September 2020  VOLUME 28, ISSUE 1
A Note from the CWC President: Caroline Kane Kenna                        
Recently, I received a packet of club history from our first newsletter editor Dannye Romine Powell. In it was the story of our first 75 years. Dede Wilson who was president at the time complied the information to mark that anniversary. As I thumbed type-written pages, I started thinking about our founder Adelia Kimball, (Mrs. A. L Kimball, to the publishing world), originally from Lowell, MA, wanted to mingle with other writers, exchange ideas and listen to other stories; so in 1922 she started a writers' club because Charlotte didn't have one. Less than five years removed from the 1918 pandemic and two years after women won the right to vote, Kimball "dared to offer a story-writing class to discover other writers," and those women became a club providing "the spur and the confidence" each needed to improve and publish their own work.
As we begin our 98th program year, CWC is writing a virtual chapter, Zoom meetings, a safe alternative while the Coronavirus pandemic lasts, because like Adelia Kimball and her cohort, we need community as we do the solitary work of writing; we need minds to learn from, to help us shape and sharpen our projects, and to remind us of our goals; this club that supports, encourages and celebrates writers of all genres and in all stages of their craft. We are adding more events every day to the calendar but you can see and print a copy of what we have planned so far at CWC Activities 2020-2021.

One last thing, at the September meeting we will officially vote in the Executive Board

for 2020-2021. Immediate Past President Debra Wallin will conduct the election.   

Officers are:   

  • President: Caroline Kane Kenna
  • Vice President of Nominations: Anshu Gupta
  • Vice President of Membership: Axel Dahlberg
  • Secretary: Tiffany Grantham
  • Treasurer: John McGillicuddy
 Stay Healthy and Keep Writing!   

When: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 6:30-8:30 pm
Where: via Zoom   
Speaker: Novelist Phillip Lewis  
Phillip Lewis Sept2020speaker
Topic: Adding Meaning & Depth to a  
Story or a Novel  

Join us in cyberspace for our first general meeting of the 2020-2021 program year. Fiction author Phillip Lewis kicks it off with a discussion of how to go about adding layers of meaning and depth to your story or novel through a variety of techniques, including literary, historical, or cultural allusions, symbolism, allegory, and more, with numerous examples from well-known and some lesser-known works of fiction, including his own novel, The Barrrowfields, a debut The New York Times called "a work of abundant talent."
Lewis is a Charlotte attorney who was born and raised in West Jefferson, a little more than a stone's throw away from the Virginia and Tennessee lines, and not far from the mythical town of Old Buckram, where the characters disappear and evolve in his literary fiction novel,The Barrowfields (published in 2017 by Crown/Hogarth).
Learn more about our speaker at our Calendar of Events page.  
September is...
4-National College Colors Day
6-National Read a Book Day
10-National Swap Ideas Day

September Literacy Trivia (answers in green section of newsletter)

Which poet wrote "Fools rush in where angels fear to trod?"
Who invented the word pandemonium?
Who wrote the surreal novel Tarantula?

Meet-a-Member - Christine Arvidson
I live in Charlotte, again, after being gone for 20+ years to Pittsburgh, northern Michigan, and the mountains of NC. I teach in the English Department at UNC Charlotte. I've co-edited and have writings in three anthologies:
Mountain Memoirs: An Ashe County Anthology,
Reflections on the New River, and most recently
The Love of Baseball: Essays by Lifelong Fans.
My poem "Little Birds" is part of CWC's and Mooresville Art's Beyond Poems and Paintings, and, I'll have an essay in the journal "Nines: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture" later this year. I earned a BA from Olivet College, an MA from UNC Charlotte, and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College. I've got some letters and some miles on me.

When and where do I write the best?
I write mostly in the morning. Early. First thing. At a desk. The habit became really ingrained with my MFA program because I was also working a demanding day job.

Favorite writing tool?
It's weird. I always write poetry with a pen or pencil, in one notebook at a time. Fiction or essays, I'm strictly a computer banger. I think it has to do with speed. I'm a fast typist and can get words down quickly in prose. Poetry is more of a word-by-word thing.

Favorite advice about writing?
That's easy. Butt-in-seat. Just get down words. I'm a big fan of Nanowrimo for that reason.
A favorite writing resource (book, website, etc.) 
The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and Charlotte Lit have been invaluable for me since I moved back to Charlotte last year. I religiously attend their programs. The Main Library has "Write Like You Mean It" once a week (now via Zoom) and it draws a fascinating group of people of all colors, ages, backgrounds, and interests. Likewise, Charlotte Lit has "Pen to Paper" once a week (in better times). I'd say 75% of what I'm working on right now had beginnings in one of the prompts used in these writing sessions.
Best writing advice you've received and actually taken?
Definitely butt-in-seat. Or another way to put it, just get words on the page, don't fear the vomit draft.
One thing I would like help with?  
 I think we all need to have spaces to freely share our work publicly. The more opportunities we have to stand up and read our work to people, the better.
Want to start a dialogue with Chris? Contact her through the Member Directory or Online

Would You like to fill out a profile for Meet-A-Member? Contact us here for the questions.

This Fall Our Workshops are in Cyberspace!
Save Your Seat for:

Innovative Forms of Creative Nonfiction

    Brenda Miller

On Saturday, September 19, 1-3 pm. please join us for Innovative Forms of Creative Nonfiction, a workshop facilitated by Brenda Miller. Learn more about our presenter ONLINE.
She is the winner of six Pushcart Prizes and master of the creative nonfiction essay, Miller comes to us via Zoom from Bellingham, Washington. When you sign up for this creative nonfiction workshop, you will receive the Zoom link in your reminder email. SIGN UP HERE.   
 The Poet Witnesses: Writing Documentary Poetry  
On Saturday, October 24, 10 am to noon. Jaki Shelton Green the current North Carolina Poet Laureate will lead this workshop; The Poet Witnesses: Writing Documentary Poetry.   
Green comes to us via Zoom and will focus on the idea of the poet as historian and researcher and expand on the definition of documentary poetry. 
Learn more about Jaki Shelton Green ONLINE  
 Jaki Shelton Green 

Beyond Poems and Paintings: An Ekphrastic Exhibit  
Co-sponsored by CWC North & Mooresville Arts
Although the coronavirus derailed plans for an in-person celebration, our partner Mooresville Arts has provided a virtual tour on the Mooresville Arts Facebook page. You can hear our poets read and see how each Mooresville Arts artist interpreted those words.  
It is a truly special event for this exciting, first time collaboration between CWC North and Mooresville Arts. To learn more about the project and the eight poems selected for artists to interpret, visit the CWC North Calendar of Events page. 
Poems and paintings will also be on display in the gallery housed in the historic Mooresville Train Depot, from August 15 to September 24. If you plan to go to the gallery to view the exhibit please call ahead to ensure the gallery is open since it is staffed by volunteers. For that information and/or more about the exhibit contact the
If you choose to go to the gallery, we ask that you protect others and yourself by wearing a mask and maintaining 6 feet between one another.

Polish Your Shorts and Submit!
is open now through October 20, 2020, for your best 500-word short fiction.
Coming to Your Screen in October!
Our annual Critique Group Call Out, Tuesday, the 20th 6:30-8:30 p.m. Sign in and find peer view group or a writing partner to raise your writing game. 
The Virtual Writing Salon is back by popular demand! 75-minutes, write/share your responses. Prompts provided by Tiffany Grantham. Watch your inbox for the date and time.

Share Your Good News at Members' Kudos   
Celebrate your new book and when prose and poetry projects you've labored over are published and/or win contests!
Advisory Board for 2020-2021 
Programming ChairsAngela Haigler & David Collins
Contest Chairs: Mack Staton & Darrell Horwitz

Membership Chair: Axel Dahlberg 

Membership Co-Chair: Blair Peery

Critique Groups Coordinator: Jennifer Hurlburt

Newsletter Editor: Teresa Taylor

Webmaster: Debra Wallin
Open Mic Night: Debra Wallin & Hope Smyth  

Workshop Coordinator: Anshu Gupta
CWC-North Liaison:  Ione O'Hara
Contact them from the Board of Directors page.
New Library programs are being added regularly.  Please click on  CML Calendar 
to check out these on-going virtual events.
Poetry in Pajamas
Wednesdays from noon to 1 pm,
Join in from wherever you are, for Poetry in Pajamas (or other comfortable attire). We will work on new poems and listen to others in the comfort of a virtual space. Contact Rob Smith  and register with an email address and the meeting link will be sent on the day of the program.
Write Like You Mean It!
Thursday mornings from 10 to 11:30 am,  
Please join from the comfort of your space to write and share our work. Register and a link will be sent on Thursday.  
Writers Conversation Hour  
Friday, from 7 to 8 pm   
Hang out virtually with other writers to talk about resources, submission opportunities, and what you have been reading or writing. Contact Pam Turner and  the meeting link will be sent on the day of the event.   

More Opportunities
Keeping Pen to Paper:
Mini lesson and a prompt every Wednesday from Charlotte Lit.   
North Carolina Poetry Societysign up  for the monthly eMuse.  
A Quiet Place
Randell Jones has set up a "Coming into Contact" page, "a quiet place" to share your writing during our social distancing. Think of it as an "open mic" where visitors can find a short personal story or reflection. He hopes you will contribute.
The Writers' Workshop of Asheville, Literary Fiction Contest deadline is September 30, 2020. See contest guidelines and a list of the online classes offered at
If you have other suggestions please share them at
Contact Us on the website and we'll review them and post in the Newsletter and Facebook page if appropriate.

OPEN MIC NIGHT is September 18, 6:30 to 9:00 pm  
You must be a member and sign up ahead of time to read. If you just want to drop in, listen and cheer on your fellow writers, the Zoom link is in the announcement sent to members from the Membership software. SIGN UP HERE

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Looking to curl up with a good book? 
Try September's featured novels

The Goldfinch by Donna Tarrt
Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
The Outsider by Stephen King
The Shores of Our Souls
Debut novel by Kathryn Brown Ramsperger
Trivia Answers
1. Alexander Pope, Essay on Criticism
2. John Milton, It was the capitol of hell.
3. Bob Dylan

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The show features two weekly shows. Learn what's coming this fall for Season 7and the Under the Covers show. And find out more Here.
You can listen for FREE on all major podcast platforms, at the website, at the networks and at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library's Digital Branch.

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