Volume 3 | July/August 2019
SELF Participants Receive New and Gently Used Sneakers
Thanks to It's From the Sole , nearly 100 participants have new or gently used sneakers.

On Saturday, June 29, 2019, at Outley House, Andre McDonnell and his team from It's From the Sole came down from New York with over 100 pairs of new and gently-used sneakers and 100 pairs of new socks for SELF participants. Andre says that distributing the sneakers to individuals experiencing homelessness is his way of giving back. Just a few weeks prior, It's From Your Sole gave out 5000 pairs of sneakers in Chicago.

"Our participants chose a pair of sneakers and tried them on to make sure they fit," said SELF President and COO Mike Hinson. "When people like Andre offer gestures of kindness and caring for our participants, it goes a long way. It's important for them and all of us to know that people care."

Thank you to Tumar Alexander, First Deputy Managing Director, City of Philadelphia and David Holloman, Chief of Staff, Office of Homeless Services, City of Philadelphia for making this awesome connection between SELF and It's From the Sole!

We look forward to future collaboration with Andre' and It's From The Sole!
To learn more about this wonderful program, It's From the Sole click here.
City Councilmember Derek Green visited participants and team members at Ife Wellness Center on July 24.

We thank Councilmember Green for listening to our participants and for his sincere interest in helping Philadelphians facing challenges in our City.

And a special thank you to Nephatali for sharing his moving and inspirational story.
Pictured l to r: President and COO Mike Hinson, Director of Program Quibila Divine, City Councilmember Derek Green and Director of Policy and Programs Rhashidah Perry-Jones.
SELF Welcomes Raeann Billey, SELF/UAC HR Business Partner

Most of our team members have already spoken or met with Raeann Billey during the Open Enrollment period. She worked feverishly to get everyone signed up. With the help of administration, Raeann will roll out our new Dress Code (scroll down to new dress codes article for more information), Foot Wear, Attendance, Progressive Discipline and other policies in the coming months and will work with communications to develop a SELF Team Member Handbook.

Raeann has worked in the Human Resources field for over 15 years. Mostly recently, she worked as a Human Resources Business Partner for The Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) and was a direct report to the Chief Officer of Human Resources and Inclusion.

Raeann has a MBA in Human Resources Management and Marketing from Colorado Technical University.

Click here or the photo below to see the segment!

Station House participants weren't the only ones to give back. Susquehanna House participants have also joined City Bright to clean our neighborhoods and give back. They've moved more than 300 pounds of trash since they've started.

Thank you to both Station House and Susquehanna House for keeping our communities clean and showing that individuals experiencing homelessness care about their communities.
Former SELF Participant and Artist Cola Dockery II Adorns the Walls of IFE with
Powerful Recovery Art
Cola Dockery II is the artist responsible for the amazing artwork that tells the story of recovery and much more. Cola calls his work "recovery art." We call it powerful.
This compelling image with words breaking through a brick wall is among the first things individuals see upon arriving at Ife Wellness Center. Here, program directors Kenya Edwards and Fredina Scott greet visitors during our recent resource fair.
Ife Wellness Center participant Nephatali Andujar helps Cola with this mural. Nephratali has credited Ife team members for his sobriety and transformation. We all know that Nephratali's work is the real work!
Intentionally Theatrical Conversations Premieres to a Full House. Friends, Family and Loved Ones Cheered on the Ensemble and Were Struck by the Truth and Passion in Their Work.
Pictured (standing l to r): Assistant Director Mikal Odom,
Cobbina Frempong of Green District Media, Artist and Participant Louis Fasone, Special Guest Host Donnie Hammond, Artist and Participant Vincent Johnson,
Artist and Participant Desmond Green, Director Zane Booker,
SELF President & COO Mike Hinson, Victor Jackson of Ourchive215,
SELF Director of Policy and Communications Rhashidah Perry-Jones,
(seated l to r) Artist and Participant Richard Randolph, Artist and Participant Miss B., Artist and Participant Dupre Norman, Artist and Participant Kelly Ann R. Cody, and Artist and Participant Jennifer Upright.
Outley House Participants Chat & Chew at Cook Out & Learn

Outley House participants spoke with representatives Health Partners, Keystone First, Project Dad, Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity, Strive Fresh Start, Philadelphia Fight and Institute for Community Justice at an Outley House Cook Out and Learn on Saturday, June 29. Participants enjoyed great tasting food while they learned about important resources to aid them in their work to advance along their transformative paths. Case management supervisor Tom Davis played summertime jams for all to enjoy, especially Mike Hinson.
Nearly Two Dozen Health, Workforce Development, Legal, Education, and Community Organizations Come to Ife Wellness Center to Help the Participants
Make a Way to Self-Sustainability

(l to r) SELF President and COO Mike Hinson, SELF Community Advisory Board Member Dennis Enoch , SELF Board Member Catherine Freimiller, and
Senator Sharif Street attended and pledged to make Ending Homeless Their Priority at the SELF Resource Fair.
Over 100 people attend the SELF Resource Fair at Ife Wellness Center. The event gave SELF participants and community members an opportunity to access valuable resources, speak to service providers, hear how to get their records expunged, and learn resume and interview tips at job ready workshops.

New Dress Code Policy Comes with New Shirts

If you haven't already received your new shirts, you will shortly. SELF administration has provided maintenance, security, and residential aides and supervisors with new, light blue and darker blue, collared, polo shirts as part of their official work wear. The new shirts come with a new dress code policy that will be released in the coming weeks. The shirts will help readily identify front-line team members as well as those who travel to multiple, SELF sites. The new shirts which feature our new logo, reinforce our new brand and will create a uniformed and professional look for team members.

Your support makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of people experiencing homelessness.

We appreciate your support!!