Today our Senior Spotlight returns to Naperville North High School with a glimpse of Grace Bordignon's last four years.  Hers is the sixth profile in our series following SSPP classmates Nick Hoeppel, Tim Dalton, Duncan Fox, Patch England, and Claire Dause.
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 Senior at Naperville North High School 
  • Tennis team as Junior and Senior
  • Traveled to London, Paris, and Rome through the NNHS English department last summer 
  • French Teaching Assistant at NNHS Service 
  • Weekly Edward Hospital Volunteer for the past 2 years 
  • Regular Volunteer at PADS Awards 
  • Illinois State Scholar 
  • Achieved First Honors all four years of high school 
  • Academic Scholarship Recipient 
College Plans:
  • I have applied to and been accepted to Loyola University (Honors Program), Michigan State University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Honors Program), and Emerson College. I am leaning toward attending Loyola University, but I have not made a definitive decision. I plan to major in English with a possible minor in French. 
Career Goals:
  • I am interested in becoming a lawyer, but I have no set career goals at this time. 
How my Catholic faith resonates with me today as a teenager:
  • My faith guides my morality every day to make good decisions and has been a source of strength when challenged. I am drawn to the Jesuit education offered at Loyola that promotes ethical and spiritual values. The virtue of charity has motivated me to volunteer at Edward Hospital and continue t o give back to my community. 
What I learned at SSPP that has helped me in high school:
  • I have learned how to manage my time and adopt strong writing and verbal skills. Reading at Mass at an early age and participating in 8th grade Literary Debates were great public speaking opportunities that gave me confidence and have proved valuable in high school. 
Teacher at SSPP who had the most influence on me:
  • The teacher who influenced me the most is Mrs. Skroch. She was honest in what she expected, a good role model and one of my more challenging teachers. 
SSPP experience that I cherish:
  • The 7th grade Timber-Lee trip and all of the 8th grade activities (Graduation, Confirmation, May Crowning) are memories I will always cherish. Junior High volleyball was also a great experience. 
Advice for current students:
  • Don't procrastinate. The hard work you put in high school will pay off and present multiple opportunities for your future.  Don't forget to take care of yourself
    Volume 6, No. 22
   February 19, 2019


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