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We at Prudential Overall Supply, established 1932, are currently serving many of your neighbors with quality uniforms, towels, entrance mats, and other related products and services.
Before you renew with your present supplier, please take a moment to answer the following questions:
  •       Have they satisfied your company's image requirements?
  •        Have they maintained their cost commitment?
  •        Have garments been continually upgraded?
  •        Are you receiving clean and pressed garments each week?
  •        Are your garments counted at delivery and at pick-up?
  •        Are your employees completely satisfied with service?
  •        Can you easily communicate with your present supplier, and are issues                                  resolved quickly?
  •        Are there excessive damage charges?
  •        Are you experiencing excessive garment costs for "missing" garments  when                        employees leave?
  •        Does it take two or more weeks to outfit new employees?
  •        Are you saddled with extra charges over and above the originally  agreed upon unit            rates?
If you are not satisfied or unsure about any of the above items, it may be time to look into Prudential Overall Supply.
We offer, at no cost or obligation, a complete COST ANALYSIS and SERVICE SURVEY EVALUATION.  Please call  me at (561) 512- 4131 or email me at to schedule an appointment. We are looking forward to partnering with you.
Thank You,
Cecil V. Bernard | Corporate Sales Representative |  Prudential Overall Supply
214-2 Fort Collier Road Winchester, VA 22603
Fax: 540-662-9080 | Mobile: 561-512-4131 |
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Follow us on  Facebook ,  Twitter and LinkedIn