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ARTelier & Scent - Call for Fragrance

Get yourself inspired and transform a modern piece of art into fragrance!
This year we dedicate ourselves to the fine arts. Painting has always been an expression of sensations. Where they are abstract, the artist's perceptions are reflected in color and form, expressing the most essential.

Together with the DGP, SEPAWA® e.V. is looking for unique fragrance creations. This year we would like to encourage you to turn a modern painting into a fragrance.

Become a part of our journey into the world of fine arts and apply now!

Save The Date

The three winning fragrances will be presented  on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. in Foyer 4 at the Fragrance Lounge.
Call for Fragrance

Transform modern art into fragrance and describe in a few words your interpretation of the piece of art “Gathering” from Andreas Eriksson.

Please follow the link to the original painting:

Please note: Several fragrance suggestions can be turned in per company.
We particularly invite young talents to apply.

2017, Egg tempera and oil on canvas, 200 x 120cm
Time Line
28.04. Application deadline
26.05. Fragrance submission
30.06. Fragrance selection
25.10. Fragrance presentation
For applications until April 28, 2023, we ask you for an email providing the following information: 

• Complete company address
• Fragrance type
• Name of fragrance (english)
• Fragrance description incl. ingredients
(Please provide until May 26)

The fragrance samples as EDT 10-15%(4 per fragrance of min. 10 ml) must be sent to us in neutral flacons by May 26, 2023.

Dorfstraße 40
86470 Thannhausen

The decision on the fragrance creations is made by an independent, neutral expert jury of the DGP and SEPAWA® e.V.. The fragrances are evaluated and selected in neutral flacons in a non-public session.
Evaluation Criteria

The fragrance creations will be sent anonymously to the jury.
This year the focus is on the interpretation of the work of art and the special creativity in its implementation.
Conditions of Participation & Fees

Persons and/or companies that participate in the SEPAWA® CONGRESS 2023 are eligible to participate, be it as an exhibitor or as a visitor. The wining/selected companies provide approx. 5kg Parfumeoil on their own expense. They may receive 500 roll-ons for their own advertising efforts from Thursday, 26 October 20203 for a service charge of €1,000, upon request.
On the day of the Fragrance Event, the respective company/person must give a short fragrance presentation of about 5 minutes.


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