July  2016
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Dear Friends,
July is always an exciting month for SENG as we host National Gifted Parenting Week and SENG's Annual Conference!   We hope that you found both events informative and worthwhile. 

National Parenting Gifted Children (NPGC) Week, takes place during the 3rd week in July each year,  and it is listed in the National Special Events Registry.  NPGC Week celebrates the joys and challenges of raising, guiding, and supporting young minds.

Conference occurred July 21-July 24 with a theme of Gifted: Our Past and Our Future.  At conference we welcome world renowned speakers and specialists, as well as friends and partners from around the world, to discuss the issues relating to the gifted experience.  

Thank you all for joining us in celebration.  

I would also like to take a moment to personally thank the SENG Team for their exceptional dedication in producing these two event.  Many long hours went into the production and I especially grateful to; Yessina Judge, Joshua Maxwell, Emma Pasquali, Amy Phillips, Saba Seyoum, and Melody Yourd! 

In gratitude, 

Elizabeth A. Ringlee
Executive Director of SENG

Highlights from #SENG2016:  Gifted Our Past and Our Future 
Welcoming Address
by Kate Bachtel
What do you call a pair of ducks?

Thank you for investing your time, money and expertise in  joining us at conferen ce and contributing to our shared mission of supporting gifted individuals in thriving across their lifespan.

Paradox is the theme for today's address. Before you head to your first sessions, our team wanted to share three paradoxes that cause us tension and have facilitated some of our greatest growth.  We are intense and sensitive and holding this paradox creates unique opportunities and challenges.  More...

Helping Gifted Sexual-Minority Youth to Deal with Public   Anti-LGBT Traumas 
by Terry Friedrichs

In the hours and even the days after a violent public tragedy such as that in Orlando, gifted sexual-minority students may react to experiences with elevated breathing and with challenges in dealing with emotions. Barnes notes that many highly-sensitive gifted youth, in the wake of such a tragedy, may experience physical hyper-arousal and construction of feelings (among other symptoms). Gifted sexual and gender minorities may especially experience these feelings, since they personally may have known people who were involved in injurious attacks. More...

Terry Friedrichs, Ph. D., Ed. D., is the Director of Friedrichs Education in suburban St. Paul, MN, where he tests, tutors, researches, advocates for, and finds appropriate schools for, gifted LGBT students (as well as highly-gifted and twice-exceptional youth). Mr. Frederichs presented at this year's annual #SENG2016; Gifted Our Past and Our Future.
Parenting Twice-Exceptional  Children
by Dina Brulles

I always knew that David was different from other children. The differences were not subtle ones. 
Children with extreme sensitivities are unusual. Because of the sometimes-intense reactions that they may display, they are commonly seen as sources of their own supposed digressions from 'normal behavior.' But these behaviors are normal for them.    More...
Dina Brulles is the Gifted Education Coordinator for the Glendale Elementary School District, a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University, and President of the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented. She was a keynote speaker at this year's SENG Annual Conference. 
100 Words of Wisdom
by Jim Delisle 

Many years ago a gifted young man told me something I've never forgotten: "The only thing worse than being denied opportunities is being forced to take them."  More... 

Dr. Jim Delisle has worked for 38 years with gifted children and their advocates. He has written 19 books, including Dumbing Down America and the best-selling Parenting Gifted Kids. He was a keynote speaker at this year's SENG Annual Conference. 
Competing With Myths About the Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Students
by  Tracy L. Cross

As a wise person (Lao Tsu) once said, "Nothing is more difficult than competing with a myth." Doing so, however, can create tremendous opportunities for people. Recall that it was not that long ago that myth prevented women from competing in long distance foot races

The following list includes some of the most common and insidious examples of myths pertaining to the social development of gifted students.  More...

Dr. Tracy L. Cross holds an endowed chair, Jody and Layton Smith Professor of Psychology and Gifted Education, and is the Executive Director of the Center for Gifted Education and the Institute for Research on the Suicide of Gifted Students. He has published over 200 articles, book chapters, and columns, made over 250 presentations at conferences, and has published nine books. He was a keynote speaker at the SENG Annual Conference 2016. 
Giftedness in the Work Environment: Backgrounds and Practical Recommendations 
by  Noks Nauta and Sieuwke Ronner 

In the last six years, increasing attention has been focussed on this subject, for example, for gifted children in education. One result of this is that some parents come to discover that they too are gifted.  However, until fairly recently, many misconceptions existed concerning what giftedness actually is. Additionally, the image of gifted individuals was not always a positive one.    More...

Ms Noks Nauta is an occupational health physician and a psychologist. She works as a freelance trainer and teacher, amongst others, in the field of the gifted. She was a Continuing Education anf General Sessions speaker at this year's SENG Annual Conference. 

Ms Sieuwke Ronner is a clinical psychologist and organisational expert. She supervises change trajectories in companies, gives training courses and coaches gifted individuals.

NEW! Post of the Month 

Social Media not your thing?  We wouldn't want you to miss the article that generated so much traction on SENG's Facebook page this month:

Emotional Sensitivity  by Vicky Moyle. 

SENG is now on Tumblr! Tumblr is a valuable and vibrant online community, where many gifted teens and young adults find solace.  Check us out at sengifted.tumblr.com , and feel free to send in any questions or comments concerning giftedness. 

Breaking News!

SENG is thrilled to introduce two new appointments to our Board of Directors:  Kristina H. Collins and Wenda Sheard.  

Dr. Kristina Henry Collinsresearch focuses on STEM identity, STEM talent development, parent engagement, and multicultural gifted education.  She is a graduate of the The University of Georgia, where she earned a Ph.D. and an Ed.S. in educational psychology.  Dr. Collins has many years of experience with STEM teaching and leading in Title I middle schools and high schools.  At Texas State University, she teaches courses related to talent development and gifted education.  

Wenda Sheard
SENG Director Emeritus Wenda Sheard, J.D., Ph.D., has practiced law in Ohio, worked as a disability researcher in Connecticut, and taught school in the USA, China, and England. From 2010-2014 she served on the board of the UK's NAGC. She currently practices law representing children's best interests.

  We look forward to welcoming to the SENG team. 

Mark the Date

Leslie Hosey Ph.D., L.P. SENGINAR:

In response to your feedback, SENG is pleased to announce an upcoming SENGinar with Leslie Hosey, Ph.D.,L.P. on  Identifying Under-served Gifted Populations.

Leslie presented a CE Session in Williamsburg on  Analyzing Aspects of Cognitive Assessments and Personal History to Identify Giftedness in Undeserved Populations to great acclaim.   Watch for further updates on the date and time! 

SENG Model Parent Groups   unite diverse caregivers of complex, gifted children and provide space for each of us to learn from one another's expertise and experiences in a nurturing, non-judgmental environment.  Groups are forming daily.  To find a group near you, visit us online at sengifted.org

Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented (MCGT) Facilitator Training
Monday, August 15, 2016 - Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Edina Community Cenet ~ 5701 Normandale Road, Edina, MN 55424
Trainer(s):  Joan Larson, High Potential Teacher for Minnetonka Public Schools, SENG Master Facilitator and Trainer and Carol Malueg, MCGT President, Gifted Education Consultant and Researcher, SENG Master Facilitator and Trainer
Cost:  $325/person. Price includes book and support materials, 1st year licensing fee and certificate.   Registration is OPEN

Central Ohio Gifted Support (COGS) Facilitator Training 
Friday, October 14 - Saturday, October 15
Holt Crossing Intermediate
2706 Holt Road, Grove City, OH 43123
Cost: $325 per attendee
Registration opens SOON

SENG's 34th Annual Conference!  ~ In Our Hands
Chicago Marriott Naperville
Thursday August 3, 2017 Pre-Conference
August 4-6, 2017  Conference
Details coming SOON!

In Gratitude...

SENG's 33rd Annual Conference, Gifted: Our Past and Our Future would not be possible without the help of our sponsors and partners. Please join us in thanking them for helping make this year's event in Colonial Williamsburg a tremendous success!

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About SENG

SENG is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) entity with a diverse Board of Directors. Our mission is to empower families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their potential: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 

With the goal of further expanding its activities and reaching more people, SENG is constantly developing new strategies to assist and enlighten members of this unique community.  SENG accepts contributions of all sizes from individuals and organizations. Please join us in our work to increase understanding, knowledge, and services for gifted children, individuals and adults.

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