February  2016
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Dear Friends,

It is my privilege to invite you to SENG's 34th Annual Conference, GIFTED: Our Past and Our Future, to be held this July 22-24, 2016 in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. 

This year's Conference promises to be exceptional with sessions designed for children, parents, adults, educators, mental health professionals and SENG Model Parent Group Facilitators!  The schedule includes 88 general sessions featuring world renown presenters,  4 different KEYNOTE presentations, a children's program, an exhibitor's hall and more.  

We are working hard to put bring all the details together and hope to open registration shortly.  I would like to  thank the event planning team at the WIlliamnsburg Lodge for helping us design a spectacular event, as well as Dr.Tracy Cross and Dr. Mihyeon Kim of the College of William and Mary; Tracy Whitaker and Julie Skolnick SENG State Liaisons; Strand Reviewers Kate Bachtel, SENG Board President, Dr. Tracy Riley, SENG Board of Directors, Marianne Kuzujanakis MD, MPH, Chair SENG Professional Advisory Committee, Dr. Nancy Robinson, SENG Professional Advisory Committee;  and the SENG Conference Committee under the leadership of SENG Director and Conference Chair Evelyn Metcalf for their tireless efforts. 

In gratitude,

Elizabeth Ringlee
Executive Director

Seeing the Difference: Making the Difference
by Dina Brulles

Gifted children have different social and emotional needs both at home and at school. Culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) gifted students face even additional concerns. The distinction between these two groups-gifted students and CLD gifted students-deserves our consideration. We need to examine how our schools provide support, access, and understanding of all gifted students' affective and academic needs. Summer presents an ideal time for parents to learn more about how they can prepare for and advocate for their gifted children's needs both at home and at school. 

tech savvy asian teen girl using smart phone in bed room
The Challenge Of The Highly Gifted Special Needs Child
by Meredith Warshaw

Parents of highly gifted children are often concerned that everything comes too easily to their children. These children learn that they can do everything academic without trying. Parents worry that the children will fall apart the first time they hit an academic task they cannot do effortlessly (and this worry often has a foundation in reality). This is often a large part of the impetus for grade skips or other methods of providing adequate academic challenge.

The problem for twice-exceptional children - that is, children who are gifted but also have learning disabilities or other special needs - is that they learn an even more damaging lesson: that if they cannot do a task right away, they won't be able to do it at all. Everything in school is either too difficult or too easy - nothing is "just right."

Maintaining Motivation: It's a Marathon!
by Stephen R. Balzac 

School. It can be fun and exciting. It can also feel as though it stretches out into infinity. Whether public, private, or homeschool, elementary, middle, high school, or college, there are times when classes seem to go on forever, when there just seems to be no end in sight. No matter how much fun a project is, eventually deadlines come up and work comes due. The stress can turn an enjoyable experience into a torturous journey that destroys motivation. Some kids end up moving from crisis to crisis, always rushing to finish assignments before starting the next. Others end up sacrificing their enjoyment of the educational experience for knowledge, believing that is the price that must be paid.  More ... 

Poppies, by Judy A. McNutt
Find Relief
By Judy A. McNutt

Oh, wouldn't it feel wonderful
after all these years of searching,
To find relief?
To rest upon a viewing point
And launch inspiration into a space
Where breezy clouds are bits of fluff
that rub across the face
Of your busy brain?
A softening of thought,
An image of exhilaration,
A meditation
That allows the feeling
You've taken a vacation.
In this briefest moment of time
To Unwind into the sublime moment of now!
Wouldn't it be wonderful?
And only you know how. 

Find Relief  and Poppies is a Voices submission from Judy A. McNutt, published author, artist, teacher and Creative Soul Mentor. Born in Santa Monica, Judy grew up in the southwestern United States. For twenty years she worked as senior executive in media programming and managing stations around the United States before returning to California to teach. Judy currently resides in San Diego.  

"Voices" is dedicated entirely to you and your observations as a gifted individual.  Want your voice heard? Share your personal experience and insights as a gifted and talented child, teen, adult or elder, and we may just feature your story here in SENGVine.   We will consider a variety of different submission including stories, articles, poetry and art so don't be shy.  Submit yours to: editor@sengifted.org

SENG Welcomes New SMPG Facilitators!

On Saturday, February 6 and Sunday, February 7, SENG Founder James T. Webb and Lori Comallie-Caplan facilitated a SENG Model Parent Group Training at The Paulo Freire Freedom School in Tucson, Arizona.   

Please join us in welcoming:  Brandy Baker,  
Terry Filipowicz, Courtney Schuneman, Jalieh Shepard, Yoendry Torres, Tara Welker , and Kristen Zwahlen!  Congratulations all!

Established in 1981, SENG Model Parent Groups meet regularly to provide a nurturing and non-judgmental atmosphere where parents of gifted children may discuss their experiences.  More ...

"I first learned about this strange, new, 'gifted world' through SENG, and it was at a SENG conference that I first met people who felt like me, people who seemed to understand me and with whom I connected in a whole, new way." ~ Joseph Hughes; attendee teen program. 

SENG conferences prioritize recognition, understanding, and acceptance of the social and emotional needs of the gifted population.  This year's conference shall be held in Colonial Williamsburg  and is organized over four days.  
  • Pre-Conference activities are scheduled for Thursday, July 21st, 2016 and include SMPG Facilitator Training and Continuing Education Programs .
  • Conference Activities are scheduled from Friday, July 22nd thru Sunday, July 24th and include 4 Key Note Sessions, 88 General Sessions, an Exhibitor's Hall, and a Children's Program.
Here is a sampling of the types of presentations you will find:

Social-Emotional Needs/Overexcitabilities      Counseling
Gifted Adults/Gifted Elders Initiative               Twice Exceptional
Diversity                                                      Home School
Parenting/Families                                        Outliers Among Outliers

Visit SENG online for more details.  Become a SENG Member  today! 

Mark the Date

SMPG Facilitator Training Grove City, OHIO
April 1 - 2, 2016
Holt Crossing Intermediate School
2706 Holt Road
Grove City, Ohio   43123
Trainers: Heather Cachat, M.Ed 
Lori Comallie-Caplan MA,CED,LMSW

Registration is OPEN

About SENG

SENG is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) entity with a diverse Board of Directors. Our mission is to empower families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their potential: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 

With the goal of further expanding its activities and reaching more people, SENG is constantly developing new strategies to assist and enlighten members of this unique community.  SENG accepts contributions of all sizes from individuals and organizations. Please join us in our work to increase understanding, knowledge, and services for gifted children, individuals and adults.

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