May  2016
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Dear Friends, 

SENG's 33rd Annual Conference is just around the corner and things are heating up. 
With 4 keynote presentations, 88 general sessions, a children's enrichment program, an exhibitor's hall, discussion tables, an awards reception, SMPG Facilitator Training and continuing education workshops this years event promises to be exciting.  

Reserve your place TODAY! 

Elizabeth A. Ringlee
Executive Director

Trauma: A Call for Collaboration
by Kate Bachtel

Given the dearth of research on trauma in gifted youth, parents and ed
ucators often feel helpless and uncertain as to how to best support; moreover, adult s may be unaware trauma is the root cause of challenging behaviors. 

This article will provide a brief introduction to signs of trauma and introduce strategies to support healing while partnering with a mental health care professional. More... 

Kate Bachtel is SENG president and a featured speaker at SENG Conference 2016; Gifted: Our Past and Our Future. Look for her presentation entitled: Ouch! An Educators Perspective on Trauma.   
Bright Star - Black Sky: A Phenomenological Study of Depression as a Window Into the Psyche of the Gifted Adolescent
by P. Susan Jackson

This qualitative study investigated the lived experience of the depressive state of ten gifted adolescents. At the core of the experience is the gifted teen's absolute need for knowledge, for communion, and for expression.  More...

P. Susan Jackson is a KeyNote Presenter at SENG Conference 2016; Gifted:Our Past and Our Future. She will also be presenting two general sessions at Conference 2016. Look for her presentation in your program.
Keeping a Healthy Perspective on Stress and Test Anxiety 
by Vidisha Patel

It's that time of year... final exams! 

Test taking can be stressful for many individuals, and when you add gifted tendencies to the mix, stress levels can reach alarming levels. In some instances, gifted students get so anxious and stressed about assessments that they are not able to function.  More...

Vidisha Patel, a practicing therapist in Sarasota, Florida.  She works in private practice and with pregnant teens. She is a frequent conference speaker, consults for Florida State University as a trainer of primary caregivers on infant mental health, and is married and parenting two gifted children. 
"Voices" - My Poppy. My Eesa.
by: Maleeha Ahmad

I remember it crystal clear. The day he was born. He looked right into my eyes. Turned his head around and stared intently at me. He was ten hours old. Born different.

Maleeha Ahmad, MBiotech is an Advisor of Strategic Planning at the Region of Peel. Maleeha resides in Missisauga, Canada with her husband and two sons: five-year-old Eesa and fifteen-month-old Yusuf. Maleeha loves nature, nurturing, and nine pm -- the time when her high-energy boys are in bed. 

"Voices" seeks to share creative works reflecting the gifted experience. Art, poetry, essays, articles, and stories are accepted from gifted individuals of all ages. Submit yours to:

NEW! Post of the Month 

Social Media not your thing?  We wouldn't want you to miss the article by Jim Delisle that generated so much traction on SENG's Facebook page this month.  

Jim Delisle is a KeyNote Presenter at SENG Conference 2016; Gifted:Our Past and Our Future. He will also be presenting a general sessions at Conference 2016. Look for Jim in your Conference program. 

A Parent's Guide to SENG Annual Conference: Too Much? Too Little? Just Right? 
by Mary Lovell 

When my daughter was identified as gifted, I was lured by the prospe ct of learning more about this world of 'giftedness' like Goldilocks was to the Three Bears' home.

Just as Goldilocks was challenged to find the 'just right' chair, porridge and bed when she visited the three bears home, parents attending the SENG annual conference often experience similar 'overload' when they look at the workshops offered. 

I hope these suggestions will help you find your level of 'just right!"  More...

Mary Lovell, after a successful business career in the energy industry, is now applying her leadership and management skills to inspiring educational causes. She is the proud mother of a highly gifted and inspiring daughter. Mary earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a BA in Communication from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. 

SENG conferences prioritize recognition, understanding, and acceptance of the social and emotional needs of the gifted population. 

This year's conference shall be held in Colonial Williamsburg
and is organized over four days.  

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SENG's 33rd Annual Conference, Gifted: Our Past and Our Future would not be possible without the help of our sponsors and partners. Please join us in thanking them and take a minute to check out the innovative work they are initiating within their organizations and facilitating with others.  

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Greenwich Education Group
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Gulinogroup & Nathan Levy Publications
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Knowledge Enrichment Enterprise
Living Excellence Today
Mary Baldwin College
Mr. Geltson's One Room Schoolhouse
Pacific Quest
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Raising Wizards
Royal Fireworks Publishing Co., Inc.
Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG)
The Davidson Institute for Talent Development
With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC
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Mark the Date

SENG Model Parent Groups  unite diverse caregivers of complex, gifted children and provide space for each of us to learn from one another's expertise and experiences in a nurturing, non-judgmental environment.

Brookfield, WI
June 1st & 8th 2016, 1-2:30 pm

Title: Gifted and Under the Influence
Presenter: Lisa Erickson, MS, LMHC
Lisa Erickson,

Date: Thursday, June 9, 2016
Time: 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm EST 
Registration is OPEN
The experience of feeling different or feeling like an outsider is part of the addictive experience and also familiar to many gifted people. We will explore why many gifted people turn to substances or processes to help regulate their intensity, perfectionism, sensitivity or despair. Other gifted people use to manage feelings associated with trauma, exploitation or neglect. Others may use to manage their intense spiritual nature.  

Lisa Erickson, MS, LMHC will present basic addiction concepts before moving on to the specifics that are related to giftedness. 

The presenter will describe important differences between the needs of gifted adolescents and their families and the needs of adults. Among adolescents, she will discuss two types of family structures that may be a contributing factor to addiction. For adults, developmental concerns are prominent but quite different. She will share anonymous examples from her clinical practice with gifted adults to illustrate her points. 

Lisa welcomes discussion and is experienced with the emotions that this topic may evoke. She values a good exchange and hopes participants gain a deeper understanding of  their and their loved ones' experiences. 

About SENG

SENG is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) entity with a diverse Board of Directors. Our mission is to empower families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their potential: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 

With the goal of further expanding its activities and reaching more people, SENG is constantly developing new strategies to assist and enlighten members of this unique community.  SENG accepts contributions of all sizes from individuals and organizations. Please join us in our work to increase understanding, knowledge, and services for gifted children, individuals and adults.

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