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Your Company Entry

The Company Entry is one of the most important tools for finding you on the SEPAWA® CONGRESS and for gathering information about your business. It will go online on the website and the official Exhibitor Catalog.

Register yourself and catch everyone's attention.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Your SEPAWA® Team
How to enter your Company Entry? - NEW
  1. Log in to our ETC registration system with the data you have already received
  2. Go to "Purchases & Tickets" and click "Add".
  3. Select the "Company Entry" shop
  4. Follow the link
  5. Insert your company details and save the form
  6. You can enter your data under "My Documents"
  7. Done!
Who is a Stand Holder?
Stand Holders are companies/institutions which have booked and paid the booth. Each main exhibitor receives a Company Entry Advanced along with their booth package for free, as well as the Company Entry Basic, which is obligatory.
What is a Represented Company?
It's a company which is represented by the Stand Holder at the exhibition booth by their products and/or services.
You represent a partner and/or affiliated companies at your booth? Profit from a free Basic Entry for all Represented Companies on our exhibitor list or choose an upgrade option of the entry.


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