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Fun & exciting telekinetic pet earthquake detectors!

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These fascinating and whimsical "Seismic Critters" are born in Mexican villages of the North American Native Nahua. As a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, these little creatures began their lives as gourds, grown to become motion-filled mascots, pets, and pals. The artisan's who make them speak Nahuatl. These creatures are "tlalolini", which in Nahuatl means "earthquake". In the Nahua villages, these delicately balanced zoomorphics are kept under glass and used to detect temblors and seismic activities. Popular with children, they were soon taken to the town and city markets, where Spanish is spoken, and where they were renamed "Sismicas". Now, their journey has taken these lovable"Seismic Critters" from the land of the Nahua, to you.

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"Seismic critters are a great item to fill the void for an affordable, educational and fun toy for kids. Parents are delighted to see their kids engaged with these whimsical creatures with a great story associated with them. Costello makes them so easy to buy! Everyone should try them with the low minimums offered. Put them in a kids area and also at the register for a wonderful pickup item. Kids can collect different animals as many are offered."
Mary Eaton
Fair trade marketplace
Coral Gables Florid a

"Seismic Critters have been an outstanding seller for us for more than four years.  We have tripled our display space since we first introduced them.
We had a tendency to accumulate an excess for certain critters and colors. We therefore created the "Critter Mystery Box" a 4 X4 X2 inch tape sealed box containing six different critters priced at $10 each. This allows us to move duplicate inventory quickly and easily. We can then buy new batches of critters more frequently, allowing a more diverse selection for our customers."
V.  Phillips, Owner of Dragonfly Gifts, Salida, CO  



The Peace & Justice Center (founded in 1979) has three current programs: Peacework, Racial Justice, and Fair Trade Education. Our Peace & Justice Store (founded 1983) carries Fair Trade, locally sourced, and educational products. With the store's main focus on Fair Trade, we train our volunteers to talk with customers about consumer power and the impact they have on people in developing countries-- good and bad.
We carry Costello Internationals Seismic Critters and we order them by the hundreds! I love them because they're fun, cute, and educational! So many people derive joy from seeing their bobbing little heads, but nothing beats the wide eyed exclamation of "You mean they can save people's lives?!" when customers find out what these critters are really for. Not only do they detect earthquakes and volcanoes, but they also provide proper pay and working conditions for artisans in Southern Mexico! This gives our store volunteers and staff the opportunity to delve deeper into the principles of Fair Trade and the movement as a whole.
When buying these critters, I always expect there to be a few for casualties in the box on the way over. I've called customer service a few times and they were happy to send replacement critters. Soon, I realized that I could put the broken critters on the sale table for $1.00 with a sign that says "Injured Critters! Adopt a pal in need!" This covers my cost, and ensures that the poor pals get loving homes.
Amy Crosswhite
Fair Trade Store Manage

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