November  2016
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Dear Friends,
As we celebrate the joy of the season, many of us will engage in a moment of reflection.  November is traditionally a time of celebration -- giving thanks for friends and family. This November also saw one of America's most contentious political campaigns,  and many of us suffered under the barrage of negative messaging.   

Mindful of the intensities of our community and in support of SENG's mission of support, we invited a number of authors to share their perspectives on the recent events.  This issue highlights the work of three; others will follow.

In gratitude, 

Elizabeth A. Ringlee
Executive Director of SENG

A Message to the SENG Community
by Stepanie Tolan

I was asked immediately after the shock of the election results to write a piece for SENG to help parents deal with their gifted children's anxieties about the results and their consequences. It has taken me eleven days to come to term with my own grief and deep distress enough to take on this task.  More...

Strength in America: A Message to the SENG Community
by Gilman W. Whiting, Ph.D. 

This year, like many of you, I stayed up past 1 am wondering what the future would bring to the communities so neglected under a Donald Trump presidency.  

I asked my students what would the world look like to you if you woke up with Donald Trump as president? The possibility posed by the question created a strain and disbelief that was palpable. The thought of a Trump presidency caused visible anxiety among these bright, gifted students who hailed from one of America's top 20 universities.  More...
Parenting In Our New World
by Tina Harlow, MSW, LCSW 

It is 3:30am.  I am awakened by my thoughts. 

Children no longer have the luxury of seeing sheer goodness in our leaders and celebrities.  The convenience of technology has thrust the dark side of humanity, not just into our living rooms, but into our hands.  
We want our children to feel safe.  We want them to believe in good.  We want to give them hope.  So we paint on a smile and we try to explain.     More...

Tribal Spirit 
by Judy McNutt

"Voices" seeks to share creative works reflecting the gifted experience. Art, poetry, essays, articles, and stories are accepted from gifted individuals of all ages. Submit yours to:

100 Words of Wisdom
  by Evelyn Metcalf

Kahlil Gibran's poem, On Children, frequently comes to my mind when I speak to gifted parents of gifted children: "Your children are not your children. They are the sons and the daughters of a life longing for itself."
More ...
Have A Happy Holiday - Not An Exasperating One
by Marianne Kuzujanakis, MD, MPH. 

When the air turns crisp and the leaves glow brightly, our thoughts are captured by all the many fall and winter holidays and celebrations. The holidays traditionally bring with them merriment, joy and peace. Or so the greeting cards say. 

 Unfortunately, for some families with gifted children, the holiday celebrations may instead bring an uneasy joy, filled with challenging experiences.  More...

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The article  When Your Child's Exceptionality is Emotional   by Barbara Probst was widely read and appreciated in our online community this month. 

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SENGinars   are online presentations on giftedness, hosted by many of the top experts in the gifted field.

Dr. Dina Brulles: Communicating and Collaborating With Your Child's Teacher

As a parent, you may wonder if your gifted child feels accepted and understood at school. With the school year nearly half over, you may be feeling anxious about how your gifted child is progressing in school. You may question whether he or she is in the most optimal educational setting. You also don't want to come across as one of "those" parents.  What's a parent to do? In this webinar, Dr. Brulles will share positive and proactive tips for communicating and collaborating with your gifted child's teacher.

This SENGinar will be on Thursday, December 8.  Register Now!
Christine Turo-Shields: Trauma and Existential Depression in Gifted Children 

For over 25 years, Christine Turo-Shields has provided therapy in a variety of settings. Her expertise is rich with various clinical passion areas, including treating anxiety and panic disorders, abuse/trauma/PTSD, and depression. As an expert in the GT world, she has consulted with multiple school districts regarding gifted students, as well as conducted and coordinated trainings and presentations for educators and parents.  She coaches gifted parents, introducing them resources which will aid in navigating their children's world emotionally, socially and behaviorally.

This SENGinar will be on Thursday, December 15. Registration opens SOON! 

Coming Up in 2017! SENGinars with... 
Silvia Rimm
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Chicago Marriott Naperville
Thursday August 3, 2017 Pre-Conference
August 4-6, 2017  Conference

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