Ryan Flynn  

All parents wants their children to be successful --- both personally and professionally.  Receiving a Christ-centered education at Saints Peter and Paul gives our students a foundation that will position them to develop their unique God-given gifts and talents in high school, college, and life

This week's glimpse of how Ryan Flynn has fared at Benet offers further evidence that our graduates are well prepared for the opportunities and challenges they will experience in high school, college, and life.
Extra-curricular involvement:
  • Tennis - Junior Varsity for 2 years, Varsity for 2 years
  • Swimming - Varsity all 4 years, Captain in my senior year
  • Benet Herald writer all four years; Head Writer in Senior Year
  • Men of Benet 
Awards or Accomplishments:
  • Benet Academy Honor Roll all four years
  • National Honors Society (Junior and Senior Year)
  • Illinois State Scholar
  • Qualified for state this year  in 200 free relay and placed 22nd.
Service involvement:
  • Involved in the National Honors Society.
  • Have volunteered at the Saints Peter and Paul Auction for the past three years
College Plans:
  • I've been accepted to Rose Hulman, the University of Illinois, John Carroll, and Saint Louis University, and will be a member of the Fighting Illini come fall.
Anticipated Major & Career Goals
  • I plan to major in Industrial Engineering and would love to work in a large tech company like Google or Microsoft one day. 
How my Catholic faith resonates with me today as a teenager:
  • My Catholic faith has played a huge role for me throughout high school. It taught my respect - respect for others, respect for my teachers, and respect for all life.
  • It taught me patience and time management, which has helped me immensely with my classes.
  • Finally, it taught me the importance of community, in church, at school, and with my family. 
What I learned at SSPP that has helped me in high school?
  • Work ethic. Without developing a good work ethic, I would not have survived high school.
  • Listening to advice from teachers. They know things that we don't and they really do want us to succeed.
  • Time management. Making a schedule, and sticking to it, helps you manage your time and get all of your work done.
Teacher at SSPP who had the most influence on me:
  • Ms. Mahoney. We read so many great books and she made learning fun and interesting. The grammar and vocabulary that we learned were a great foundation for my high school English classes.
Best Peter and Paul experience that I cherish:
  • 7th Grade Timber-Lee trip. Getting out of the classroom and spending time with my classmates for three days was great and the games and activities, like the Scavenger Hunt and rock climbing, were really fun.
Advice for current students:
  • Don't think that you'll lose your friends from SSPP when you move on to high school; I'm still friends with most of the people from SSPP even if they don't go to Benet with me.
  • Make sure that you join a sport or club early on in high school so that you meet new people right away.
  • Enjoy your years at SSPP because there are a lot of great things that you'll miss when you're older.
  • Have fun at recess because you won't have that in high school!

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April 2, 2019

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...those parents who worked outside the home never had the luxury of a coffee break as that custom allegedly originated in the late 19th century in Stoughton, Wisconsin, with the wives of Norwegian immigrants.