September 2021
Embracing a free and responsible search for truth and meaning while demonstrating our strong belief in the interdependent web of all existence.
Regarding COVID 19

Due to the increased cases of the Covid Delta variant in our area, we have moved back to "online only" services until our situation improves. We know that this continues to be frustrating for all of us, especially since our congregation has been so careful and probably all followed the guidelines, including getting vaccinated when eligible. Yet, we really need to model what we hope all in this community will do. I encourage you to share our decision with folks in other churches and encourage everyone you know to get vaccinated. If you know health care workers, please tell them what we are doing to support them. Be safe and well!

Thank you for your understanding, as we try to protect one another.

Hang in there!

A couple of decades ago, I had a poster in my office at Georgia Southern that had a cat in a tree with the caption, “Hang in there.” It got me through some tough times. Sometimes you think things will improve more rapidly, and they don’t. But if we can hang in there, more help is on the way. Hopefully that little cat was eventually rescued or figured out a way to get down to the next branch, then the next, till she was at a safe place. Or maybe she just figured out she could jump for it and see if she really did have nine lives.

I know this sounds SO cliché, dear ones, but this is where we find ourselves now. We had hoped for this pandemic to be over and for us to be joyously worshipping in our building again. But that is not the case. SO, we just need to “hang in there.” It will get better! I had to go into a pharmacy yesterday, and masked up and went in. I was happily surprised to see folks LINED up to get the vaccine!! YES! At one point, it seemed that all who would get them had done so. But with this Delta crisis showing that the majority of folks hospitalized are unvaccinated, many are changing their minds.

Meanwhile, we will continue to gather via Zoom and connect in the ways that we can. It’s important. We can do this! We have our stewardship campaigns approaching this fall and look forward to folks returning their materials with enthusiasm for our future! Meanwhile, as we realistically address many of the problems in our society, let us remember to look for the beautiful and the good

Please feel free to call, message, or write to me if you need to share your concerns, worries, suggestions, joys, and love. I think of all of you often and look forward to being with you on Zoom (for now) and in person just a little bit later. So – Hang in there, my friends.

Peace, love and courage!
September 5
"Renewal and Rebirth"
Rev Jane Page, Worship Leader
Rev Jane will continue her “We R UU’s” theme with a message entitled, “Renewal and Rebirth.” Come explore these concepts and possibilities with us and how they might inspire us as we continue to adapt to this pandemic. 
The service will be on Zoom at the UUCG Zoom link:

September 12
Aundra Fuller, Guest Speaker - Director, Brunswick African American Cultural Center
Beth Sutton, Worship Leader
Audra will present the mission and goals for the new African American Cultural Center as well as information about the Rise Risley project. She holds a M.S., Education degree from Georgia Southern University and a Management Certification from the College of Coastal Georgia. She created the annual Community Heritage Walk/Race and Guide that takes the community along the main African American historic corridor in Brunswick. It narrates the history of the streets, homes, and buildings and people of the African American community. As Director of the Center, she plans, directs and coordinates programming and strategic planning for the organization. She has been a middle school teacher in the Glynn County School system for past 10 years.
The service will be on Zoom at the UUCG Zoom link:

September 19
"Rosh Hashanah and High Holy Days: Lessons for UUs"
Rev Jane Page, Worship Leader
Rev Jane will continue her “We R UUs” theme with a message entitled, “Rosh Hashanah and High Holy Days: Lessons for UUs.” What can we learn from these sacred Jewish Holy Days and rituals that might help us in our own lives. Come explore with us on Zoom! Bring your own apples and honey!!
The service will be on Zoom at the UUCG Zoom link:

September 26
"Cultivating Wisdom: The Wisdom of Deep Time"
Beth Sutton, Worship Leader
 When we are able to step back and look at the present through the lens of deep time, we have the opportunity to create a new perspective. While the only moment we have is now, it can help to remember that we are really just a blip in the history of the universe. And maybe to remember that “we are stardust, we are golden.”
The service will be on Zoom at the UUCG Zoom link:
As our new liturgical year began, many of us were able to embrace each other for the first time in more than a year at our August 15th in-gathering service. Although many of us were still out-of-town, what a joy to be able to return to an immaculately clean church and in-person services! But as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end” and Covid-19 has once again taken hold of our lives. This is difficult for many of us and has been a challenging issue for the Board.
Shortly after our in-person service, Rev. Jane and other worship leaders in Glynn County received a deeply moving message from Rev. Culpepper, the head chaplain at the Brunswick Hospital. I was able to talk to him in person last week during my volunteer shift at the hospital and also had the opportunity to talk to hospital staff members, many of whom were on the edge of exhaustion. Rev. Culpepper urged houses of worship to cancel in-person church gatherings and to go to on-line services. He also asked everyone to urge others to get vaccinated and to wear masks.

For some of us with unvaccinated and/or unmasked friends and relatives, it can be difficult to talk to them about these issues. We may believe they have the right to choose, or we may have tried and been told to mind our own business. To those who say there are not enough studies to understand the long-term consequences of being vaccinated, remind them that the same is true of contracting the virus. Why take a chance now when you may not live long enough for those studies to be completed? And just as evil succeeds when the good remain silent, so Covid-19 continues to plague the land because we are embarrassed to speak up or don’t know what to say.

Although it may be difficult, be one of the good “guys” and join the fight by starting a conversation with those who continue to be unvaccinated and/or go unmasked. One way to start the conversation (or to revisit one) is by wearing a button that says “I got vaccinated.” The buttons are more visible than the bracelet you may have received when you got your second vaccination at the Health Center or Hospital. Beth Stevenson (404.824.5562) has a supply and is willing to share them if people want them. If you’re interested in more “talking points,” I have many more I cannot share because of space limitations; just give me a call (404.545.2787) or send an email (

Although we have been forced to resume our on-line Zoom services, we hope and pray that we will be able to return to in-person services shortly!

In beloved community,
Judith Longfield, Vice President
Board of Trustees

I retired in June from teaching in the Glynn County school system and am enjoying becoming more involved with UUCG! I began serving on the board in January and just joined Sharon Ehle in leading UUCG’s Social Justice Team this summer. 

Teaching in elementary school has allowed me to see first hand some of the burdens, barriers, and injustices underprivileged children and their families face. But I’m new at activism and rusty at volunteering in the community, so I’m exploring ways of getting involved and making a small difference in our community. Diane Knight, our former long-time SJ chair, has connected UUCG with so many important local groups and national organizations. And needs have of course grown and changed during the pandemic, so we’d welcome you to join us moving forward. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, September 15 at 6pm on Zoom.

I grew up in NC and was raised in the Methodist church. My family was arty and involved in music, dance, and many visual art and crafts pursuits in Winston-Salem. I began questioning organized religion in my teens and stopped attending church during college in Auburn, AL.

I moved to Brunswick in 1984 and married Brian Merck, who grew up here, is also a former Methodist, and is now a retired engineer for Pinova. We celebrated our 35th anniversary this year! Brian has also been a friend and supporter of UUCG over the years.

Our son Matthew was born in 2000 and I began looking for a church community when he was 5. Matthew and I visited lots of churches and knew we’d finally found kindred spirits when we visited UUCG. I've always admired how much UUCG members do in the community- service is truly our prayer!

My Dad, Ron Yost, also joined UUCG after he moved to Brunswick in 2008. He loved woodworking and designed and built the altar and lectern in our sanctuary. Our UUCG community enriched his life here tremendously.

I love kids and started teaching children’s RE back when we met at the RItz Theater. The UUCG banner in the sanctuary was a joint creation with the RE kids, made for a UUA General Assembly around 2010. I’ve also been part of the aesthetics committee and helped with fundraisers and pledge drives over the years. 

Before I was a teacher, I was a weaver and had a business selling hand dyed and woven scarves. My interest in textiles continues and I look forward to getting back into my studio more during retirement. I also love to read, garden, cook, and visit museums.
If you wish to become a member of UUCG, please contact our membership team leader, Carolyn Wallace at Depending on the interest, we may have a new member joining ceremony in October.
Continuing to mark days of observance, the Welcome Renewal Team invites you to learn about Celebrate Bisexuality Day, September 23, 2021. Bisexuals are a part of the LBGTQ+ community whose experiences are often minimized by some members of the straight community as “being confused” or simply “closeted gays.” The LGBTQ+ community often can categorize bisexuals as “undecided” or even as traitors to the LGBTQ+ community. The celebration of Bisexuality Day “serves to remind people that the struggles faced by bisexuals are as real and difficult as those that others in the community face.” 
Celebrate Bisexuality Day was first officially observed in 1999. The founders decided to honor Freddy Mercury of Queen by selecting his birthday for the new holiday. The day is dedicated to raising awareness of bisexuals everywhere, helping to reduce the prejudice faced by bisexuals, and working to legitimize it as a sexual orientation. It is celebrated in a number of ways: teach-ins, poetry reading, parties, picnics, festivals, etc. 
Information from this article was taken from the larger article on the subject found on

As many of you know, a UUCG Sisterhood women's discussion group formed several years ago, and we have found our monthly gatherings increasingly important to our well-being, with bonds growing stronger year by year. A couple of years ago a second group was formed. It met one time in person, and then had to resort to Zoom meetings (as the first group did also.) We recently held a joint in-person meeting to share our Sisterhood experiences and found it very rewarding. Some of us know other people who would like to be part of a Sisterhood group, and so we are initiating the organization of two more groups, one that will usually meet in person, and one that will meet on Zoom only. The Zoom-only group may decide to meet outside working hours.

If you are interested in joining an in-person Sisterhood group that meets mid-morning on a weekday, please contact Diane Knight (912-577-8168 or There will be an option for people to Zoom in occasionally if they are away.

If you think you might want to join a Zoom-only Sisterhood group, please contact Beth Stevenson (404-824-5562 or

We hope to get both groups up and running soon!
Diane Knight
Sunday, September 19 at 9:15 a.m.

Secondhand: Travels in the New Global Garage Sale
by Adam Minter
For September 19th Discussion...
"The Alchemy of Air: A Jewish Genius," a Doomed Tycoon, and the Scientific Discovery That Fed the World but Fueled the Rise of Hitler by Thomas Hager (Random House, 2008)
At the beginning of the 20th century, the world desperately needed to find a way to greatly increase agricultural productivity. Mass starvation was about to become real. The problem was solved by two Germans, a Jewish chemist and an industrial tycoon. They invented a process for extracting nitrogen compounds from the air for use in making fertilizer and making explosives. Their invention fed the world, but also fueled the rise of Hitler. This fascinating, well-written book is the story of these two men and their influence on world history.
Get ready for the next discussion on October 17...
The reading is "The Afghanistan Papers: A Secret History of the War" by Craig Whitlock and The Washington Post (Simon & Schuster, 2021).

DISCUSSION GROUP LEADER: Dorin Schumacher 912-266-6558 or

Join THIS Zoom Meeting at
Meeting ID: 93962934425

A Thought For September...
 Honoring the UU Seventh Principle
Sharon Ehle
The choir, fast on its feet as always, has shifted from Virtual Choir to Hybrid Choir and back to Virtual Choir in less than two months. Upcoming anthems may include, in some order, "Now Let Us Sing," "Be The Change," "For the Beauty of the Earth," and "To My Old Brown Earth." 

If you'd like to see how our musical baloney is made, click on

And if that excites you, call John Cowlishaw at 248-891-4498 for more information.

To view past videos of the UUCG Choir:
Please remember those in need...
If you are able, please take some items to Sparrow's Nest Food Bank. 
Especially during these difficult times there are many families in need. They can use canned fruits, meats, pasta and sauces, beans, rice, cereal, diapers, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc.
Cash or checks payable to FAITHWORKS are also always welcome.
Sparrow's Nest is located at:
2911 Altama Ave, Brunswick, GA 31520
PHONE: 912-261-8512 x110
You see men and women in our community carrying their life's belongings in shopping bags and back packs walking to get out of the elements or looking for a place to sleep. Doorways, under bridges, abandoned houses or cars become their homes, or for a lucky few the couch of a friend or relative.

The Well is a hospitality center for people who are homeless , providing resources such as a shower, laundry room, phone, internet access, and address for correspondence. By providing this venue, FaithWorks helps those who are homeless with opportunities to reconnect with family members, access important services to help them leave the streets, and recover from sickness and disease. Our guests often regain employment and restore hope in their lives.

Guests at The Well are always in need of towels and toiletries.  
Please drop them off at The Well . It is located at
1101 Gloucester Street - Brunswick
HOURS: 7 Days/Week from 7 AM- 5PM
PHONE: 912-261-8512 x 119
The Robert S. Abbott Race Unity Institute envisions a community where healing and reconciliation are commonplace amongst people of all identities, social justice is upheld and honored, and people honestly engage in history in order to live more truthfully in the present. Ultimately, we strive to influence thought, which leads to changed hearts, which leads to changed behavior.

The Abbott Institute is a 501 (c) (3) organization established in 2007.
Mail: P.O. Box 1834 | Brunswick, GA 31521
Our UUCG CARING FUND was established for the benefit of UUCG affiliated folks. The Fund is intended for members and friends of our congregation who are undergoing hard times, such as extensive medical bills, loss of home, etc. There are times throughout the year when we specify that a certain amount of our offerings will go to this fund. 
Just click on the image to
view (or print) a copy of these community directories.
Sharon Ehle: 912-223-6631 | Email:
Kim Merck 912-580-7029 | Email:

Rev. Jane Page, Minister
C: 912.682.3566 
Interested in joining UUCG? Or do you have questions?
Rev. Jane Page
Carolyn Wallace
Membership Team Leader
C: 478.279.2769
Rev. Bill Phillips, Pastor Emeritus
Phone: 912.635.3512 (home) or 912.434.4140 (cell)

John Cowlishaw, Music Director

Elaine Deaver
Newsletter Editor/Part-time Administrator
President: Beth Stevenson
Vice President: Judith Longfield
Treasurer: Ted Davis
Secretary: Peggy Lee
Trustee: Lollie Bohannon
Trustee: Kim Merck
Trustee: Heather Turner 
Our location is 1710 Gloucester Street - Brunswick, Georgia
PLEASE SEND MAIL TO: UUCG, P.O. Box 1056, Brunswick, GA 31521