Lexi Lembach

Alexa Lembach, from Naperville North High School, is our third Huskie to be featured this year and ninth member of the Class of 2015 to be profiled.

Families who wonder whether the education their children receive at Saints Peter and Paul School will allow them to be successful in high school, need only read these vignettes to learn how our graduates shine at all of the secondary schools to which they matriculate.

Extra-Curricular involvement:
  • Was a member of the Naperville North Dance Team my Freshman and Sophomore.
  • I participated in Orchesis my Freshman and Sophomore year which is a dance club at Naperville North.
  • Was on the Varsity Cheerleading team my Junior and Senior year.
  • Was a member of the Special Education Cheerleading program where we would create routines for adaptive kids to perform at halftime and participate in sidelines with us during football and basketball season.
  • Participated in a NNHS mini-dance team program which allowed kids in middle school to come and learn dance routines with the dance team and also perform them during halftime for football season!
  • Helped choreograph routines for NNHS annual "Airband" competition all four years.
  • Raised money for both Cheerleading and Dance Team by selling Huskie Saver Cards.
  • Participated in the IHSA State Dance Competition my Sophomore year and made it to the final round with my Varsity Dance Team.
  • Won second place in the 2017 NNHS Airband competition for a routine I choreographed.
  • Won Huskie Earphones for selling the most Huskie Saver Cards in 2017.
College Plans:
  • I will be attending Indiana University at Bloomington and plan on majoring in Media Marketing/Advertising.
Career Goals:
  • I'm still undecided on a specific career path but know it will likely involve sales and marketing.
What I learned at SSPP that helped me at Naperville North:
  • At SSPP, I learned how to manage time, because I had to balance my homework while still being able to participate in after-school activities. If you plan on being in an extracurricular sport/activity in high school, and I recommend that you do, this skill is very useful.
  • In 5th grade, I heard a quote, "Never ever go to bed upset at someone for it's bad for the heart." This quote has almost become a motto for me.  Although it does not really relate to school, I think it is a very important way to live and it still inspires me to always strive to be the bigger person in a conflict and exemplify the Catholic faith in everyday life.
Teachers that Influence me:
  • Mrs. Paski (Miss Zavodny)- She was an extremely influential teacher who not made school enjoyable and learning fun. I always looked forward to being in her class! She taught me how to express myself through writing and speaking and inspired me to enjoy reading.
  • Coach Schmecht- He helped me become a competitive athlete and showed our entire class how much fun gym can be (unless you get dodge balls stuck in the ceiling). That is so different from high school where everyone dislikes gym, but at SSPP it was the best period of the day.
Best SSPP experience:
  • By far our trip to Timberlee. Our team name was Seal Team 6 and we had the absolute best time. I never went to camp as a kid so whenever I think of camp I immediately think of Timberlee; it was such an incredible experience.
Advice for current students:
  • Time flies so make the best of your SSPP experience and never go to bed angry at a friend or family member.
How my Catholic faith resonates with me today as a teenager:
  • My Catholic faith resonates with me today because it always keeps me from going down the wrong path. It gives me strength and is the backbone to my morals and values as an individual.
    Volume 6, No. 28
   March 13, 2019


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When our school was founded in 1853....

. ... aspiring musicians did not have the option of playing the electric guitar.   The earliest electric guitars were made in the 1920s and 1930s.  The very first electrified guitar was said to have been invented by Paul H. Tutmarc who was inspired by the inner workings of the telephone  which employed magnetics to create vocal vibrations.