Elise Girardot


The twelfth in our series of insights as to how our graduates are faring with their high school experience leads us to Elise Girardot from Benet Academy.


When you write a tuition check, support a fundraiser, or raise your hand to volunteer, the Senior Spotlight series should emphatically reinforce confidence in the decision you made years ago when you chose Saints Peter and Paul School for your children's education.  


Extra-curricular involvement:

  • I've been a member of the Avions (poms team) for the past four years. I was on JV as a freshman and Varsity for the past three years. I am also captain of the team this year.
  • I have also been on the Orchesis Dance Team for the past two years.
  • I have been a member of the National Honor Society for the past two years.
  • I've been a member of the Young Hearts for Life Junior Board for the last two years.
  • I've been a member of Student Government for the past four years and am the head of the Dance Committee this year! 

Awards or Accomplishments:

  • First Honors every semester
  • Illinois State Scholar
  • Elected Head of Dance Committee
  • Chosen as Captain of my poms team
  • Over 100 hours of service at Edward Hospital
  • National Spanish Honor Society
  • National Honor Society
Service involvement:    
  • The past two summers I have gone on mission trips to Guatemala where our groups did several service activities including installing water filters in numerous homes, visiting schools and orphanages and applying fluoride to the children's teeth, as well as building homes for several families.
  • Volunteer every week at Edward Hospital for the past 2.5 years
  • Participate in shopping for families in need during the Christmas season through Benet
College Plans:
  • I have been accepted to the School of Nursing at Marquette, Villanova , Minnesota, Saints Louis, Boston College, Michigan, and Clemson.  They are all great options and I've elected to attend the University of Michigan.
Anticipated major:   I will be studying Nursing!

Career Goals:
  • I'd like to be a nurse in the future providing patients with the healing they need as well as the support, friendship, and advocacy that will aid in their recovery and times of suffering.

How my Catholic faith resonated with me today as a teenager:

  • My Catholic faith has helped me immensely in my teen years as well as shaped me into the person I am today. Getting involved in service opportunities has been the biggest way I have seen God these past few years.
  • I have been truly humbled through my experiences in Guatemala. The people I interacted with there had so little, yet it was obvious they had something bigger. They had their faith in Jesus Christ. Seeing this first hand and experiencing the love that was shared in those few short weeks is something I will never forget and something that has definitely kept my faith strong.
  • I know that if I have God in my life, I will get through any struggle or hardship I face with His help. These trips have also showed me the importance of doing God's work.  He has blessed us with so much and now it is up to us to pay it forward!

What I learned at SSPP that has helped me in high school?

  • At SSPP, one of the things I learned that has helped me the most is how to manage my time.  Life has only gotten more hectic since high school started and this skill has helped me balance everything.  I also learned to surround myself with great friends and to value my relationships with them.

Teacher at SSPP who had the most influence on me:

  • Ms. Mahoney has definitely had a big influence on me as a student and a person!  Her Lit Plus and Writer's Workshop class taught me how to see the enjoyment in learning and my love of English has definitely continued throughout high school.  She also taught me how to be creative and have a positive outlook on life!

Best Peter and Paul experience that I cherish:

  • I loved our 8th Grade trip to Washington, DC!  

Advice for current students:

  • Get involved in a lot of things in high school!  They will help you discover what you like and who you are.
  • Don't stress over the small things!  Everything will work out.
  • Choose a good group of friends.
  • Always have a positive outlook on life and smile as often as you can.

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    Volume 6, No. 36
April 11, 2019
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