January 2017   Newsletter

Presidents' Message | Transitions, Partnership and Opportunities

Hello Friends! 

Happy New Year! We wish all of you a prosperous and successful year.

As we enter 2017, the SEMS Board members and volunteers are hard at work on expanding the size of the organization and improving the value proposition for our members. This newsletter provides an overview of our progress related to membership, international outreach, and marketing/creative content.

Regarding membership, SEMS is working with leaders from IISE, SHS (Society for Health Systems) and ASEM (American Society of Engineering Management) to define new membership options. These options will grow the membership, encourage conversion from student to professional membership status, and provide cost-effective ways for engineering managers to affiliate with SEMS. Providing these new membership options will take some time to accomplish, but you can expect to hear more details about these changes in the future as the initiative progresses.

The international committee has recently been rejuvenated.  The committee chair is Julie Drzymalski from Drexel University, and the committee members are: Jannis Angelis (KTH - Sweden), Fernando Deschamps (Pontifical Catholic University of ParanĂ¡ / Federal University of ParanĂ¡ - Brazil), Ruel Ellis (The University of West Indies at St. Augustine - Trinidad and Tobago) and Geert Letens (Vlerick Business School - Belgium). The committee's charge is to broaden awareness and participation in SEMS from the global community, focusing on areas of international education, training and knowledge. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars and other creative content from international speakers and contributors.

Finally, the SEMS board will be hiring two unpaid student interns from Towson University to assist with creating a marketing plan and enhancing the organization's online presence.  The interns will be tasked with evaluating the current online offerings and identifying areas for improvement, reviewing best practices for social media engagement for volunteer organizations, and developing new creative content and sustainable procedures.  The students will be hired in summer 2017 and will be under the supervision of Natalie Scala and several other board members.

Your questions, comments, feedback, and involvement in SEMS are strongly encouraged.  Please feel free to contact one or all of us at any time. Thank you!!

Charlene Yauch , SEMS President
Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, SEMS President-Elect
Suzanna Long, SEMS Past-President

SEMS Board of Directors | Nominations for President-Elect and Directors

The annual election for SEMS is coming soon!  The Society stays vibrant and strong when our members serve and volunteer in various ways. One of the most significant ways of serving the society is through our board of directors and officer positions (President-elect, president, past president and director). Your SEMS executive team is currently finalizing the slate of candidates.  As you read this, some of you may be considering whether you would be interested in serving yourself. We want a rich slate of candidates for all positions and are happy to discuss the expectations with you if you want more information.

Please contact us right away if you are interested in nominating yourself or a colleague.  Nominees for director positions must be current members of IISE and SEMS. Nominees for the president-elect must also be a past director.

Charlene Yauch, SEMS President
Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, SEMS President-Elect
Suzanna Long, SEMS Past-President

SEMS Says | Conference Planning: All Roads Lead to Pittsburgh 2017!

It is time to start planning for the 2017 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engine ers Annual Conference and Expo. The 2017 conference will be held at the David L Lawrence Conven tion Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from May 20 - 23.   

The Engineering Management (EM) track co-chairs, Chinweike Eseonu, Ed Pohl, Niranjan Kulkarni, Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, and Aldo McLean just completed abstract reviews. They continue their hard work to ensure our time in Pittsburgh is a value-added one.

We are excited to report that the 2017 conference will be fully integrated (OneConference). This means we will have better cross pollination between the industry and research focused presentations. We have seen unique partnerships formed from such arrangements elsewhere and we look forward to hearing about the new connections you make at the conference.

The 2017 OneConference will also boast improved mobile phone and tablet apps, presentation tags, and other tools that will make it easier to find presentations and, more importantly, share content with colleagues. The EM track chairs are particularly excited at the number of submissions that focused on demonstrating how multiple EM research techniques result in practical benefit. Beyond the industry-research partnerships, the OneConference approach and improved support tools allow us to share best practices across many subject domains. This means that presentation tags (aka keywords) will make your talk easily visible outside the EM track.

Ninety-nine abstracts were submitted by November 7. Accept-reject decisions were sent out on November 28. The EM track roster will include presentations, panel discussions, poster presentations, and several networking opportunities. Conference paper submissions are optional, but encouraged. Papers must be received by January 16. for inclusion in conference proceedings. The proceedings will be indexed online.

Submitted papers will be entered into the Best Paper Competitions. The Track Best Paper Competition and Student Best Paper Competition awards will be announced at the conference. Winners will receive a certificate and cash award at the SEMS Townhall Meeting.

The track chairs are preparing for your arrival in Pittsburgh. Please plan on joining us!
Conference Co-Chairs:

Chweike Eseonu LSSBB, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical, Industrial andManufacturing Engineering, Oregon State University.
Chweike Eseonu
Edward A. Pohl is Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Arkansas, holds the 21st Century Professorship in the Department of Industrial Engineering and is Director of the Center for Innovation in Healthcare Logistics.
Edward A. Pohl

SEMS Says | Young Professionals Highlight 

 Kira E.Hansen
"Millennials" is a term society often uses to describe the current generation of young people, particularly those in their 20s and 30s. This term sometimes has a negative connotation that suggests people in this age group are lazy, self-absorbed and entitled.

The Young Professionals (YP) organization of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) is anything but. Our group embodies characteristics of being open-minded, optimistic, collaborative and eager to advance within our career and in the field of industrial and systems engineering. We constantly seek ways to challenge convention and aim to shape the future of the industrial and systems engineering profession.

Young Professionals envisions being "the premier organization that unites and accelerates the progress of young professionals globally as a catalyst to promote the industrial and systems engineering profession for the future." Click here to read more.

Kira E. Hansen  TEP (Technical Excellence Program) Engineer II at Harley-Davidson Motor Company and the SEMS consultant for IISE's Young Professionals Board of Directors.

Mentoring & Careers 

IISE's newly created Mentoring Board  is gaining momentum, with over 300 members
(mentors and mentees) already signed up. The Mentoring Board allows professionals and students at all levels to develop meaningful relationships and connections that will help advance their careers. Further enhancements are being developed to allow even better collaboration and matching between mentors and mentees. Sign up to become a mentor or mentee today.

In addition, IISE will be holding a Virtual Career Fair on March 15. This will be valuable for mentors and mentees, as well as the IISE and SEMS communities at large. This virtual career fair will allow employers and attendees to enjoy the benefits of an onsite career fair, without any travel required. Check back later on the IISE website to see the full event description. Mark March 15. from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST on your calendar and plan to attend as a job seeker or employer.

Kira E. Hansen, TEP (Technical Excellence Program) Engineer II at Harley-Davidson Motor Company and the SEMS consultant for IISE's Young Professionals Board of Directors.

IISE Annual Conference | SEMS Paper Competition

This year's SEMS track of the IISE Annual Conference will feature both a student paper and a track paper competition sponsored by Old Dominion University and Missouri University of Science & Technology. The paper competitions will recognize the academic work of students, faculty and practitioners who demonstrate outstanding scholarship. Both
graduate and undergraduate students can submit papers to the student paper competition. Papers co-authored by professors are excluded from the student paper competition, but the professor's assistance is welcome. The review criteria will evaluate them with regards to originality, applicability, robustness of the methodology and overall quality. Up to three awards may be given upon recommendation of the SEMS selection committee for both the student paper and track paper competition.

Best paper winners must present their findings in the ISERC Engineering Management Track at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo, May 20-23 in Pittsburgh. Lead authors of first, second and third winning papers will receive a certificate and a cash award. The first-place winners will be announced on SEMS town hall meeting. The winning papers will
also be published in the ISERC proceedings.

Eligibility Criteria for Student Paper Competition
  • The applicant must be a full-time student at the time of submission.
  • The paper must present original research results.
  • The research must have been conducted while the applicant was a student.
  • The paper must not have won or been considered for an award in another competition.
  • At least one author must be an IISE member and present the paper at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo.
Winning papers will appear on the SEMS website.

Authors will be asked to sign an ethics statement stating that they are full-time students and that the research and writing is their own work.

Advising by a non-student is allowed, such as an academic or industry advisor. However, only students can be authors or co-authors.

See you in Pittsburgh!

Pilar Pazos , Ph.D., Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department at Old Dominion University.

IISE Training Center

Advance your career with these upcoming  training courses.

Feb. 15 | Norcross, GA 

Feb. 21 | Norcross, GA

Lend a helping hand | Call for volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering for SEMS and its initiatives, contact  Charlene Yauch , SEMS president; or  Daren Maynard , n ewsletter editor .