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We are going to be taking a slightly different approach to our e-newsletters for the rest of the year to see how you like it. It's going to take more of an "FAQ" approach by topic. Our topics for this month and September are going to be:

SEO (this week)
Web Development

We will keep links to past FAQ topics as we go forward so you can check up as you have time. 

SEO was our topic for this week, and we decided to begin from the beginning. We often take for granted that when we talk to someone about SEO, they know exactly what we mean. Sometimes this is not the case, however. Our Monday post concentrated on defining SEO and why it's important. 

Wednesday's post talked about what to do once you decide you want to work on improving your website's optimization. Realizing that SEO is important is great, but if you don't know how to fix things your situation is not going to improve. Getting started with SEO does not have to be scary, as we show you how we tend to run through the paces in this post. 

We continued our #10Tuesday series on, well, Tuesday (go figure). We offered 10 great posts for you to read by people other than us. We welcome recommendations from you as well!

My father-in-law was a brick mason. I heard the stories of him coming home after a long day under the sun. Skin burnt red. Sweating through his clothes. But Bill knew a few things about a hard day's work. As a mason, he was a technician. There was a right way to do the job and that's the only way he knew. I remember him waxing poetic about the importance of measuring right, laying each brick precisely where it was to be placed, mixing the mortar properly and setting the proper foundation.
Coming from the background of my dad's advertising business, my "trades" experience was relegated to using a hammer and a screwdriver (although I will say I was equally adept at the use of a Phillips as well as a flat head).
But there was an important lesson I did learn from my father-in-law that does translate to my business world and that is the importance of building that foundation.
Too often these days, we are building it the fastest way possible just to the get the job done. We email. We text. We occasionally call. But we rarely meet face to face.
I don't think it is my decades of experience talking when I say that personal meetings is the only way to truly build a foundation. It is the mix-it-up-from-scratch mortar--not the quick set you buy at the big box store. This is the kind that takes a little while to set but when it finally does, it is solid. No casual storm is going to knock this baby down.
Try it out. See if you agree. After all, it's just another brick in the wall.*
* Thanks for loaning me that line, Roger Waters (even though I did not ask permission first)

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