Today's profile of Benet Academy senior, David Sotir, continues this year's Senior Spotlight series.  Since February, we have shared the story of sixteen members of our Class of 2015 who have had remarkable success in high school be it at Naperville North, Neuqua Valley, St. Francis, Naperville Central, or Benet Academy.

While we take pride in the accomplishments of our graduates, these articles are also designed to affirm our current students and families on their decision to be part of our family.
Extra-curricular involvement:
  • Tennis - all four years
  • Young Hearts for Life Junior Board Co-President
  • Investment Club
  • Medical Club
  • David's Lawn Care
Awards or Accomplishments:
  • First Honors every semester in high school
  • Illinois State Scholar
  • Academic Scholarship Recipient
Service involvement:
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Little Friends
College Plans:   W here have you been accepted and where will you be attending?
  • I have been accepted at the Universities of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Northwestern, and Miami (Ohio)
  • I will be attending Northwestern University
Anticipated major:
  • Economics with a minor in entrepreneurship
Career goals:
  • I am not sure but I would like to do something in Entrepreneurship.
How my Catholic faith resonated with me today as a teenager:
  • I grew in faith while at SSPP and still attend Mass at SSPP today.
  • While I know I will encounter people of little or no faith in college, I plan to continue attending weekly Mass.
  • I have been driven to volunteer as much as I can because of the values I have learned at SSPP, Benet, and from my family.
What I learned at SSPP that has helped me in high school?
  • I learned to become a good writer in Ms. Mahoney's Writer's Workshop class. These skills have helped me through high school and I know will help me in the future.
Teacher at SSPP who had the most influence on me:
  • Mrs. Phillip was my best and favorite teacher. She gave me a strong Math base that has allowed me to succeed in high school.
  • She made sure we know the material well while still making the class fun.
Best Peter and Paul experience that I cherish:
  • I cherish my time on the B basketball teams. My friends and I still talk about our teams and games often.
Advice for current students:
  • Do your homework even if it is not graded. It will help you more in the long run to retain information.
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    Volume 6, No. 47
   May 21, 2019

Congratulations to eighth grader Graeme McDaniel, who was awarded the 
Rev. Charles Reichenbacher Scholarship 
at Marmion Academy.  He was one of 15 boys from the 170 who took the entrance exam whose high score earned them the scholarship.

It is worth $17,360 over four years.

The Queen of Hearts 
jackpot currently 
sits at $15,000.

Tickets are now sold at Quigley's, in the St. Paul Center on Tuesday -Thursday and after  the Saturday 
5:00 pm Mass and the Sunday
9:30 & 11:00 Masses .


Dick Kuhn '67, of Kuhn, Heap, and Monson Law Firm will be the featured speaker at 
tomorrow night's 
Estate Planning Seminar.

To reserve your seat, call Frank Glowaty at
(630) 718-2134


September 12,
Cress Creek.


When our school was founded in 1853....

. ...the city of Chicago had a population of 60,650.