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In an effort to better serve our customers, Watlow® recently adjusted inventory and increased stocking levels of its high quality SERV-RITE® thermocouple and extension wire, which has greatly improved availability of standard constructions.

Since 1914, SERV-RITE has been recognized for premium performance and reliability. All wire is manufactured under rigid quality controls following ISO 9001 standards. In addition, all electromotive force (EMF) versus temperature calibration procedures follow one or more of the following standards:

 * ASTM E 207
 * ASTM E 220
 * AMS 2750

All testing has NIST traceability. Unless otherwise specified, all SERV-RITE thermocouple wire and extension wire are supplied to meet standard tolerances of ASTM E 230.
Process Heaters
Temperature Controls
The Latest in Electric Process Heaters

Atlantic Electric Systems offers a complete array of electric process heaters made by all the major manufacturers. From bands and cartridges of all kinds to process heaters like flange, screw plug and radiant heaters, we can meet every process heater need. Standard products are available from our stock or from the factory and can often ship the same day or at most in a few days.
 Ask us About Temperature Controls!
Atlantic Electric Systems offers a wide variety of PID Temperature Controllers from manufacturers like Watlow, Ogden, Love and many others.
From a single input and output controller to the most complex application, we can provide you with the answer.


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