Making Sense Of Laws That Protect Your Job
Unions have fought for years to establish laws that protect members in the workplace when life deals you a complicated hand. No Union member sets out to be in the cross hairs of management or struggling to protect their employment file. 
No one knows this better than your Union Employee Assistance Program.
Non-Union Employee Assistance programs that are established by management do not work to protect your job, it is sometimes reported by the Union that they have been called into hearings to testify against you.
Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are a tool used when you experience stress related conditions, difficulty concentrating, self-medicating behaviors, and other behavioral health issues. Often, when these conditions exist members find themselves in a progressive discipline pattern and the union is called to assist. "If you don't know your rights, you cant execute your rights."
PL Chapter 69 of the New Jersey Law of 2011
Chapter 69 is a tool used by your Union EAP to immediately suspend discipline until a member has completed a level of care established by the EAP. This measure offers confidential assistance and at the same time protects your job until the time that you are deemed 'fit for duty.'

The EAP then works with the Union utilizing the appropriate documentation to assist in your case.
Union Highlight:  Amalgamated Transit Union's New Jersey
 Chairman Ray Greaves
"All the great leaders have had one characteristic in common, it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This is the essence of leadership."
Few illustrate this characteristic as well as New Jersey's Ray Greaves who leads one of the most powerful Unions in the state. Chairman Greaves has spent tireless years mobilizing voters to draw attention to the vital role public transportation plays in New Jersey's economy. 

Greaves is a coalition builder in the state and his movements are all focused on improving the quality of life for New Jersey Public employees who work to benefit the region. Fighting in solidarity with teachers, police, fire, healthcare workers and other public sector unions, Greaves has earned the title of "Man of the Year" in 2013 by the Bayonne Sicilian Club. As a great leader it's his role to bring recognition to other great leaders such as Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, a potential 2017 gubernatorial candidate. Even though his overall responsibilities are great, he still recognizes his 'duty to fairly represent' on a one on one basis. It's not unusual for Greaves to pick up the phone himself when a member is in crisis and needs assistance from a Union EAP. 

Healthcare Assistance is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ray Greaves and the fine men and women of ATU in New Jersey. When they need job protection their members call

Thank you Ray for confronting the complex issues that others turn from.

How can we help?
Working in cooperation with your Union, HCAMS offers services to deal with many personal issues including:
  • Drug & Alcohol Dependence
  • Prescription Medication Dependency
  • Addictions of All Kinds
  • Stress Related Conditions
  • Sleeplessness & Concentration Difficulties
  • Concentration Difficulties
  • Job Discipline Problems Related To Stress
  • Depression & Anger Management
  • Adolescent, Family, & Relationship Problems
Behavioral health and substance dependency issues are shame-based, meaning members may attempt to...
  • Hide their symptoms
  • Deny there is a problem
  • Reject assistance

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HCAMS offers no-cost training sessions on a variety of important topics:
  • Bullying And Hostile Work Environments
  • Stress In The Workplace
  • Building A Culture Of Teamwork
  • Representing A Member In A Behavioral Health Crisis
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