Senior Spotlight
Claire Hill
Claire Hill is the most decorated student-athlete in Peter and Paul history by virtue of being a member of four state championship teams. As impressive a feat as that is, there is more to her than sports. Read on to learn of what she has accomplished at Naperville North.
Sports and Extracurricular Activities:  
  • For all 4 years at North I was on both the Cross Country and Track teams.
  • For cross country we were conference, regional, and sectional champions all four years, state runners up my freshman year, and state champions my sophomore through senior year.
  • I also competed at Nike Cross Nationals in Portland for three years, with my team finishing second in the nation my junior and senior year.
  • For track we won conference and sectionals several times, placed third in state my sophomore year, and won state my junior year and have another opportunity this weekend at the state tournament at Eastern Illinois 
  • I was also involved in LINK Crew which is a leadership program my junior and senior year. 
  • Honor Roll throughout high school
  • All-Conference, All-Academic Cross Country and Track
  • All-Area & All-State Honors
  • Captain of both the Cross Country and Track teams this year.
Service Involvement:
  • Feed My Starving Children several times a year
  • Special Olympics track events, and 
  • I have volunteered at several half marathons and triathlons that Naperville runs 
College Plans and Major:
  • I had interest from several SEC schools and made formal visits at Iowa and Indiana but will be attending the University of Missouri on an athletic and academic scholarship
  • I will be on both the Cross Country and Track teams and plan to major in Business with an emphasis on Finance and Accounting.
How my Catholic faith resonates with me as a teenager:
  • Going from a Catholic middle school to a public high school, I knew growing in my faith would take a little extra work. We no longer talked about religion everyday or were able to share it in the same was as we did at SSPP.
  • Although there aren't specific classes at North about the Catholic faith, there was a comparative religions course. I decided to take that my sophomore year. This class gave me the opportunity to really stand up for Christianity and not only teach others about what we believe but truly teach myself. This class really changed the way I did look at religion and it strengthened my faith even more.
  • My faith will continue to grow and change me into a better person. I am not afraid to express who I am and what I believe. Every Ash Wednesday I was not afraid to walk around with the ashes on my head even though I would get some stares walking down the hallway.
  • SSPP taught me to prioritize my faith and that carried through into high school and will the rest of my life.
What I learned at SSPP that helped me in High School:
  • That it's okay to get out of your comfort zone. SSPP would constantly emphasize this and create situations that would help us get out of our comfort zones. This definitely helped in high school with making new friends and just creating a better high school experience overall.
A teacher at SSPP who had the most influence on me:
  • Ms. Zavodny (now Mrs. Paski) had the most influence on me. Although English was not my favorite subject, she pushed me hard every day because she knew I was capable of more than when school began in August.
  • After having Ms. Z as my teacher, high school English came much easier for me.
Best SSPP experience which I will always cherish:
  • The 8th grade DC trip. Washington was the perfect way to end our time together at SSPP.
  • Every Memorial or Museum we visited was amazing and as a class we all had a lot of fun.
Advice for current students:
  • Enjoy your Peter and Paul experience while it lasts.
  • SSPP gave me some of my favorite memories, and while I was there I did not realize how fast those years were actually going.
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    Volume 6, No. 46
   May 16, 2019


Congratulations to school parent 
Kim McMahon who was honored last week as this year's recipient of the Mike Simmons 
Good and Faithful Servant Award.  

Among the many roles she plays at our school is that of a School Board member.

The Queen of Hearts 
jackpot currently 
sits at $15,000.

Besides Quigley's, tickets are now being sold outside of church after the Saturday 
5:00 pm Mass and the Sunday
9:30 & 11:00 Masses.

The next drawing is Saturday, May 18.


You may also purchase tickets at the 
St. Paul Center for 
New Evangelization on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 
7 :30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


This Saturday, Kayla will be hosting a fundraiser at Panera Bread on Ogden Ave. to raise money and awareness for affordable housing. 

She recently completed two years of Peace Corps service in Thailand.

To learn more of her goal, go to our Alumni Facebook page.




When our school was founded in 1853....

. ...people did not have 24-7 access to news.  As a matter of fact, it was 1877, when Rutherford Hayes was president, that the White House first had a telephone installed.