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VOLUME 44 . ISSUE 9 . SEPT 2019
When something good happens, we talk about it. We get the word out. We declare and announce and report it. The ancient word for reporting good news is gospel. “The gospel” is the good news of Jesus Christ. Here is the gospel in one sentence: Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, God has made the good life of His kingdom available to sinners like you and me. In the Bible, each of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) tells the true story of Jesus from a unique perspective, and by studying them together in chronological order, we’ll witness the story of Jesus as the events actually unfolded. This study will provide what we always need most: a clear vision of Jesus.
Join us for worship every Sunday at 9 am or 10:45 am
Full programming is available for kids from birth - 5th gr
LifeGroups & Youth Groups begin the week of September 8th!
For a current list of groups available & to sign up go to www.plumcreek.org/lifegroups
In partnership with Plum Creek Kids and Plum Creek Students, we are beginning a special needs ministry. We are looking for teens and adults who have a passion for loving on and showing compassion to kids with special needs. To learn more or see how you can get involved please email james.jenkins@pendleton.kyschools.us
Join the PC Tutoring Team! Tutors meet with the same child each week to build relationship and help with reading. Our curriculum is super easy to use (you just listen to a child read). After reading the book, tutors play games with their child. Children are in grades K-5. Tutoring takes place at Northern Elementary in Butler every Tuesday from 5-6 pm.
(At Northern Elementary, Butler)
Sign up online at www.plumcreek.org/tutoring
OR contact Jared for more information
Preschool families are invited to join us for a night of creation fun as we take a special look at each of the seven days of creation. You and your kids will get to discover and explore each of the seven days through interactive and hands-on fun. We'll have guests from the Cincinnati Children's Museum as well as the Planetarium display from Woodmen of the World. You won't want to miss this night of wonder and discover as we learn more about how God made everything. Free Snappy's pizza will be provided for dinner!

Every moment matters with kids. And just one caring and loving adult can change a child's life. As a church we have the potential to influence the next generation for Christ, but it takes a team of volunteers.
This fall we will be launching our SAY YES 2020 Campaign , where we'll be looking for adults and teens to help fill the 200 serving roles needed to support our Kids Ministry in 2020. Serving commitments range from one time, to once a month, to being a consistent small group leader for kids. We have serving spots working with children on Sunday mornings, helping support and pull off our events for our neighbors and also in helping prepare for when kids arrive on Sunday. Help us impact the next generation for Christ by saying yes to Plum Creek kids! For questions, contact dylan@plumcreek.org
Beginning this fall we'll be launching a Plum Creek Kids Podcast just for parents! These podcasts will be hosted by Children's Minister, Dylan Bjorklund, but will also include guest speakers and parents within our church. We'll be talking about issues facing homes, kids and families today. We'll seek to provide you with helpful tools and resources to make the most of the time you have now.
Mark your calendar for the
last FX of the year on
OCTOBER 26th @ 6:00 PM

We are ending this year's FX events with a Fall Festival theme!
You won't want to miss this fun and exciting evening of family fun.

Registration begins September 30th!
Join us as we kick off at The Patio again for a great school year together!
Friends - we've all got them. But are your friends influencing your life for better or for worse? In this series, we'll look not only at the qualities we all want in good friends, but also the qualities that can help us be good friends. Because the right kind of friends - the real kind - are the best kind.
SUNDAY NIGHTS . 5:45-7:45 pm
9/8 Kick-off
9/15 Be the kind of friend you want in your circle
9/22 Be wise about the friends you allow in your circle
9/29 Be friendly when your circle changes
Save the Date of October 25 & 26 for our Middle School Fall Retreat at Woodland Lakes Christian Camp. It's always a great weekend together. Sign-ups and more information will be coming in September at www.plumcreek.org/fallretreat
Did you know that the Plum Creek Sharing Center has averaged serving 308 people with food, groceries,
and emotional & spiritual support EACH MONTH in 2019? That includes an average of 58 children each month. You can help! We need volunteers to meet guests, push carts, and help load groceries in cars on Saturday, September 21, from
10 am-12 Noon . If you can help, come that morning at 9:45 am to Plum Creek South (13455 Alexandria Pike) for a short training.
following 2nd service
Have questions about Plum Creek? Want to know how you can get involved? Want to make this big place a little smaller? Join us for this one session conversation in a relaxed environment where we address who Plum Creek is, what we're about, and what you can expect from Plum Creek. We also take time to answer specific questions you might have. Lunch and child care are provided.
(Baptism 05.20.19)
10432 Pleasant Ridge Rd . Alexandria KY 41001

LEAH HAUENSTEIN (Baptism 06.28.19 @ CIY)
9855 Riva Ridge Court . Alexandria KY 41001

AVIANA GRAY (Baptism 06.28.19 @ CIY)
1106 Davjo Drive . Cold Spring KY 41076

ASHLEY RUSCHMAN (Baptism 06.28.19)
128 Evergreen Ave, Southgate KY 41071

REESE RYAN (Baptism 07.28.19)
12805 Walnut Creek Dr . Alexandria KY 41001

JUSTIN RYAN (Transfer 07.28.19)
12805 Walnut Creek Dr . Alexandria KY 41001

DAN CREW (Baptism 08.25.19)
3703 Joyce Ann Lane, Alexandria KY 41001
961 Nagel Road . Butler KY . 41006