F E A T U R E D   W O R K 

ANDREW RICE  the space between us
In the space between us, and throughout his entire collection, (re)Structured, Rice has created an emotional state of being that brings you layers deep-quite literally. Created with oil sticks and a printmaking background to create visual 3D doorways and geometrical barriers, the space between us asks where you find yourself within each piece, and in what ways are we all connected?  

N O T E  F R O M  T H E  E D I T O R 


Everything around us is comprised of layers: our bodies, our architecture, our society, our minds. Those layers, so carefully constructed, are all works of art. Some layers are meant to be shed, slowly and carefully. Others are meant to let us sink into other-worldly places. Some even ask us to reimagine ourselves, both within and outside of a painting. Andrew Rice, Berna Reale, and Cara Krebs have unique ways to demonstrate the feeling of being "layers deep," both figuratively and literally. 

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Berna Reale's Untitled

Untitled coveys a somber depiction of "de-layering" as Reale's body is slowly stripped of protective clothing and she is carried, naked, throughout the city by fully-clothes men. Implementing strong visual elements and satirical social commentary on patriarchy, Reale's performance sheds light hidden truths of Brazilian reality, and provokes audiences to consider their own personal and societal conflicts of the universal topics that she addresses such as patriarchy, consumerism, capitalism, and more.


Sehnsuct : A gallery of floating, moving, and captivating pieces that pull you into their realm.

Using Jell-O skins, whimsical imagery, and a water installation, Krebs brings her audience into a realm of fantasy and the unknown. Quivering sculptures will leave you mesmerized, while in next room, her water installation gives one the sinking feeling of falling into the sea. Krebs invites us to wander through her constructed fantasy world, a world that leaves us longing for both the familiar and the unknown and asks us to reclaim our imaginations.     


Stroller Tours:  Object[ed]
SEP 14 | 9:30 AM

Explore our Object[ed] exhibit during our kid-friendly Stroller Tours. This tour will provide a space for parents, guardians, and caregivers to experience architecture in drag, a whimsical swimming pool, anti-consumerist art, and more with their young children before the doors open to the public! Please RSVP to elly.baldwin@utahmoca.org to attend this tour.  

Family Art Saturday: Collagraph
SEP 10 | 2 PM

Andrew will also be the focus of our Family Art Saturday: Collagraph (Object Printmaking) on Septeber 10th. Future artists will learn how to create collagraphs using aterials that range from mesh to food products-and the best part? Kids get to take home their masterpiece at the end of the workshop and display their very own, unique collagraph! 



When creating a collection of work, Andrew Rice tends to have more of an overarching theme rather than thinking of pieces as individual. During the creation of (re)Structured, Rice was interested in the juxtaposition between protection and barriers. "Take for instance, this table between us," he says. "It separates us and provides a barrier, but it prevents another layer of connection in many ways. These man-made constructions that keep us comfortable also keep us isolated in a way. It prevents our access to surrounding environments. I wanted to address that idea, but in a different way." 


"Sky's the Limit" 60X36 oil on canvas sold to these fantastic folks during a #sothebys open house last night. A percentage of sales will be donated to the #umoca. (June 23, Posted by Janell James)
Workshop in full swing with Jana Haworth @ModernWestFA! "Women" opens next year at @utahmoca and @the_leonardo! (Jul 23, Posted by Diane Stewart)

Sense/ability tour four sensory-sensitive children and their families. Aug 27 at 10am. Space is limited. Visit site for more information. 



Val Antczak & Barbara Polich

Founders of Antczak Polich Law, Val and Barbara have been long-time supporters of countless organizations in the Salt Lake community. Val served as President of UMOCA's Board of Trustees from 1997-2004 and stepped up as President again in 2014. Both he and Barbara have, and continue to be, active on numerous boards and committees in Salt Lake City. They are tireless supporters, giving of their time and money to ensure the future of non-profits in our city. Thank you for your dedication and support.

Local Items

These unique items are created by local artists and sold at the Art Shop at UMOCA.
1.Patrick Bates, Fantastic Beings Print: $15
2. Annika Quinn, Bracelet: $65
3. Annika Quinn, Ring: $75
4. Lizze  Mättääla, Sample Sale book: $15
SEP 10 | 2 - 4 PM
Family Art Saturday: Collagraphs
SEP 14 | 9:30 AM
Stroller Tours: Object[ed]
OCT 8 | 2 - 4 PM
Family Art Saturday: Glorious Goo

NOV 4 | 6 PM
Fluid Art





Zeke Dumke, IV 
& Analecia Dumke
The Andy Warhol Foundation For The Visual Arts
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