March  2016
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Conference registration is open! 

Looking for a unique family vacation? Join SENG in Colonial Williamsburg this July!
This year's event includes 4 keynote presentations, 88 general sessions, a children's enrichment program, an exhibitor's hall, discussion tables, an awards reception, evening activities, as well as pre-conference continuing  education  workshops and SMPG facilitator training! 

Forge new friendships; connect with like minded peers; learn from specialist in the field including world renown experts like Dr. Tracy Cross, Jim Delisle, Kristina H. Collins, P. Susan Jackson, Donna Ford and more.

The SENG mission is to inform gifted individuals, their families, and the professionals who work with them about the unique social and emotional needs of gifted individuals.
I look forward to welcoming you to Williamsburg.

In gratitude,

Executive Director

SMPG's ~ The Heart of SENG 
by The SENG BOD Team  

"The concept appears to be a paradox: 'Instruction' and 'conversation' are often antithetical, the one implying authority and planning, the other equality and responsiveness. The task of teaching is to resolve this paradox. To most truly teach, one must converse; to truly converse is to teach." (Tharp, Estrada, Stoll Dalton and Yamauchi, 2000, pp. 32-33) 

SENG Model Parent Groups (SMPGs) are the heart of SENG. The objective of these facilitator guided groups is to unite diverse caregivers of complex, gifted children and provide space for each of us to learn from one another's expertise and experiences in a nurturing, non-judgmental environment.  More...

Team Teamwork Relation Together Unity Friendship Concept
Learning Differences: Pursuing Positive Supports
by Julie Solnick

I met with a distraught client the other day. Her son, who attends an independent school priding itself on specializing in differential learners, had a very bad week. The school's disciplinary point system - an ad hoc way for teachers to let students know they are unhappy with their behavior - yielded a number of points well beyond the accepted threshold for her son. More ... 

Julie is a featured speaker at SENG Conference 2016; look for her presentation on 
"Best kept secret: the true meaning of giftedness", in your conference program. 

people, children, technology, friends and friendship concept - happy little girls taking selfie with smartphone and having fun at home
Thoughts on Friendship
by Wenda Sheard 

As a parent and gifted advocate for over twenty years, I've heard hundreds of stories about gifted children and their friendships. Teachers worry about children who play alone at recess; parents want their children invited to birthday parties. Everyone knows that friendships are an important part of life.   More. .. 

Wenda is a featured speaker at SENG Conference 2016; Gifted: Our Past and Our Future. Look for her presentations on "Recent brain research: critiques and future possibilities for the gifted community " and "Out of the box education strategies for highly and profoundly gifted children", in your conference program.  
Can You Hear the Flowers Sing; Issues for Gifted Adults. 
by Dierde Lovecky

There has been comparatively little focus in the literature on the characteristics and social and emotional needs of gifted adults. Using observational data, the author attempts to delineate some of the positive and negative social effects of traits displayed by gifted adults. Five traits (divergency, excitability, sensitivity, perceptivity, and entelechy) seem to produce potential interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict. Unless gifted adults learn to value themselves and find support, identity conflicts and depression may result. More...
On Companionship ...
By Tracy Riley

When I was in junior high school, I recall being given a test in the guidance counselor's office over the summer holidays. When school began, I was in a special class called Project SAIL (Searching the Atmosphere for Intellectual Learning - I think!). Years later, when I studied education at University, I came to realize  that I was in a gifted program - with one of my best friends, Denise.  Fast forward almost 40 years and Denise and I live in different countries, but we are both mothers, teachers with advanced degrees and share a common interest (at the moment) in Monarch butterflies!  More... 

Tracy is a SENG board member and chair of the SENG Editorial Committee. Look for Tracy at SENG Conference 2016! 

5 Tips for Helping Children Make Friends
by Colleen Kessler

Making friends can be hard for any child, but for socially awkward gifted children or twice-exceptional kiddos, the challenge is only multiplied. While their brains are working on overdrive, and they can have an intelligent conversation with an adult expert in the field in which they are interested, put them in the same room with kids their own age, and all bets are off. More...  

Mark the Date

SMPG PLUS+ affords parents the opportunity to explore compelling discussion on significant topics in an all new format - a day long retreat. Modeled on SENG's successful 8-10 week SMPG Program, SMPG PLUS+ affords families pressed for time an exciting new alternative.  

SMPG PLUS+  One Day Parent Retreat
Boulder, CO
Tuesday May 10, 2016
Eldorado Canyon State Park 
Visitor's Center Conference Room
9 Kneale Road
A One Day Parent Retreat
Denver, CO
Saturday, May 14, 2016
The Denver Foundation Community Room
55 Madison Street, Suite 745

A One Day Parent Retreat
Denver Colorado
Saturday, May 21, 2016
Polaris at Ebert
410 Park Avenue West
Denver, CO

SENG conferences prioritize recognition, understanding, and acceptance of the social and emotional needs of the gifted population.  This year's conference shall be held in Colonial Williamsburg  and is organized over four days.  

Interested in Sponsorship and Exhibitors Opportunities simply follow the link.  

About SENG

SENG is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) entity with a diverse Board of Directors. Our mission is to empower families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their potential: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 

With the goal of further expanding its activities and reaching more people, SENG is constantly developing new strategies to assist and enlighten members of this unique community.  SENG accepts contributions of all sizes from individuals and organizations. Please join us in our work to increase understanding, knowledge, and services for gifted children, individuals and adults.

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