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Another season of change is upon us. With summer vacations a not-so-distant memory, we look forward to fall and its promise of cooler weather and normalized schedules. Fall is also a special time for SENG as the annual Donor Campaign kicks off in October. 

On a daily basis, we receive messages from families grateful to SENG for the impact we have made on their lives.  As a non-profit organization, SENG relies on donor funding to "keep the lights on," in addition to funding new initiatives, such as SENG International, SENG Connect, and other projects designed to meet the needs of gifted individuals and communities across the globe. 

Won't you help us continue this legacy of hope by making a donation today As we are a 501(c)(3) organization, your contribution to SENG is tax deductible.  We thank you in advance for generous contribution. Every dollar can make a difference! 

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Advocacy Skills for Parents from Diverse Backgrounds
by Tiombe Kendrick

Parents of gifted and talented children from diverse background often experience unique challenges as they advocate for their prodigies. It is crucial that these parents develop strong advocacy skills which can help mitigate the many barriers this population of gifted children often faces. These skills help to ensure that their children receive the types and levels of services that will meet their specialized needs.

In order to become strong advocates, parents will need to become "unauthorized" experts about many things More...
Learning Differences: Pursuing Positive Supports
by Julie Skolnick

I met with a distraught client the other day. Her son, who attends an independent school priding itself on specializing in differential learners, had a very bad week. The school's disciplinary point system - an ad hoc way for teachers to let students know they are unhappy with their behavior - yielded a number of points well beyond the accepted threshold for her son.

The guidelines for giving out negative points at this school aren't clear. The child just knows that he gets a lot of them and has internalized that he is a "bad" kid, the "annoying" kid. The one thing that is crystal clear is that her gifted child's learning difference is ADHD, presenting with severe impulse control challenges. Most of the points, the head of discipline wrote in an email to my client, were due to "excessive talking." But giving negative points to an extremely bright child who struggles with a known challenge of impulsivity seems a bit like disciplining a blind person for excessive "not seeing."  More...
The Self-Education of Gifted Adults
by Lisa Rivero

What are you, really? Who are you apart from being a partner, a worker, a parent, a teacher, or even a "formerly gifted child"? 

What real decisions have you yet to make? What influence do you want to exert through your life? What do you want to become, and how will you get there?

In short, do you know if you are living up to your potential?

Does the very question provoke a rush of anxiety?  More...
Advocating for Your Child In the School Setting
by Molly A. Isaacs-McLeod

One of the most rewarding things I do is assisting parents in working with their school to obtain educational accommodation for their gifted children. Parents generally know when their children "need more." I sincerely believe most educators would like to accommodate. However, teachers are responsible for an increasing number of students, budgets are tight, and many of the resources are distributed elsewhere. To parents of gifted children, the situation is frustrating at best.

So how can you move beyond the frustration and advocate for your child and his needs? After taking a deep breath (or ten!) develop a plan of action. You can engage a professional advocate to help you, or take on the task yourself More...
The Ultimate Plan to Help Gifted Education (and Improve Education for All Kids in the Process)
by Kathleen Casper

Gifted education is not going to fix itself. No matter how many gifted people talk to each other about how much their children need different educational experiences, we still cannot move the mountains of politicians and corporations who stand in our way. 

We can have all the gifted education conferences that we want. We can publish magazine articles and counsel gifted families and teach gifted children and beg our school districts and states to change policies. Sometimes they throw us a bone. But mostly the states and federal people take bones away from education in general these days. Or, if they are giving things to education, usually it is tied in with things like standardized testing, standardized teaching, standardized everything... which we all know do very little to help gifted children in schools. More...

Voices: Snowflake 
by Dana Longpre

SENGVine's "Voices" column seeks to share creative works reflecting the gifted experience. Art, poetry, essays, articles, and stories are accepted from gifted individuals of all ages. Submit yours to:

Like a Snowflake in the sky
Are the dreams of my childhood that died
At first they started so tender and bright
Only later to face their tattered plight

For out of the fresh clean sky they have come
To then flutter down to the earth's doldrums
Scattered by poverty and routine
Which has caused the loss of this child's dream

I wanted to dance like a fairy light
To be known by the world with great delight
To be full of substance, style and charm
Only now these dreams have brought shame and harm

For out of the fresh clean sky they have come
To then flutter down to the earth's doldrums
Scattered by poverty and routine
Which has caused the loss of this child's dream
Which has caused the loss of this child's dream...

About the Author:  Dana Longpre' grew up with a driving intense passion to sing and dance professionally as soon as she could speak. Immediately, she began singing and making up little songs on her own. At 11 years of age, Dana had written a repertoire of original songs ranging from pop to rap and even jazz. Dana's pursuit of knowledge did not stop with performing arts; she loved to study marine biology, earth science, weather, space, languages, & had begun teaching herself French. Now, Dana is an electives teacher in the Northwest teaching Spanish, songwriting, ballet, hiphop and show choir. A majority of her classes are taught at her own home studio through her own company, in its 4th year running, called Romans 12. She is a published author of her own autobiography, entitled "In a Van Down by the River and Other Adventures of a Born again Aspie." She is currently wrapping up 2 other books she has written with corresponding professionally recorded classical music she has written to go along with one of the books, along with another album on the way that is a soundtrack to a musical she wrote called, "Good Fight the Musical". 

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SENGinars are online presentations on giftedness, hosted by many of the top experts in the gifted field.

Recordings of our past SENGinars are now available for purchase! 

Check out recordings for some of these popular SENGinars: 

October 5th
Misdiagnoses and Dual Diagnoses of 
Gifted Children
with Dr. James T. Webb
October 19th
Empowering Gifted Learners Through 
with Deb Douglas

Date To Be Determined
Creative Development and the Twice Exceptional: Where Art Thou?
with F. Richard Olenchak
SENG Connect

Are you seeking connection with others who will understand your experiences with parenting a twice-exceptional child? SENG has an online support group coming up specifically for  parents like you!

SENG Connect parenting groups meet online weekly, connecting over Google Hangouts in facilitated discussions exploring the joys and challenges of parenting these unique kids. This parent group will focus on the needs specific to navigating social-emotional needs, school, and environments beyond where our 2e kids struggle or succeed. Facilitated by two experts and parents of 2e children, this group will be meeting for six weeks, starting October 3rd! 

Date & Time: 
Weekly, October 3rd - November 7th
7:00-8:30 pm EST

Heather Cachat & Michael Postma  (author of  The Inconvenient Student )

P arents who attend SENG support groups make deep and lasting connections that change their lives.  Make the connections you've been missing.

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