Career Newsletter: Special Edition

In this special series, SEO Career alums share their experiences of how SEO Career helped them succeed in their internships and professional careers.   Hear first-hand the benefits of SEO Career, and learn valuable tips to make the most of your internship.

"SEO Career provides so much more than an internship - it's a game changer. SEO Career gives young professionals the training, preparation, support system, and professional network you need to get ahead of the curve."  
-Giuseppe Speranza, SEO Career Class of 2009

Below, SEO Career Banking alums share valuable insights that can be applied to all internship areas SEO Career offers, from Corporate roles to Real Estate. For more information on our internship opportunities, visit 

What is the Benefit of SEO Career?

Jean Pierre, SEO Career Class of 2014, talks about how SEO Career prepared him for his internship in Investment Banking at Barclays, and how the coaching throughout the summer helped him land a full-time offer.

What Makes a Company
Extend the Offer?

Melvin Pena, SEO Career Class of 2013, talks about his time in Investment Banking at Citigroup, and what his company and team looked for when deciding which interns would get a full-time offer.

What Does It Mean To Be in the SEO Family? 

Sivan Bruce, SEO Career Class of 2015, interned at Bank of American Merrill Lynch in Investment Research. Hear how the SEO Family helped her during her internship, and how the training she received prepared her to get the offer.

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