ISO 9001-2015 Certificate for Quality

Building on Dedication to Safety and Quality

SENSR ISO Certified

After more than a year of concentrated effort by the SENSR team and quality experts from our parent company GREX, we successfully achieved a recognition that is usually associated with companies many times our size.

SENSR was awarded ISO 9001-2015 certification from DNV-GL. This international standard is the highest level of certification available and certifies through an extensive audit process that SENSR's standards, practices, policies and procedures consistently meet its high standards.

"Simply put, this certification is proof positive that SENSR is a world-class manufacturer," said SENSR President Walt Bleser in his latest LinkedIn article. "[It proves that] our products perform as advertised, that every step in our business process is compliant with our industry-leading standards and practices, and that every member of our team is committed to safety and quality in all aspects."

If you are already one of our growing list of customers, you know this from experience, but if you are looking for real-world solutions to your structural response monitoring issues, then this certification tells you that SENSR is your answer. To read SENSR President Walt Bleser's reaction to this prestigious certification, visit his new LinkedIn article. If you'd like more information on SENSR, visit

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