those first-time moms are in Pemiscot and Dunklin counties. 
The Auxiliary is greatly appreciated by the Building Blocks/Nurse-Family Partnership staff and mothers for our ongoing and generous support of what they need to help raise healthy, happy and alert babies. This past Christmas, the Auxiliary provided about 300 books to help with the mental development of the babies and to serve as learning tools for the mothers. In addition, the Auxiliary provided floor mats, so the babies can play on clean surfaces, as well as the following items: high chairs, baby gates, safety equipment such as latches, blankets, large puzzles, educational toys, dolls, rattles, teething rings, bottles, sippy cups and dinner plates. In the photo, Nicki Kraust-Schmitt, Building Blocks/FNP administrative assistant, looks through some of the items donated by the Auxiliary.
Help Wanted    
Auxilian Iffat Khan serves on the Auxiliary Board of Directors as the Auxiliary's liaison with the Building Blocks staff. She would welcome the assistance of another interested Volunteer/Auxilian or two. If you are interested, please contact Iffat through the Volunteer Services office or look her up at the Lobby Desk where she volunteers midday on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:30 to 2:30.
Meet the New Volunteer Services Manager!
Talkin' with Tatianna
Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Tatianna Parham, the new Manager of Volunteer Services. It is truly a pleasure to join the Volunteer team. I consider myself very fortunate to have been given this opportunity and to further serve SoutheastHEALTH.
I am looking forward to the new and exciting challenges this position will bring. Coming from Human Resources at SoutheastHEALTH, I previously worked as the Recruitment and Retention Specialist. I am confident that my experience in recruiting strategies, engagement initiatives and patient experience will benefit me in this new role.
To tell you a little about myself, my husband, Josh, and I, live in Cape Girardeau and have two rescue dogs: Grits Lewis Reginald and Nilla. We are both graduates of Southeast Missouri State University and very active with Redhawk Athletics. In addition, I have had the privilege of coaching the Southeast Sundancers for the past eight years.
I can see already that this is a fine group of people I will be working with and I look forward to meeting each of you.
Please don’t hesitate to stop in and say hi. My door is always open!
Tatianna Parham
Manager of Volunteer Services
Gift Shop Gab from Manager Judy Brown
Auxilian Edna Ruth Fischer, who for years has faithfully volunteered to arrange flowers for the Gift Shop, is busy preparing for the sale of roses on Valentine's Day.

We have welcomed Mary Jo Diamond and Linda Rodriguez to the Volunteer team in the Gift Shop and are very grateful for their assistance since some of our regular Volunteers are on vacation or under the weather. We're also pleased that Julie Cook has returned from her Florida getaway. Renee Breland continues to help with the morning audit relieving me of coming in at 7 a.m. every day. I am grateful for all of the Gift Shop Volunteers and sincerely appreciate the special contributions of each one. They are seldom absent and take their work in the Gift Shop seriously. 
We had a profitable Christmas season and have very few Christmas items left to put on sale. Spring items are arriving now, and we are unpacking and displaying them every day. Be sure to visit our Auxiliary Gift Shop to keep up with our ever-changing merchandise and to shop in support of the Auxiliary and the Hospital. Remember, our profits become part of the Auxiliary's donations to the programs and services of SoutheastHEALTH, to patient care improvements and to scholarships for Southeast employees and others pursuing health care careers.
Auxiliary Supports Cancer Center Patient Care
At the end of last year the Auxiliary was approached about assisting the Cancer Center in reupholstering chairs in which patients sit and recline sometimes for hours while receiving their Infusion treatments. The chairs were beginning to show wear and tear that was not in keeping with the Cancer Center's otherwise attractive appearance.
The new fabric is a high-grade vinyl that is cleanable (very important for chemo patients) which should last for many years. There is also a removable flap on the head rest that can be changed as needed.
At the request of the Foundation's Executive Director Patti Ranzini, the Auxiliary pledged around $4,500 toward the reupholstering project for six Infusion chairs. Such a gift from the Auxiliary is in keeping with our purpose which is to support the services of SoutheastHEALTH and help fulfill its commitment to quality patient care. 

Ranzini said, "We can always count on the Auxiliary when special patient needs come up and we are so very grateful for your continuing support."

9 Kathy Criddle
11      Linda Seabaugh
11      Deanna Easley
27      Janet Robert
27      Larry Easley
29      Julie Parsons

2        Kerrye Foley
3        Jane Grimm
4        Judy Bangert
6        Joyce Miller
8        Sue Ross
8        Linda Wadlington
9        Helen Farrar
11      Judy Brown
11      Carolyn Brant
14      Briana Fields
23      Jane Harte
24      Mackenzie Roe
24      Jerre Crites
25      Rene Breland
30      Odis Rubel
30      Gaye Blank

4        Melvin Schmidt
5        Earlene Sokolowski
10      Pamela Job
14      Melba Derrington
14      Marcia Wagner
17      Myra Sanders
18      Barbara Campbell
New Volunteers

Kay Kimmick-Choate
Shelly McCoy
Sue Ross
Donald Swanner


It's Heart Month – Be Heart Smart!
Take this to heart. In Missouri last year, 15,000 people died of heart disease, making it the leading cause of death in the state. You can take a proactive role in helping prevent heart disease from affecting you or those you love. By taking just a few simple steps you can significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease. They include: avoid tobacco, or, if you use tobacco, quit; be active; eat a heart-healthy diet; maintain a healthy weight; keep your blood pressure, total cholesterol and blood sugar at healthy levels; and manage stress.

SoutheastHEALTH has several events and screenings planned for the month of February. Learn more at

upcoming events
February 14, Wednesday Valentine Cookie Cart 8a-10a Room 107
February 17, Saturday Scrapbook for a Cause 8a-5p Harrison Room
February 22, Thursday Blood Drive 7a-4p Harrison Room
March 12-13, Mon, Tues Collective Goods 9a-5p, 7a-3p Harrison Room
March 27, Tuesday Board of Directors Meeting 9a Room 106
April 6, Friday Shoe Road Productions 7a-5p Room 106
March 29, Thursday Easter Cookie Cart 8a-10p Room 107
April 10, Tuesday MAHA District Meeting Career & Technology Center
April 18, Tuesday Education/Appreciation Day 9:30a Harrison Room
April 19, Wednesday Education/Appreciation Day 12:30p Harrison Room
April 26, Thursday Blood Drive 7a-4p Harrison Room

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